Thursday, December 15, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, December 14, 2011: antiunion1

With good reason, you could call I Hate Canton lazy.  After all, we've been gone  for quite awhile.  But,  today, as we peruse daily comments from our Reppies-- and have an assortment of Villagers to chose from -- we are still struck by antiunion1's  total  idiocy as he continues to defend his anti-American policy of shopping foreign-made, as long as it's not union.  At least dssteellman1 admits to shopping online as a way  to stick it to the Stark County Taxman, though we doubt ds is  particularly pro-union.  As a matter of record, IHC shops online, too, mostly for convenience, but in day-to-day transactions tries to buy local. We particularity appreciate a nearby locally owned beer, wine, and cellphone store.  Tax never occurred to us. Fast booze does.

Here we have antiunion1's  two latest:,  We are posting them in reverse order, to give a better picture of anti's pathology.

Best Option:  Buy Union

See if you really know me , i just dont buy from korea or china or even japan.... if you read my comments well i dont buy union made items! I own a kia today is because there is no non union made car company in the us (notice: kia even built a plant here in the us and i wont buy from it)...i do buy american made items as long they are not union made...i buy all the time from the internet and from companies across this nation. So i do support my fellow non union worker...again...I SUPPORT MY FELLOW NON UNION WORKER. (i do research and if that company is non union i buy from walmart target etc.)

Unions are the destruction of this nation and is why china is becoming the super power. American union workers are the greed of this nation and its becoming destroyed becuase of it therefor i will not and will not buy union items from this country!
First i drive a nice kia that was totally made in south korea! next my job is very secure i work at walmart ...the biggest retail employer in the world and 100% non union thats why we are the best retail store in the world! 
antiunion1 is clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  On one hand, he, most likely desperate for a job, took one at Walmart and now considers himself a Walton family member. (Perhaps antiunion1 was abandoned as a child).  On the other hand, he wants the rest of us to be as used, unprotected, and insecure as he is in his chosen profession..  Minimum wage (or a little +) is good. Well-paid workers and consumers are bad.  Unless, antiunion1 is a managerial hotshot at the home office, we're wondering how  a "sales associate," stocker, and greeter negotiates his individual wages and perks with the Colossus of Bentonville.

(Sidenote:  Speaking of money: IHC attended a professional conference three years ago  where one of the lunches was "sponsored" by Walmart,  a "close friend" of the organization. It consisted of a stuffed tomato, roll, and ice cream.)
Of course, we doubt antiunion1 is a hotshot.  One has only to read his posts to note his literacy level:  ---at least as far as proper capitalization is concerned. Perhaps he is texting his comments.
26 typos in the first post; 9 typos in the second post.
Conversely, we are impressed that antiunion1 spends hours researching online each purchase before its made to guarantee the product is untainted by the hands of union moneygrubbers and thugs.  We are, therefore, surprised that antiunion1 would choose the Repository for his instrument of communication, since its union.

Once again we are happy to present antiunion1 with the Village Idiot of the Day Award, December 14, 2011.

NOTE:  We have been referring to antiunion1 as a he, but we're not really sure.  Bruce Hodgkins comes to mind as the creator of antiunion1, but he's too full of himself to go non de plume, and we haven't heard yet what the Catholic Church thinks about unions We suspect he knows, and wont' tell. Women tend to research more than men, and we can't imagine any self -respecting man spending hours trying to deconstruct products for union taint. We'll keep referring to antiunoin1 as the default male until shown otherwise.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, December 12, 2011: antiunion1

We've been gone again, but not without guilt. We've been writing for another venue and looking for a job.  But we have a new idiot.  We mean a real idiot.  He or maybe he's a she, has driven us out of busy schedule for a moment (and hopefully longer).

Our newest idiot is antiunion1.  antiunion1 consolidates the worst attributes of  sourdough sal, Bruce Hodgins, mustangman, dssteelman1, ocean, Just S tom,  and octapuppet into one truly idiotic Reppie.--and just when we thought nobody could be more idiotic than the usual suspects.

Yesterday the Rep published a nice letter: Best Option: Buy Local  from Shirley Tope of Massillon, suggesting that people do their Christmas shopping at local stores, not online. Support the  local economy.   You know, the local economy that our local haters complain about incessantly.

Then pops in antiunion1:

i will only buy at walmart, I also buy what i can i dont (as much as i have to ) pay stark county tax. I also DO NOT buy from union stores. 

To uswapal - who thinks if you dont buy american your unamerican...well sorry my frieni would buy american once and only if unions are removed from society then ill buy american. OR if there was an american car company that was 100% non union then i buy one until then nope..ill continue to buy online! or from walmart! 

sorry typo in last comment ...instead of frieni it should say friend 

Strange s/he only corrected one of  18 typos (counting lack of capitalization)

We're sure antiunion1 isn't a stranger to the Repor village idiocy, but since we don't have yet have a clue, (Hodgie Baby?)  we're opening a new case file.

Village Idiot of the day, December 12, 2011:  antiunion1

We're looking forward to more wit and wisdom.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Separated at Birth

IHC continues to be caught up in "business," but we spotted this today. How did this doofus get re-elected? 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day:, October 27, 2011: Bruce Hodgkins

IHC was in the middle of writing two related Village Idiot posts when we decided to check in on our favorite Reppies a little while ago. After reading Bruce Hodgkins most absurd post yet, we decided to hold up on those belated VIODs and jump Bruce to the head of the line. Bruce, you see, is bemoaning the enactment of child labor laws. I kid you not.

Here's what he wrote under OWS is all about redistrubuting wealth.we nearly rubbed our eyes in disbelief.

Child labor laws, took money away from poor families and established jobs to be taken by union workers. They took the rights of the parent to teach the work ethic to their children, even now a child must get permission from the government to work at McDonald's if the child is under 16.

Bruce, here's a look at what you miss so much:


Thought I'd throw in some nifty worker housing.

Wait a minute . Despite your incestant rants against Communism, you never miss an opporutnity to praise the Chinese non-union slave cheap labor which you expect American workers to emulate. Like this:

You're more than a Villiage Idiot, Bruce, but since we pride ourselves in being family friendly, we'll leave it at that.

You Bruce Hodgins, are Village Idiot of the Day, October 28;, 2012.  And maybe for the rest of the year.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, October 21, 2011: Bruce Hodgkins

We're doing some catch-up this evening or should that be this early morning?

We've long been struck by the pure lunacy of Bruce Hodgkins aka bhodgkins.  Mostly, we think of him as a harmless crank in his dotage.  He is.  But sometimes his obstinacy in the face of truth is just difficult to comprehend.  Is he that self-unaware.  We all make mistakes.  We all mispeak.  We all post "facts" on Rep pages which...well, aren't facts.  Sometimes we know it.  Sometimes we know don't.

But what to make of Bruce's statement the other day during a worshipful Ronald Reagan moment claiming that  the United States "liberated South Viet Nam."  and his refusal to admit he is wrong. We dare say even Bruce's hero, Glenn Beck, would have a hard time spinning that one.

Where Did It All Go Wrong? Obama Does Not View America as a Great Country
marleygreiner-Let's see, there is Europe, South Korea, South Viet Nam, Phillipeans, the entire South Pacific, Iraq, Bosnia, Eastern Europe, Russia, to name a few.

bendedominicis-What in the world are you trying say?

Last we looked, South Viet Nam does not exist as a country.  Viet Nam (the unified  country)  is a "communist country." To the right is a picture taken after the massacre at My Lai.  Maybe Bruce means the US liberated the South Vietnamese by leaving THEIR country.

To the best of our knowledge Bruce never served in Viet Nam, though he's the right age. Perhaps he had something better to do.  In fact, he never served in the military at all, though he loves to cheer on the troops as they march on to foreign soil soothers may enjoy the American Way of Life he so enjoys. At least as long as a Republican is in office.

It's a little belated, but we are thrilled to name Bruce Hodgkins Village Idiot of the Day, October 21 2011. (and for a few days before, too). 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Handy Reference: Props to Gerry Powell

We've gotten behind in our nefarious work today, but we want to take a moment to gives props to Gerry Powell for the best Letter of the Month, if not the year, Handy Reference.

 Gerry keeps it short and sweet:

Would you print the Crime Report and How They Voted on the same page? That way, it would be easier to keep track of all the criminal activity. 


Our resident Village Idiot didn't get it, but he will get a pair of rubber chickens from us for his density.

Just S Tom:
Criminal activity and voting? 
Whats the connection?
Lil help anybody?
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Twitter Fail

Twitter decided to bail out on IHC today.  After a ridiculously protracted attempted to get it flying again,  we opened a new account and nuked the old one. If you'd like to Tweet us our account in ihatecanton2. Click on the link on the left sidebar to get to us. You can't miss it.  It's red and black.

Village Idiot of the Day: October 16, 2011: Atomix, Ted Jackson, Recon, RobWolf

I Hate Canton has been on hiatus since June because...well we won't discuss it.  Occupy Canton, though, has pulled us back to the rigors of the keyboard.

Saturday,  anywhere from 70 to 150 Cantonians  (depending on who you talk to) braved the weather and the slings and arrows of our Reppies to demonstrate their grievances  against Big Everything downtown. I wasn't able to attend, so we only have the Rep report and a few scattered Facebook comments to judge the event--which sounds like a resounding success for a first try.

 IHC has organized a few protests in our day, and we learned years ago that for every 250 people who say they'll show up, maybe one does.  (We once, much to our horror, found ourselves a picket line of one at a grocery store on Raff Road during the Grape Boycott years.) That  70 (or 150) Cantonians came out is practically a work of genius--or a sign of desperation..

Since we weren't there, we'll let Rep reporter Kelli Young describe the occupation of Central Plaza in her Occupation Movement Comes to Canton:

Occupy Canton, the local version of the anti-Wall Street movement sweeping the country, brought sign-toting demonstrators to the Central Plaza courtyard — a fitting location considering the surrounding bank and government buildings. Their homemade signs conveyed many of the Occupy movement’s central themes: “Corporations are not people. But we are!” “What American Dream?” “I can’t afford a lobbyist. I am the 99%” and “Remember, remember the 5th of November. The (r)evolution is here.”...

...Participants also signed a solidarity pledge that will be sent to local, state and national politicians Monday. The pledge, which had consensus approval, demands: The Supreme Court reconsider the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision that prohibits government from banning political spending by corporations in candidate elections; the banking provisions that separated investment banking and commercial banks be reinstated; the Department of Justice intensifies its investigation of white collar and corporate crime.

We got the impression from the article that a good number of the occupation were middle age or retired. You know, the taxpayers who bought the American Dream not realizing  they'd moved to Elm Street.

Young's article had hardly left her keyboard when our Reppies jumped in.. Not surprisingly the dirty smelly hippies of Wall Street have morphed intothe  smelly, dirty pensioners of Canton..

Canton's biggest Idiot, Just s Tom, after a few lame attempts at humor decided to simply infantalize the crowd:
AND the best part is the unemployed drifters and union plants,will soon experience WINTER...Global Warming will not help him.......the herd should get thinned-out very quickly and back to mom and dads basement they will go....

Newcomer Timothy, opined:
I hope they did not leave their mess all over like in N.Y.

RobWolf questioned:
Where is Rhode's National Guard of the 70's when you need them?

Atomix piped in:
 I will never understand the term corporate greed. I have really tried to listen and understand but just don't get it. Business is in business to make a profit. A business will use the best resources at their disposal to make the largest profit possible for themselves as well as their investors. Like it or hate it but those with the money create the jobs.

Recon, after writing that he pretty much agreed with the grievances, decided it was a good time to attack Don Cirelli, which led to a long, poorly spaced and worded  rant about communists and socialists which included his critique of Marxism: 
 Socialism is the first step in the process of developing the productive forces to achieve abundance and changing the mental and spiritual outlook of the people. It is the necessary transition stage from capitalism to communism. So you see we have far left Liberal nutcases like Donnie that support class warfare he thinks what is going on today is that The middle class is DYING in America and across the industrialized world because of Corporate greed when in fact is is dying beacause of our Corrupt Government-IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CORPORATE GREED 

Ted Jackson had a unique solution to our (and we suppose the world's) economic crisis: 
If all the occupy people would just put their money where their mouth is, they would start businesses and pay 'living wages' with 'full benefits' to their employee's. If you truely are the 99% then it shouldn't be hard to gather your resources and lead by example.

Bev Ballen, a slightly less obstreperous version of Sourdough Sal (where is Sal anyway?) decided to defend corporate greed.  
That 'corporate greed' that all the liberals and even socialists on this site speak of pays their government cadillac benefits and pensions. Public employee pension plans are some of the largest shareholders, even having significant influence on members of the boards of directors and even seats of these same fortune 500 boards.

I Hate Canton believes that all of these articulate  posters deserve at least an Honorable Mention for their intelligent deconstruction of Occupy Canton ,but we don't want to give them all big heads either. Otherwise, next thing you know, they'll be self-conscious writers, rather than letting their natural idiocy flow.

So, today we'll not only give some newcomers a shot at fame, we cull the herd.

Honorable Mention goes to Atomix.  His (or her, but would a  woman call herself that?) for failing to differentiate the really rich  (globalists, banksters, and their friends in government, from the simply rich, and the simply rich from the rest of us.  Atomix doesn't get it that by really rich standards people like our own Frank Manello are just like the rest of us . Even Frank gets it.  Thougoh Atomix probably deserves a higher rating, we are consoling him with an all-expense dinner date with Bev Ballen  at the Waffle House on N. Cleveland followed by an all-night stay at the Crown Motel in exclusive Perry Heights.  Just get her to her underpaid job on time the next morning.

Third Place goes to Ted Jackson (and we know who you really are, Ted, and have reported you to the real Ted Jackson.).  If we were to follow your suggestions to the T, then we'd all be our own bosses and not have to worry about banks, unions, or bosses.

Second Place goes to:  Recon for his or hers astute explanation of  socialism's devastating spiritual affect on the middle class.  We also give Recon props for nailing Don Cirelli as the chief strategist of the local Class War. The Politboro has not yet forwarded us its official portrait of Mr. Cirelli, so we are  using one of Lavrenti Beria in the meantime

First place:  who else, but RobWolf for suggesting the National Guard be called in to finish the job they didn't in 1970.  Demanding  that the government murder  his neighbors because they disagree with the government is The Canton Way. We are  thrilled  that Rob has the courage to voice his opinion.amongst a sea of dirty smelly pensioners overrunning the city..  Isn't  that what Rob's right to free speech is about?   Bolstered by this award, we expect great things from Mr. Wolf in the coming weeks.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, June 27, 2011: Dave Sexton

We've been real tied up with end-of-the season tasks at our real-life job. We hope to be done by the end of the week. And no, I Hate Canton is not one of those deadbeat, over-paid union-sucking government workers Reppies so love to whinge over. Our end-of-the-year just happens to coincide with the state's.

We can't resist, taking a few moments, though, to post a new Village Idiot.

We knew when the Rep published the letter, How exactly would gay marriage harm the rest of our world? every nutter between here and Dalton on both sides would send in their two cents. If we had the time, we'd published a gaggle of these posts from people who think that all gays are atheistic Demos, Jesus preferred men, and the United States is on its last legs, due not to running 3-5 wars simultaneously, corporate bailouts, and globalist outsourcing, but because some men prefer the sexual company of other men.

No one, of course, has said a word against woman-on-woman sex. In fact, some of our most vehement queer bashers love to imagine women getting it on with each other, particulalry while they watch. As has been pointed out, if it doesn't involve men, then it can't be sex. Or as Bill Clinton put it more specifically, "I did not have sex with that woman." Unless sex involves a penis being stuck in where it belongs, it's not really sex.

So much for the unsexing of women.

Back on topic, IHC has been delighted with the response to the letter. In particular, the response of Dave Sexton. You remember him. Dave's the guy who chases johns and hos around with a video camera and bullhorn. (Go here for a free story; the Rep's "Chasing Hookers" story is in paid archives).

Now, it seems Dave not only has an aversion to commercial hetero sex sashaying through his neighborhood (well, we can't fault him much there; the least they could do is move it to a high end brothel in Jackson, away from his delicate video lens), but non-commercial male sex behind closed doors, or worse...the existence of same sex male afficiandos in general. Why Dave would rather leave the country, and even die, than have one of those guys touch him. Seriously.

Dave Sexton
Excuse me while I vomit.....Oh all better now, what was the subject, oh -sorry I must excuse myself again, apparently just the thought of two guys kissing makes my stomach turn.The modern day Sodomites and there desire to gain acceptance for their wickedness is quite hilarious, but not to God.A country that promotes homosexuality as a 'normal behavior' is a country I would not want to be part of.

David Sexton
Well , if it was a choice of death or being revived by a homo,l would prefer that he stand clear and let things develop as they should.I am ready and willing to meet my maker.Thank you so kindly for your praise of my unwavering commitment to morality.Consistency is the key to almost any door.

Now, we don't believe for one moment that our otherwise super patriot Dave will abandon the US for Uganda, where he could get away with killing a few queers for Christ, and certainly not for one of those poofy European countries. Obviously, even the Vatican isn't safe. No, he'll stay in Canton and complain about men whom he imagines want to do things to his amazingly attractive body.

Dave's suicide by queer threat though, is a possibility.

We can very well picture Dave being carried into the Aultman ER after being bonked in the head by a rock thrown by an angry crack whore who got fed up with his bullhorn--and then demanding the sexual credentials of all medical AND office personnel, just to guarantee that he won't be contaminated and can die, if necessary, pure of body.

Dare we suggest that Dave may have actually touched or been touched by a gay man at least once in his life? Surely, while collecting change, he must have touched hands with some gay Walmart clerk.

Certainly Dave has a right to his views on same sex marriage, but he's just a little too upset for comfort. Since Dave is willing to die for purity, we've found a special place in the afterlife for him: 24/7 male nurse porn videos made in the Czech Republic. Since I Hate Canton is family entertainment, however, we wont post links here.

For being such a What a Man! we award Dave Sexton, the Village Idiot of the Day, June 27, 2011.

Also big kudos to Mary Parker for posting the most colorful comment ever to appear in the pages of the Rep:

@victorissenguard Victor, everyone and anyone who knows me, knows that I don't see being gay as a bad thing. My mother had many gay friends, all male, so I grew up around gay people. I used to love Saturday nights, watching a gay roomer in our house, put on his drag out fit and I would sit in the bathroom and watch him put on his makeup and wig, and highheels, and just transform before my very eyes from 'Preston' to 'Tracy'. It was almost magical to me as a child.

We wish we'd been there!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bye-Bye Irma Grese!

I Hate Canton had hoped to get more up today, but our real life job got in the way. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, one of IHC's faithful Facebook readers says he sent an email to Rep editor Jeff Gaugher, regarding the provenance of Irma Grese. Later he received a reply that she's been summarily removed from comments like her foremother summarily removed residents of Bergen-Belsen, but without the dire results. Perhaps, Irma's friend from Ravensbruk, Erna Wallisch can replace her.

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