Saturday, October 22, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, October 21, 2011: Bruce Hodgkins

We're doing some catch-up this evening or should that be this early morning?

We've long been struck by the pure lunacy of Bruce Hodgkins aka bhodgkins.  Mostly, we think of him as a harmless crank in his dotage.  He is.  But sometimes his obstinacy in the face of truth is just difficult to comprehend.  Is he that self-unaware.  We all make mistakes.  We all mispeak.  We all post "facts" on Rep pages which...well, aren't facts.  Sometimes we know it.  Sometimes we know don't.

But what to make of Bruce's statement the other day during a worshipful Ronald Reagan moment claiming that  the United States "liberated South Viet Nam."  and his refusal to admit he is wrong. We dare say even Bruce's hero, Glenn Beck, would have a hard time spinning that one.

Where Did It All Go Wrong? Obama Does Not View America as a Great Country
marleygreiner-Let's see, there is Europe, South Korea, South Viet Nam, Phillipeans, the entire South Pacific, Iraq, Bosnia, Eastern Europe, Russia, to name a few.

bendedominicis-What in the world are you trying say?

Last we looked, South Viet Nam does not exist as a country.  Viet Nam (the unified  country)  is a "communist country." To the right is a picture taken after the massacre at My Lai.  Maybe Bruce means the US liberated the South Vietnamese by leaving THEIR country.

To the best of our knowledge Bruce never served in Viet Nam, though he's the right age. Perhaps he had something better to do.  In fact, he never served in the military at all, though he loves to cheer on the troops as they march on to foreign soil soothers may enjoy the American Way of Life he so enjoys. At least as long as a Republican is in office.

It's a little belated, but we are thrilled to name Bruce Hodgkins Village Idiot of the Day, October 21 2011. (and for a few days before, too). 

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