Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Welcome to I Hate Canton!

Actually, we love Canton. We just hate the ignorant, racist, sexist, war-mongering creepy bullies who have taken over the "comments" of our beloved hometown newspaper, The Canton Repository. We long for the days when posters were forced to post under their real names or reasonable facsimile, not allowed to use "clever” nom de plumes like brickbats. Only a few months ago our discussions were heated, but almost always civil. Now it's like calling into Sean Hannity.

I Hate Canton is non-partisan, though some of us hold strong partisan views. We bicker among ourselves occasionally over a number of issues, but believe that malicious discussions are not limited by political orientation. Democrats and Republicans alike bully their way through the Rep every day, some obviously suffering from MPPD, (Multiple Posting Personality Disorder) a sad mental disease which forces various personalities to post opposing views and then argue with themselves. Take Shirley, for instance. On second thought, don't!

I Hate Canton, has no compulsion to post ugly comments to ourselves or total strangers or to settle old high school scores, though it's tempting.

I Hate Canton offers samples of reader-bully insanity, insight into the MPPD mind, commentary on Canton, We want to reclaim Canton and the Canton Repository for the rationale and sane.

If you hate Canton as we do, and you'd like to post your thoughts, feel free. Comments are welcome, but moderated. We don't want to become the Rep. You can comment here under your real name, a cute made-up name, or anonymously. Why not? You can do it at the Rep.

If you have any links you'd like to see added to I Hate Canton let us know.

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