Friday, October 28, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day:, October 27, 2011: Bruce Hodgkins

IHC was in the middle of writing two related Village Idiot posts when we decided to check in on our favorite Reppies a little while ago. After reading Bruce Hodgkins most absurd post yet, we decided to hold up on those belated VIODs and jump Bruce to the head of the line. Bruce, you see, is bemoaning the enactment of child labor laws. I kid you not.

Here's what he wrote under OWS is all about redistrubuting wealth.we nearly rubbed our eyes in disbelief.

Child labor laws, took money away from poor families and established jobs to be taken by union workers. They took the rights of the parent to teach the work ethic to their children, even now a child must get permission from the government to work at McDonald's if the child is under 16.

Bruce, here's a look at what you miss so much:


Thought I'd throw in some nifty worker housing.

Wait a minute . Despite your incestant rants against Communism, you never miss an opporutnity to praise the Chinese non-union slave cheap labor which you expect American workers to emulate. Like this:

You're more than a Villiage Idiot, Bruce, but since we pride ourselves in being family friendly, we'll leave it at that.

You Bruce Hodgins, are Village Idiot of the Day, October 28;, 2012.  And maybe for the rest of the year.

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