Thursday, April 23, 2009

The I Hate Canton Film Festival: Giving Canton What It Wants!

Welcome to the I Hate Canton Film Festival!

We all know how Reppies love nothing more than an execution. Anything from pot smoking and keying to higher crimes and misdemeanors can only be assuaged by execution--preferably public and preferably outside the Stark County Courthouse. (But with all those muggers, won't everybody be afraid to come down and watch?)

Here is a reenactment of the execution of Leon Czolgosz, assassin of Canton's own William McKinley. Produced by Edison on November 9, 1901, 11 days after Czolgosz's real execution, it's still creepy. The version below, though, is snappied up by a nice Stephen Sondheim tune, Ode to Czolgocz from Assassins.

After his death, Czolgosz's brain was autopsied by learned medical men to see if there was anything wrong with it that would caused him to kill the president. It was found to be normal, unlike the brains of some of our current locals.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: April 20, 2009: The Canton Repository

Did the Rep get punked?

Yesterday the Rep published the funniest letter to the editor in I Hate Canton memory: "Tea Parties" allow us to dream of end to socialism written by one Jesse Ward of Brewster.

Mr. Ward starts with the usual anti FDR diatribe dearly loved by readers (particularly Bill Hardie who is under the impression this is still 1932.) Grabbing the reader's attention Ward subtlety moves into territory no Reppie has gone before:

Imagine a work force with every man master of his own destiny, free to barter his labor for whatever wage his skills will command. Employers, freed from forced contributions to the socialist entitlements of pensions and health benefits, would expand business and hire even more workers.

NOTE to Mr Ward: You do Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, owners of the Triangle Shirt Waist factory, proud!

Mr. Ward reveals his Christian commitment to the personal fulfillment of teenagers by calling for their liberation from the material world through labor:

Dream with me now, America. With the demise of labor unions, we might even be able to — dare we hope? — overturn the intrusive child labor laws, freeing our youth from the tyranny of idleness exemplified by skateboards, iPods, cell phones and video games, and delivering them to the salvation of honest toil.

Mr. Ward then closes with a crescendo of hope for the downtrodden of "Obama-nation" and a return to a balance of nature:

From the ashes of this ruined “Obama-nation” will arise a utopian capitalist society not seen in America for generations.

Unfortunately some of our Dear Readers aren't in on the joke. Here are two responses:


The biggest sin ever put over on the American people is that 40 hours constitutes an entire work week.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with 6 or 7 day work weeks.

IF you want something, work for it. End of story.

and our beloved Mr. Hardie expended three paragraphs of his life on pension envy:

How then is the wealth amassed to afford retirement so early in life? Many public workers, who often speak out against your freedom of choice to do the same, are able to circumvent paying into Social Security, freeing up money that is invested in a far more lucrative private system..

We'd like to think that the Rep was in on the joke, too, but the way things are going lately with Octopuppet...probably not. We are tempted to award Twinson42 and Bill Hardie with runners up commendations, but the Rep must stand by itself on this one.

It it with great pleasure, therefore, that I Hate Canton awards The Canton Repository the Daily Village Idiot Award, April 20, 2009.

NOTE: I Hate Canton is still involved in some pressing business. Not pants, but business kinds of business. We will be out of town for a few days, and will try to post on-the road. Whatever happens we to our regularly scheduled blog next week.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 16, 2009: Dick Arnold, Angie Addertongue, Jim Jenkins

The Daily Village Idiot Award is not limited to commenters. Reporters, columnists, headline writers, letter writers, Rep editor Jeff Gauger--even the entire Rep-- is eligible. I Hate Canton may even award ourselves someday. Heaven knows we've posted enough idiot comments that would embarrass even an octopuppet.

I Hate Canton is happy to spread the wealth this morning by presenting letter writer Dick Arnold with the Daily Village Idiot Award for his April 15, 2009 letter to the editor: Double dipping isn't fault of double dippers. blame liberals, entitlement mentality. We offer a special I Hate Canton commendation to him writing under his real name. May his car never fall into a chuckhole.

Acute economist that he is, Arnold nails the real reason for our current economic miasma--not mortgages, not banks, not Bernie Madoff, not Goldman Sachs, not AIG, not the numerous wars, rhetorical, imaginary, and real that the government has launched to protect our "way of life," but-- double-dipping public employee pensioners. LIBERAL double-dipping public employee pensioners.

You know, like certain Stark County sheriffs and judges who just can't give up wearing silly costumes in public to impress us that our safety and well-being depends on them. Apparently, conservative public employees, if there is such a thing, would never dream of collecting off the pension dole, much less going back to work and double or even triple dipping. Hey, they'd never even work for the government! And even if one or two did slip up and did work for the government, say as a teacher, or city hall janitor, or (heaven forbid!) a cop, it's not their fault if they collect their pension. It's the" liberal Democrats" and unions and their "entitlements" that force these good citizens to collect these ill-gotten gains while they sit their lazy asses at home watching Maury Povich.

Mr. Arnold writes:
Double dipping is not the fault of the double dipper; it’s the fault of liberal Democrats who put into place retirement benefits that are now perceived as entitlements. Then, after convincing us that they are for the working people, they scream when an enterprising person fills a job for which he or she is the most qualified.

Unfortunately, we can't let Mr. Arnold be our sole winner today. Angie Addertongue and Jim Jenkins have hitched their star to Mr. Arnold's wagon and receive runners-up awards for their out-of-the-box observations. These superior minds are the future of Canton!

But first, an apology to Miss Addertongue. I Hate Canton hates to admit it, but it has never occurred to us that most of us will never be able to retire because we are too busy working to pay off the liberal dole to decrepit file clerks and union firefighters.We are eternally grateful to you for blowing the whistle our way.

(Note: Miss Addertongue, like many of our award winners, feels no need to capitalize, punctuate, spellcheck, or paragraph her thoughts. So profound are the thoughts of our winners, that following commonly accepted grammatical and style models would halt the flow of energy from fingers to keyboard to Canton Repository to I Hate Canton.)

Angie Addertongue:
thart: That's precisely what so many of us are faced with today. Working till we die, so public employees can have a guaranteed pension that in many cases the taxpayer has paid the entire contribution toward.
But that is not even a bone of contention here. What is, are those that come back to the trough for more while still at an age that most of us could never think of retiring and getting rehired. Public employees double and triple dipping can only be happening as the result of other public employees and elected officials (all on the same or similar employment and retirement systems) working in conjunction with each other to make this happen.
Why not let the rest of us in on this employment scam? Should that not, and would that not, qualify under Obama's efforts to 'redistribute the wealth'?


Angie Addertongue
Do you think the FBI could investigate these public retirement systems? Maybe that's the real reason for these 'bailouts' and 'stimulus' plans and all this printing of money with nothing to back it up.

Mr, Jenkins, who as far as we can tell, is one of those rare folks who posts under his real name, (may his car be safe from chuckholes, too!) brings up the real agenda of public employee pensions: "The One World Order."

Jim Jenkins
One world order. We are getting close with government employment and retirement programs. Just give it up already! Get a public sector job and don't worry about where the money comes from since you know 'you' own the press that prints the money. Life goes on, public sector has a union contract so no one can change compensation, vote NO all you want, lose your house and your earnings, doesn't matter. A public employee contract that was negotiated by public sector employees, what's not to like?

We are proud to be the first to feature Miss Adertongue and Mr Jenkins as movers and shakes in Canton We are sure we'll be hearing more from them in the future.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Note on "LeVar Burton"

Yesterday, octopuppet "LeVar Burton" posted a spurious claim against Don Cirelli. which included personal information about Mr. Cirelli and accused him of serious illegal activities. The post appeared on the In defense of posting anonymous comments on web sites page.

I Hate Canton has archived the thread but will not repost the comment here. This post, in I Hate Canton's opinion, is actionable, though we do not know how a complaint can be pursued due to anonymity standards at the Rep and its seeming inability and disinterest in controlling vicious commenters.

Although we hope this comment has banned "LeVar" from posting further, we also know that it will do no good since "he" already posts under at least a dozen names. The sick part of this is that even if everyone ignored octopuppet's comments (it's been tried) , they would continue with the octos arguing among themselves and dragging in uninformed, newbie and fed-up regular posters.

On a related note, when it rains, it pours. All of the comments on Hob Nob's neighbors pressing city to act (see yesterday's I Hate Canton) have been removed. Oddly, while some of those comments were obnoxious, they did not, with the exception of the comment we posted, really warrant removal, at least by current Rep standards and practice. And why the entire thread? Because the posts attacked a business and not individuals?

Village Idiot of the Day, April 15, 2009: "gusknows"

Due to pressing issues I Hate Canton was unable to make the big decision on Tuesday's Daily Village Idiot Award. There are so many idiots (and their progeny) to choose from and sometimes not the time to separate the chaff from the chaff.

Pressing issues still live, so we will make this short and sweet: Wednesday's Daily Village Idiot Award goes to "gusknows" for his astute observations on the conundrum of identity in In defense of posting anonymous comments on websites. We commend "gusknows" for having the courage to rebel against Descartes' (right) "thinking substance" theory on the pages of the Rep.

Unfortunately, the rebellion is a day late and a dollar short in light of the work of Lacan, Althusser, and Foucault (below left) and other deconstructionists, not to mention Marx. But let's not go there. This is, after all, I Hate Canton, not Folie et déraison: Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique aka Madness and Civilization though we see plenty of madness and not much civilization in the pages of the Rep lately.

"gusknows" spurred a debate on the meaning of identity with the following short essay, in which he questions the identity of known persons with a special concern for the identity angst of Don Cirelli, but his compassion is for us all. No matter who we are, no matter how well-known we are, no matter who knows us, we are all, in the end, anonymous.

(spelling, paragraphing, etc. as posted)

You can think whatever you want, because you have proven my point. Alot of people on here including you have the dillusion that if they post a screen name that could be an actual person that makes there opinions matter more, and they mean squat, just like my posts or anyone elses. They are just opinions by anonymus people using a screen name, if a person wants to portray someone by putting a name of a person up, fine, but in the end no matter how much they cry or whine claiming to actually be that person they are still just an anonymus person behind a screen name. When you and others that have a screen name that could be an actual person question peoples comments because their screen name does not match a real name does not give you any right to queston, because no matter how much you try to portray an actual person with a screen name that could be an exact person you are NOT you are just an anonymus person who could choose any screen name you want.

To all of those people who use screen names that could be actual people, before you try and question a comment because of a screen name you are attempting to portray yourself as superior to others, and that is what upsets some on here, because you are just like anyone else an anonymus person with a screen name that anyone could choose.

Followed by:

I know this does not cover all people but to the ones that use a screen name that matches that of an actual persons name.
'Do you think you are superior over others because you use a screen name that matches an actual persons name??'

Followed by:

Obviously you dont realize it when you do it, everytime you make a comment such as, 'if people didnt hide behind a screen name they wouldnt say things such as.....' That is exactly what you are trying to portray, and its not just you doncirelli, there are a few others who do it often. When you see someone make a comment you disagree with or dont like say something such as 'I wonder if that person would say that to their face' or something to that extent. When you or anyone who try to portray themselves as an actual person by using a certain screen name and questioning ANYONES comments because of their screen name is attempting to make the claim they are superior because of what your screen name is. In the end we are all just anonymus people who can post whatever screen name we choose, therefore we are all equal no matter how much someone tries to make claim of being a certain individual.
Oh by the way, 'Am I superior over others? Generally, no' Generally no? so you do think at times you are superior, that again is what is called 'Dillusions of granduer'

Followed by

This is a fantastic thread. Everyone is able to see how some people think their opinion matters more than others. What is funny is reading the comments of some who just cant except the fact that no matter what they claim or what they say they are nothing more than an anonymus person using whatever screen name they want just like everyone else.

And, as of this posting, closing with

I personaly have no problem with anyone posting differing opinions or questioning comments. But as soon as someone questions someones comments because of a screen name they are trying to put the perception out that because of their own screen name they are better than others. And the people who post with what could be an actual screen name probaly dont realize but they are saying it about EVERY person by just questioning 1. Many people who are on here and use screen names that might not be an actual person are tired of having a select few continually question a persons comments because they do not use a screen name that matches an actual person. doncirelli and mary v parker, you both have made comments that I agree with and some I disagree with in the past and currently, (and there are many others that post with a screen name of an actual person, I am not singling out you 2 for any particular reason other than you are commenting on this thread.) but when you question anyones comments because of their screen name you are questioning EVERYONES comments because of their screen name and are maybe unintentionaly but putting out a perception that you are better than people who do not have a screen name of an actual person. How can anyone expect people to respect their comments when things they say show, maybe unintentionaly, that they dont respect others.
If people dont question comments because of whatever screen name they choose they show respect to all, when someone questions comments because of the screen name they choose they show disrespect or no respect to all because EVERYONE on here is just an anonymus person posting under whatever screen name they chose.

I don't know about you, but I Hate Canton is thrilled that such intellectually challenging conversations exposing the current existential Meaning of Man are now available to the great unwashed readers of the Canton Repository. Who needs to read Camus or watch New Wave cinema when we have "gusknows" on our side?

I Hate Canton gives genuine props to D Carey for his/her reaction to this identity crisis and for nailing "gusknows" and the octopuppets inhabiting the Rep. A sincere thank you!

D Carey
How terribly sad. Personalities no deeper than a game. People living for nothing but a win. The quality of another person's character means nothing. Respect, honesty, truth, intelligence, compassion - all meaningless. It's just points and scores for some people. Whatever has gotten into the water to turn so many people into sociopaths, I hope they cut off the supply soon. To the real people in the comments section - good luck to us all. We're going to need it.

As a side note, last night someone posing as Mary Parker, but not Mary Parker, posted under her name to make a point at how easy it is to fake identity on the Rep. If true, then the Rep has a bigger problem than just village idiots.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Satan Never Sleeps and Neither Does....

I Hate Canton doesn't remember seeing cantonchronic13 post before, but there are so many posts and so little time. This thoughtful missive will probably be removed soon, but we wanted to archive it. It was posted at about 2 AM today:

Hob Nob’s neighbors pressing city to act
I always thought the 'Hob Nob' was a Fag bar... What the hell kinda name is that. I got a new name for it.. ROFLMAO Are You guys ready for this!!! How about renaming it the 'NIG NOG'. LOL"

You can find a picture of someone called cantonchronic13 here, posted 2 weeks ago on Fox Cleveland. (cache)

BONUS! This particular article has attracted an inordinate amount of interest from our local venoms, focused on the "middle eastern" owners of the bar and the bartender who just happens to be an unmarried mother. Here are two gems from "Doreen," who may or may not be shacking up with Col Jessep, goldenone, FYMP, LeVar Burton and all the rest of the imaginaries.

Shut the dump down? Well then the black and white trash will just move to some other bar and cause trouble and sell drugs. Let all those animals stay in the NE end. That way they won't infest the places where decent people and businesses live and operate. If these animals what to fraternize together in the slum end of Canton, more power to them. And as far as the sister with 3 kids go, who works there full time...... if she were worth anything, she could get a full time job at a decent bar such as Harmon's or Mallons or Irish Exchange. There are plenty of those entertainment spots who have a good reputation and good patrons in Canton. Spare us her tale of woe. Just get off of your lazy butt and look. If someone wants to 'better' themselves, all they have to do is pull themselves up by their boot straps and do it. Unfortunatly, 90% percent of the time these are the men and women who don't know what soap, shampoo, clean cloths or toothpaste is. Nor are they able to hold an intelligent converstaion and proper english long enough to get an interview for a decent, respectable job." type="hidden">Shut the dump down? Well then the black and white trash will just move to some other bar and cause trouble and sell drugs. Let all those animals stay in the NE end. That way they won't infest the places where decent people and businesses live and operate. If these animals what to fraternize together in the slum end of Canton, more power to them. And as far as the sister with 3 kids go, who works there full time...... if she were worth anything, she could get a full time job at a decent bar such as Harmon's or Mallons or Irish Exchange. There are plenty of those entertainment spots who have a good reputation and good patrons in Canton. Spare us her tale of woe. Just get off of your lazy butt and look. If someone wants to 'better' themselves, all they have to do is pull themselves up by their boot straps and do it. Unfortunatly, 90% percent of the time these are the men and women who don't know what soap, shampoo, clean cloths or toothpaste is. Nor are they able to hold an intelligent converstaion and proper english long enough to get an interview for a decent, respectable job.

I have every right to judge when the ignorant scum ruin everything for decent folk. And yes, I do have a job and am not a kept woman, never have been. I work with the public everyday and see it with my own eyes. You, the working mother of 3 kids CAN get a better job, so if your are not how I stated, you should have nothing to worry about. The jobs are there, you just have to want to better yourself and keep pounding the pavement. Spare me the excuses.....I hear tons of them every day. The truth hurts and if it hits a nerve, well so be it. I don't make excuses for anything or coddle anyone. I call it how I see it and if it is being judgemental, oh well. At least I have the balls to say it!!! 'Nuff said!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 13, 2009: "Bob Matthews"

"Bob Matthews" is such a pig!

Not happy with 2 firsts and 1 honorable mention in the last five days, our resident cultural critic roots and snorts his way to the top of the heap again. Monday, Bob introduced his breakthrough research on the Jewish "creation of Christian and Muslim adjuncts" who for centuries have enabled Jews to "gain near dictatorial control of the West."Probably due to time constraints involving downtown sniper duty, Bob has failed to explain Russian pograms, the Shoah. and the current Palestinian "situation." Probably illusions created by crafty Jews and their biological Ayran white flunkies contaminated by JewThinking to fool the West into submission. We breathlesslly await his next chapter.

Pig that he is, I Hate Canton, can't resist, presenting "Bob Matthews" with another Daily Village Idiot Award. May he wear it well!

Bob Matthews I do not hate the Jews! What I do hate is Jew think!!!!!! Jews are not a biological race! Jews are found in all Races, from blond Aryan to black Falashan Can you quit being a Catholic or Baptist? Of course you can. But you cannot quit your Race! You can breed it out of existence by race mixing, but there is only one such Race if its purity is maintained. You must distinguish between biological race, religion and mindset. You can be a perfect Aryan specimen, yet be contaminated by an Jew Mindset. Millions of biological Aryan Whites are afflicted by non-Aryan Mindsets.
I consider Judaism, the Jewish Talmud, to be the ultimate source of the evil Jew Mindset. One aspect of this Jew-Think is the conspiracy to control the rest of us. The creation of their related Christian and Muslim adjuncts has enabled them to gain near dictatorial control of the West, and powerful influence over the East.
These days, it is hard to see a big difference between the JewThinking Jew and the JewThinking Aryan White. Actions based upon the evil Jew Mindset are EVIL -- no matter the Race! If you think like an evil Jew and act like an evil Jew, it matters little what your Race is. You have contracted JewThink.
Imagine the allegorical 1956 film 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' where the Mind is increasingly consumed with JewThink (rather than the body morphing into an alien). Another allegorical, the 1988 'They Live', touches some of the same chords.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Look Who's Talking! "Delulsions of grandeur" cause people to use their real names at the Rep

Today's Rep published an op-ed out of the Washington Post, In defense of posting anonymous comments on websites by former WaPo editor Doug Feaver. Reasonable people can agree to disagree on the efficacy of anonymous posting. I Hate Canton understands why some people are comfortable with anonymous/roman a clef posting. (After all we're I Hate Canton). Unfortunately, this comfort zone also protects a small number of anonymous haters and vendettaists who daily puke out race, ethnic, nationality, and religious garbage onto the pages of the Rep. While ostensibly attacking various groups under the guise of free speech, (some of these attacks ARE real) the real targets usually are individuals with whom the poster has run afoul, not on the pages of the Rep, but in real life. Maybe even years ago. Decades ago. About 90% of the hate fest comes from the keyboard of one person and her imaginary friends. She is transparent to all but the newbie and clueless.

It is with great amusement, then, that I Hate Canton caught the following remark from our resident Sybil in the "anonymous posting" thread. Posting under one of at least a dozen current personalities, "demndoes," our loquacious correspondent wrote:

Delusions of grandeur would be the only reason for using your real name in a forum like this.Especially since it was was one of the delusional who let it slip that they like to dig as deep as possible into a persons life. How many people write books under a pen name ?

So, its those big bad egotists and narcissists who take old fashioned responsibility for their words who are the problem, not our humble, unassuming anonymous hydra who smears the reputation and character of posters to feed her own miserable ego.

Village Idiot of the Day, April 11-12, 2009: "Bob Matthews"

Meet Bob Matthews. Racist, race separatist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, fashion critic, war lover, genocide lover, and killer of many. At least that's what he says. Mr. Matthews, who appeared in a different incarnation a couple months ago, likes to brag about his multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and the number of people he's killed for his country and the propagation of the white race. Of course, anybody who has ever been around the military knows that no soldier, unless he or she is psycho, brags about killing, especially killing lots and lots of people. It's the kind of thing that ends you up standing alone next to the spinach dip at parties. And it will seldom get you laid.

I Hate Canton, at this point, is open to the idea, but not convinced that "Bob Matthews" lives with "Col. Jessep" and the rest the crew in our favorite MMP Disorderly's head. Even Col. Jessup has standards and I'm not sure you'd find him hanging with a phanastical killer.

Mr. Matthews deserves a whole blog entry (not just a DVIA) of his own, and will probably get it when I Hate Canton isn't being dragged down by some seriously time-consuming responsibilities at the moment. He has, however, been granted (belatedly) the April 11-12, Daily Village Idiot Award for his outstanding work in Holocaust Studies, an award we doubt that anyone, no matter where they stand on the Demjanjuk saga, can disagree.

Since the award comes late, I Hate Canton is including comments posted after April 11-12. Spelling and spacing have not been corrected, since they are an integral part of Bob's message.

Bob Matthews
Demjanjuk is denied stay of deportation
They are making such a big deal over a hoax.When are people gonna wake up?The Holocaust was a HOAX!!!! Why don,t they go after the russians who slaughtered 1.5 million Afgans who fought for the mujahadian?

Bob Matthews
I list proof of the hoax and proved doncirelli to be the liar that he is and it gets deleted? WTF.
Why should anyone even try,We all know who controls the media.
That is why some comments about race get deleted while the others stay forever Mvp.

Bob Matthews
It was a hoax!!!! Plain and simple.I'm not saying they did not kill anyone BUT 6 MILLION come on!!!
Prove they killed 6 million, I can prove they did not but it keeps getting deleted.
You see people the reason they throw the holocaust out there so much is keep more reperations going to the Jewish people instead of the African Americans.
Are there any of you out there still waiting for your forty achers and a mule?
Don't hold your breath.

Bob Mathews:
lol saturn6, Where did you ever get that it was not a hoax? Right Wing? I have never listened or sided with the right wing or the left for that matter.
You do not know anything about Afghanistan do you?I have been there have you?We trained Afghans to fight russians and the taliban not us smart guy.
If you have not been there and done that then save your comments for the dinner table.

Bob Matthews
It takes seven hours to cremate one body. Every 70 hours or so the oven must be re-cored, which means downtime. Simple math tells us that it was impossible for Germans to have cremated 6 million. So let's surmise 4 million, with the rest shot and buried in pits.
Four million bodies cremated at seven hours apiece using 1940s technology? Where did the gas come from to fire the crematoriums? Germany was nearly out of oil and gas, and just about everything else. In fact, the 1944 'Battle of the Bulge' failed only because the Panzers ran out of fuel!

According to my simple math it takes 28 million oven-hours to cremate 4 million bodies. Tell me: how many ovens and how many years would that take? Each cremated body renders down to a quantity of ash. Let's say two pounds of ash per body. That's 8,000,000 pounds of ash. Where did those ashes go? They couldn't all have gone into rivers, but even if they did, where is the residue in the river bottoms? If the ashes were buried in pits, simple infrared scans would turn them up. You can't hide 8,000,000 pounds of anything. Nothing has shown up yet! The additional question of teeth and bones, which must be ground by mechanical means (common cremation procedure) makes the whole issue ridiculous. But in this day and age of mythology, who cares about logic or evidence!

Even so, let's say 6 million Jews died by any means. Pit killings in the East by both Germans and Russians, disease, hunger and etc. Even if 6 million Jews were magically exterminated, there were over 50 million people of other races who died in World War II. Any school kid thinks 6 million Jews died at the hands of Germans, but ask him how many Americans or Russians died, or how many Germans died in World War II, and he will give you the 'deer caught in the headlights' blank stare. In fact, given today's education standards, he or she might even say 'it just doesn't matter.'

If you don't like genocide, don't go to war! War IS genocide, particularly for White people. Remember, the Jews badgered Wilson to enter World War I. This prolonged the war and created the loss, and then horrible conditions, for Germany. That led straight to Adolf Hitler. Then the chickens came home to roost -- bad karma which the Jews had created for themselves!

Today the whole world suffers because the Jew badgered British government's Balfour Declaration gave Palestine to Jews and Hell to Palestinians. Yet again, the Jews are hated worldwide.

Jews are their own worst enemy and 'what goes around comes around.' It's just too bad that so many others must suffer to satisfy the greed and power lust of Jew leaders.

Bob Matthews
I deal in facts doncirelli !!!! Not propaganda or Fairy tales.
What are you going to tell me next? The Easter bunny is real.
Just because you have pictures of you and the easter bunny does not mean he is real!!!

Bob Matthews
What proof exists that the Nazis killed six million Jews?
None. All we have is postwar testimony, mostly of individual 'survivors.' This testimony is contradictory, and very few claim to have actually witnessed any 'gassing.' There are no contemporaneous documents or hard evidence: no mounds of ashes, no crematories capable of disposing of millions of corpses, no 'human soap,' no lamp shades made of human skin, and no credible demographic statistics. What evidence exists that six million Jews were not killed by the Nazis?
Extensive forensic, demographic, analytical and comparative evidence demonstrates the impossibility of such a figure. The widely repeated 'six million' figure is an irresponsible exaggeration.
Did Simon Wiesenthal state in writing that 'there were no extermination camps on German soil'?
Yes. The famous 'Nazi hunter' wrote this in Stars and Stripes, Jan. 24, 1993. He also claimed that 'gassings' ofJews took place only in Poland.
If Dachau was in Germany, and even Wiesenthal says that it was not an extermination camp, why do many American veterans say it was an extermination camp?
After the Allies captured Dachau, many GIs and others were led through the camp and shown a building alleged to have been a 'gas chamber.' The mass media widely, but falsely, continues to assert that Dachau was a 'gassing' camp.

Bob Matthews
No. Auschwitz, captured by the Soviets, was modified after the war, and a room was reconstructed to look like a large 'gas chamber.' After America's leading expert on gas chamber construction and design, Fred Leuchter,examined this and other alleged Auschwitz gassing facilities, he stated that it was an 'absurdity' to claim that they were, or could have been, used for executions.
If Auschwitz wasn't a 'death camp,' what was its true purpose?
It was an internment center and part of a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic fuel was produced there, and its inmates were used as a workforce."

Bob Matthews
You are wrong,wrong,wrong you may have been there but it was after the hoax was in play.What about Auschwitz? Is there any proof that gas chambers were used to kill people there?
No. Auschwitz, captured by the Soviets, was modified after the war, and a room was reconstructed to look like a large 'gas chamber.' After America's leading expert on gas chamber construction and design, Fred Leuchter,examined this and other alleged Auschwitz gassing facilities, he stated that it was an 'absurdity' to claim that they were, or could have been, used for executions.
If Auschwitz wasn't a 'death camp,' what was its true purpose?
It was an internment center and part of a large-scale manufacturing complex. Synthetic fuel was produced there, and its inmates were used as a workforce.

Bob Matthews
I do not support hitler,I only support facts.
MVP the facts are not there,Besides,why should the jewish people recieve such reparations when no one else does.african americans do not recieve such reparations.

Bob Matthews
Nothing is wrong with me! How can I look at myself? well lets see, my wife says I am a good looking
strong Aryan man.I am not in any membership group and have never been.I am not trying to accomplish
anything! I am simply debating with doncirelli who knows his history very well.You could almost call
doncirelli a expert in this part of history if you have the same beliefs as he.
O.K. doncirelli
More than two million fled or were evacuated by the Soviets in 1941-1942. These Jews thus never came under German control.. Many Jews emigrated from Europe prior to the war, thus putting them outside of German reach?
Perhaps a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR).
Given a 100 percent duty cycle of all the crematories in all the camps in German-controlled territory, what is the maximum number of corpses it would have been possible to incinerate during the entire period such crematories were in operation?
About 430,600.
If six million people had been incinerated by the Nazis, what happened to the ashes?
That remains to be 'explained.' Six million bodies would have produced many tons of ashes, yet there is no evidence of any large ash depositories.
Can you see how the Holocaust hoax benefits Jews?
It helps protect Jews as a group from criticism. As a kind of secular religion, it provides an emotional bond between Jews and their leaders. It is a powerful tool in Jewish money-raising campaigns, and is used to justify US aid to Israel."

Bob Matthews:
O.K. first doncirelli let me address theame19 and get him or her out of the way.
Nothing is wrong with me! How can I look at myself? well lets see, my wife says I am a good looking
strong Aryan man.I am not in any membership group and have never been.I am not trying to accomplish
anything! I am simply debating with doncirelli who knows his history very well.You could almost call
doncirelli a expert in this part of history if you have the same beliefs as he.
O.K. doncirelli
More than two million fled or were evacuated by the Soviets in 1941-1942. These Jews thus never came under German control.. Many Jews emigrated from Europe prior to the war, thus putting them outside of German reach?
Perhaps a million (not including those absorbed by the USSR).
Given a 100 percent duty cycle of all the crematories in all the camps in German-controlled territory, what is the maximum number of corpses it would have been possible to incinerate during the entire period such crematories were in operation?
About 430,600.
If six million people had been incinerated by the Nazis, what happened to the ashes?
That remains to be 'explained.' Six million bodies would have produced many tons of ashes, yet there is no evidence of any large ash depositories.
Can you see how the Holocaust hoax benefits Jews?
It helps protect Jews as a group from criticism. As a kind of secular religion, it provides an emotional bond between Jews and their leaders. It is a powerful tool in Jewish money-raising campaigns, and is used to justify US aid to Israel.

Bob Matthews
The Holocaust story is cited to justify the Old Testament notion of Jews as a holy and eternally persecuted 'Chosen People.'
It justifies the billions of dollars in 'reparations' Germany has paid to Israel and many individual 'survivors.' It is used by the Zionist/Israeli lobby to dictate a pro-Israel American foreign policy in the Middle East, and to force American taxpayer aid to Israel, totaling billions of dollars per year

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 10, 2009: "Nathan Jessep"

For 17 years I Hate Canton has worried about the fate of Col. Nathan Jessep, whose story was so well documented in the 1992 film A Few Good Men. We can't tell you how relieved I Hate Canton is then, to learn that Col. Jessep has settled down in Canton and into the head of our lead MPP Disorderly. We suspect, though, that he may feel a bit crowded and even ignored sometimes, living with LeVar Burton, Theodore Donald Kerabatsos, femdem, demndoes, goldenone, FYMP, and at least a dozen other imaginary friends inside his hostess' cozy yet magically ever-expanding head.

See, even the toughest, amoral colonel, needs his own space sometimes. Since A Few Good Men has made Col. Jessep basically unemployable even at Abu Gahrib, Gitmo and the Defense Department, what better space to carve out than the Rep! Here Col. Jessep can show us his other side, the side that the film inexplicably ignores: compassion, kindness, sensitivity, and like Bob Matthews, a keen sense of fashion.

Nowhere have we seen the softer side of Col. Jessep more than Friday's brilliant critique of rap ware. (Bob Matthews move over!) Vogue editor Anna Wintour must be kicking herself all the way up Madison Avenue for rejecting Col. Jessep's groundbreaking analysis of saggy pants and the "disease-ridden crotches" of those who wear them: porn clerks, gas station attendants, and 911 dispatchers. The colonel's props to former 911 dispatcher and frequent Rep poster Don Cirelli hint subtlety of his insider status without overwhelming the reader with egregious name dropping. No Perez Hilton he!

For his astute reading of fashion, I Hate Canton is proud to present Col. Nathan Jessep with our Daily Village Idiot Award. Semper Fi, Nate! And here's to many more!

Nathan Jessep (right, in his pre-Canton days)
Cover up, Flo Rida
These 'people' dress like this (saggy pants, piercings, tats, loose clothing, etc) and wonder why they can't get a job other than working in a porno store, as a clerk at the Citgo station, or a 911 dispatcher - out of public view.. Then they want to cry racism. punks. This is a result of lack of parenting and the liberals stripping away the right of parents to whip some **s when need be - such as when these little pukes go walking around in public holding their disease-riddled crotches and wearing thier hats on sideways with the tag still attached.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 9, 2009: FYMP, Bob Matthews

Things were a little quiet yesterday. Our lead Multiple Personality Posting Disorderly announced earlier that she was honoring Holy Week and would be gone. Of course, she isn't. On Maundy Thursday she fired a respectable number of missives, but she must have been busy most of the day washing the feet of the poor. We guess though, that the feet of of Mr and Mrs. Hammen (see below), the new class of welfare queens sucking the country dry, weren't four of them. I Hate Canton can only guess how our MPPD queen will treat Good Friday.

With great pleasure, I Hate Canton presents "FYMP" with the Maundy Thursday Daily Village Idiot Award. (FYPM followed-up the winning comment with others, but there is only one award per day per entrant name.) An honorable mention goes to fashionista "Bob Matthews" hysterical over rap wear. We know "Bob" can do better than this, though. Perhaps he was about town all day washing feet, too.

Couple step clower to losing home
How come all the sudden this is a problem? The old people before us never had this problem. These old people are just like the irresponsible young peoplejumping on the bad economy train looking for a handout!!!

Bob Matthews:
Cover up Flo Rida
As if the sagging pants was not disgusting enough! Now they are sagging so bad that they have to use one hand (holding there crotch) to hold there pants up.What kind of sociaty have we become to allow the youth to conform to this type of disgusting behavior?Why are such disgusting people like flo rider portrayed in our media?This type of behavior only contributes to the degeneration of our sons and the perversion of our daughters.We are truly a sick sociaty to allow this!

Bob Matthews nightmare comes true.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 8, 2009: "goldenone," "Bob Matthews," "Mr. Thompson1216," "FYMP," "demndoes"

"LeVar," "LeVar" where are you? Imagine an entire day without its snappy retort, its compassion for the downtrodden, its deep insight into the human condition. Well, it happened Wednesday. That doesn't mean that our leading MPPPer took a break, only that LeVar is resting. Two other personalities, at least, (we don't know them all) came out to apply for the Daily Village Idiot Award: "goldenone" taking first and demndoes" snagging an honorable mention. Other winners are "Bob Matthews," "Mr Thompson1216" and "FYMP." Come to think of it, our obsessive MPPPer has made a career out of Rep-stalking Mary Parker. FYMP = Fuck You Mary Parker? We may have a trifecta here!

Man charged for threats, stalking estranged wife
People that don't believe in being married are nasty. I mean really now, only animals set out to stay single and date person x that has been with person z that was with person p that was with person t and everybody has done everyone else and so on...just plain nasty."

Tying for Top Idiot is our old friend:

Bob Matthews:
Plain woman arrested after children found on roof
I will bet you any amount of money the mom was african american!!! They never know where there children are or what they are doing.So many of your comments already proved that.


Letter: President should favor working class over big business
He will never favor the working class because he is not and has never been part of the working class.My point is that he has no class to begin with,what did you expect from SUPER _ _ _ _ _ _? With his ugly wife with the big forehead lol.

Second place tie goes to Mr Thompson1216 and FYMP for their insightful comments on domestic violence,stalking, and patriotism.

Mr. Thompson 1216:
Man charged for threats, stalking estranged wife
If you really love your children sometimes you will go to some crazy lengths to see them. The mother in the situation can't be that stable either, obviously they have talked in the past months and she seems to be moving from one place to the next. A protection order can be given to a person just off of the presumption of harm through an exchange of words.The life of a soldier can be stressful enough, sometimes the only thing that keeps you sane is the thoughts and memories of your children. Kinda hard to be abusive to a woman in Ohio when you live in Texas....Hmmm.

FYMP: (note; alleged stalker is an Army major)
Just4kicks, you are disrespectful!!! Apparently you have never served your country in any capacity. Those soldiers are all out there putting their lives on the line and the only thing that keeps them from going insane is the thought of coming home to their family. All to often when the soldier gets home the wife is gone with the kids. You say 'I don't feel sorry for him. He chose his lifestyle and all its pressures.' Guess what!!?? SO DID SHE!!!! SHE MARRIED A SOLDIER!!!!

And fnally our runner up: demndoes.

In some respects, I Hate Canton agrees with our commenter, but it is our duty to remind our Gentle Readers that other demndoes personalities have manifested a slavering affection for a certain elected official of the Democratic persuasion.

demndoes (speaking of public employees and elected officials)
FBI now involved in treasurer theft probe
Not better than every body else, just better than those glorified welfare recipients. who don't know what a real days work is . They ,make their living off the system, raise their families on it and generation after generation collect that government check., ands of course that's not enough . Their sense of entitlement leads them to find way to cheat the system. but unliker their poorer cousins we get the chance to cut them off every so often. You defend them any way you like, their bottom feeders.who think their sh!t don't stink.

and the companion piece:

Apparently the truth hurts ,bottomfeeders

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 7, 2009: "LeVar Burton," "Bummy"

We have a tie today between "LeVar Burton" and "Bummy."

I Hate Canton is not sure anybody can beat "LeVar" and her numerous sockpuppets for sheer vileness. "LeVar" will probably be the hands down winner every day until the name is retired or the real LeVar Burton files a legal complaint against the Rep for allowing his name to be used to spew out 24/7 hate, racism, sexism, and all around stupidity. When there's time, I Hate Canton will feature more about "LeVar."

LeVar Burton:
Canton woman, 34, reportedly raped during the past weekend
Why always blame the men? Women are accountable for their actions, also. Women are great about dressing provacatively and acting loose. Then as soon as someone lays a finger on them - BAM. Allegations and charges. Harlots. so many women use sex as a tool for getting what they want and when they don't get what they want, they claim to be a victim. Gold-diggers.

Letter: Lincoln, unlike Obama, abhorred nation's worse sin
This person could not SMELL where The Great President Lincoln urinated.

Occasionally, I Hate Canton will award the Rep with a special Daily Village Idiot citation, Our first Daily Village Idiot Headline award goes to:
FBI gets involved, sheriff steps arms-length step back

Monday, April 6, 2009

Village Idiot, of the Day, April 6, 2009: "LeVar Burton"

A NEW FEATURE! Starting today, I Hate Canton will present the Daily Village Idiot Award to the poster who makes the greatest contribution to local idiocy. Nominations encouraged. Possible multiple winners.

LeVar Burton:
New fire station in Canton to cost trees; some people upset
We don't need a new fire station. Besides, anything on fire south of Tusc. should be allowed to burn to the ground, anyway.

NOTE: That's interesting. Our winning entry has been removed from the
Rep, perhaps due to the death of 5-year old Azariah Adkins in a fire last week, although he did not live south of Tusc.

One Down, How Many More to Go? Multiple Personality Poster busted--for awhile

What is it about Rep comments that triggers Multiple Personality Posting Disorder (MPPD)? Victims of this under-reported and little understood mental disorder crank out numerous responses to news stories under different names, sometimes even arguing amongst themselves, turning even the most "safe" news stories into a game of Who's On First?

Although no intervention has been effected for our most disturbing MPPDer, She Who Is Protected for some Inexplicable Reason by the Rep, keen-eyed Kitty Burgett yesterday uncovered another victim of this dread disease Alpha Male aka Bushman, who in a moment of MPPD confusion, posted the same comment under both monikers,

Under Canton man accused of beating convenience store manager with board we find his/her/its/their response to WestElementaryMom's astute sociological observation that everyone she knows in Canton with the last name of Williams (the surname of the board banger) "always has a record a mile long."

Alfa Male:
WestElementaryMom said..every guy with the last name williams that i have known from canton always has a record a mile long.

Maybe that is true, for the ones 'she has known'. How do you know who she knows?

She didn't say 'all williams' or even 90%. Just the ones she knew, could be 100% correct!!

followed immediately by:

WestElementaryMom said..every guy with the last name williams that i have known from canton always has a record a mile long.

Maybe that is true, for the ones 'she has known'. How do you know who she knows?

She didn't say 'all williams' or even 90%. Just the ones she knew, could be 100% correct!

Later in the evening, a regular MPPD-free correspondent posted sensible questions to Rep editor, Jeff Gauger, about how the comment police handles sufferers of MPPD. (I have cut the first paragraph, a comment about the article itself)

I have a question for Jeff at Canton Rep or whoever is in charge today: I know you have decided that it is fine for us to post comments under some unrecognizable name or handle. I have almost accepted that because of the loonies who post here. I want to know if it is also OK for us to post comments under more than one name. Can we use several names (or handles) to post comments? I know we need a different e-mail address for each name and we have to be signed in under that name. So can I get 10 different e-mail addresses with different user names and still post comments? Can I get 10 different e-mail addresses with different user names and still post comments?

To which Alterego, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Alpha Male and bushman, replied brilliantly:

Margaret, Yes, Yes and Yes. Or you could just cut and paste like this,

'WestElementaryMom said..every guy with the last name williams that i have known from canton always has a record a mile long. Maybe that is true, for the ones 'she has known'. How do you know who she knows? She didn't say 'all williams' or even 90%. Just the ones she knew, could be 100% correct!!'

In order to make someone look unscrupulous.

Apparently some mischievious reader, unable to control an unspeakable impulse to discredit Alpha Male, hacked bushman's account, and cut, pasted, and re-posted Alpha Man's profound comment in order to suggest to readers that bushman suffers from MPPD.

Ironically, immediately before Alpha Male/bushman sent their double reply, Alpha Male posted the following:

Alpha Male:
OH, OK..if I make a mistake, intentional or not, just beat me with a board. Well that would be the last beating that person gave anyone!! That's why they make cages for animals and/or cemeteries. It's called prison or grave....bye bye

No word, as of this posting, from Alpha Male or bushman. Where could they be? Beating each other with a 2 x 4 while Alterego watches?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Castrate Them, Sterilize Them, Euthanize Them: What the Rep Thuggery Wants to Do to Welfare Recepients. And the Rest of Us Aren't Far Beind!

I Hate Canton cannot remember the last time we have been so aggravated by a Rep thread. We intended to let this one go pretty much after the March 31 entry, but the purposefully stupid comments continuing to emanate from the keyboards of the locals is indeed frightening. These comments are, I think, indicative of where "we" are going. Ostensibly about mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients, the thread is really about class war, race hatred, misogyny, eugenics, economic meltdown, and an increasingly out-of-control militarized culture. While forced drug testing, state or private, might be an inconsequential matter for some people, it serves as a psychological weapon in the broader war against free thought and action.

If you wonder how totalitarianism came to power in Europe between the two wars, all you need to do is read what our fellow Cantonians think of us, our neighbors, and the laws and Constitution of the United States. It's not much.

The article itself, States Consider Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients is a straightforward piece on states that have, or are considering, mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients.

I Hate Canton is generally opposed to drug testing, and certainly opposed to government mandated drug testing of anyone for any reason unless it pertains to criminal proceedings, in a few cases national security, or some other extraordinary purpose. We concede that private business can require drug testing of employees and in very limited instances may have sound reasons for the requirement. As an overall practice, though, it is inimical to individual rights and liberty interests. Coerced drug testing, either private or state sponsored, is an abrogation of the core meaning of the Constitutional right to private property: self ownership. Without self-ownership all other private property is meaningless. Forced drug testing is corporatism of the body.

The whole idea of drug testing begs the question: why are certain drugs good and others bad?

I Hate Canton hesitates to use wiki as a source, preferring to use primary sources, but in this case wiki offers a quick and good overview of the history of drug prohibition in the US and it's political meaning. The History Channel's Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way (type in title in search engine; it is also available in several parts on YouTube), is must-see TV for anyone interested in what makes a drug "bad." Should we be surprised that drug prohibition is rooted in race, demographics, protectionism, and Big Phrama profits? The government's right to define, and a citizen's duty to acquiesce, to what is "legal" and what is not to put into your own body is a singular marker of the "progressive" liberal corporate welfare state where the citizenry is required to look to the government for moral and politically correct de jour guidance.

Marijuana for instance, became criminalized in the wake of anti-immigration and racial hysteria following the 1910 Mexican Revolution when Mexicans streamed across the border bringing their recreational weed with them, much like Americans might bring their Marlboros if it were the other way around. Even Harry Anslinger didn't go along with it, until he realized he could make a career out of Protestant moral panic.

Opiates, too, were once legal and popular. They were available by prescription in drug stores. Before World War 1 some Canton saloons offered cocaine and opium over-the-counter (more or less). Canton reputedly hosted at least four opium dens located in rooms in the upstairs or side rooms of saloons. In the early part of the 20th century while Canton officials and police were busy cracking down on saloons, brothels, wine rooms, and gambling dens, they seldom gave fairly extensive local drug traffic, a second thought, even though the federal Opium Exclusion Act of 1913, made possession, except for Big Pharma's "medicinal "use, illegal.

Morphine came into popular use after the development of the hypodermic needle in 1853 and was used extensively to treat wounded soldiers in the Civil War. It was popularized as a "cure" for opium and alcohol addiction, and became a popular woman's drug that took care of cramps, depression, and "hysteria." Morphine, by prescription or otherwise, kept women, across the economic strata, in their place.

Heroin, developed by Bayer (the aspirin people) became a "cure" for morphine addiction, which later needed to be "cured" by Methadone. Is there a pattern?

And let's not even go into current legal drugs such as Dilaudid, Oxycotin, and the ever-popular and respectable Mothers Little Helpers which are quite legal and have made doctors rich for decades. Does anyone remember Canton's own Dr. Feelgood, Harold Schmuck? The good doctor who'd lost his privileges at old Mercy Hospital years before, was probably the largest purveyor of "diet pills" in Stark County until he was whacked in December 1973 by a customer/paid teenage boyfriend. For a few dollars a 98 pound woman could score a hundred speckled eggs from Schmuck to take off those extra pounds.

The point of this entry today is not drug laws, but the way the Canton thuggery cottons to the idea that it's OK for the government to hijack us. The thuggery likes the idea because just about anyone who collects "welfare" (and their definition varies to what that is--anything from WIC and food cards to unemployment compensation) is a drug addict, a drug dealer, a crook, a baby machine, a baby daddy, pickpocketing cash from the hard-working thugs to spend on undeserved pleasures. The thugs' willing ignorance of how the welfare system works and the demands and limits made on recipients is abysmal. Perhaps they're been told all about those welfare queens (and kings) by the titular head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, blathering on the radio how he had to spend 6 hours standing in line for his oxy at his local Welfare Royal's crib. But then, Rush's not on the public dole, or so they say.

Even surprising to I Hate Canton, is the doofy perception of Canton's Brainless Wonders that men collect welfare. Outside of disability or old age (and that's even rough) it is virtually impossible for a man, single woman, or childfree couple to collect public assistance. Welfare is a feminized ghetto inhabited by women and children. And what drug dealer in their right mind would want to collect public assistance, with its constant threat of government snooping? Not that some welfare collectors don't deal drugs or live or hang with people who do. Of course, they do. Just like some engineers, social workers, teachers, students, lawyers, secretaries, cops, executives, and doctors--especially doctors--do.

I Hate Canton is not condoning drug addiction or crime. Having spent some time with druggies and drunks, we know that they are not a pretty or intelligent sight. The issue though is larger: the old slippery slope. Though focused now on welfare recipients--or rather what the local thuggery thinks welfare recipients are--the real issue is the easy promotion of the subjugation of "the other"--the disenfranchised, the unempowered, the weak, the bum, and quite honestly, sometimes. the vile. It starts with them and works its way up. First they came for the Jews...then they came for....

With one exception.

Oddly, this desire to stick it to drug addicts, cheats, and the undeserving under the rubric of "welfare recipient," is not extended to real criminals: the real people in silk suits and $500 ties who have bankrupt this country. There is no cry for the head (or other parts) of insurance bonus babies, mortgage shysters, and stock market chiselers, or politicians and defense contractors who have mortgaged generations of Americans with imperialistic wars. Apparently, they're either too big to kick around or models the thugs emulate in their dreams. Drug test? Bernie Madoff?

The proliferation and acceptance of mandatory drug testing softens people to accept state intrusion in other intimate matters and to follow unquestioningly the authority and power of government and its cronies to lead and control of our lives as much as they can get away with. Inexplicably, none of this is apparent to our faithful Rep thuggery who in every other scenario declaim that Obama is stripping away our rights daily, including our right to private property, enslaving us with Godless Communism. They claim personal ownership and autonomy is unAmerican and has nothing to do with property rights.

To get the full, hair-curling or hair-straightening, as the case may be, effect of the thuggery in action, you really need to read the thread in the aggregate. I'm not sure if the hob-nailery in the sample below comes across as bad as the whole thing is. After you spend the morning being hammered in the head by these bullies (up to 273 comments as of this posting) you're ready to cop some rock yourself.

These comments also need to be read along side the habitual race baiting postings, sent constantly by the same drug-test huggers, which (ahem) suggests that they're a little more worried about the Black Menance that being pick-pocketed by the government in the name of drug dealers and baby mamas. For example, here's a small snip from last Sunday's Charita Goshay: No town's story is always black and white, even Louisville:

Bob Matthews:
I have an idea,Lets split the U.S. right down the middle for five years.(Whites on one side blacks and browns on the other side) cut out the welfare system.I will bet you a dime to a dollar after only five years the White side will progress and the black and brown side will regress.

Only in the Rep could a black columnist, attempting to deconstruct racist accusations against Louisville, Ohio, long considered a hotbed of bigotry, be considered racist and "stirring the pot." But then, anyone-- especially black anyones--who claim for one minute that Canton/Stark County contains an ounce of racism is...a racist!

It's about time! maybe nicotine testing too, since the smokers taxes have gone up to pay for childrens health care of the people of lower income. they do drug testing all of the time on the people working, why not? make sure they are random since alot of them know how to 'test clean'. our own jobs are at risk now so if we need assistance we would have to play by the same rules. go to the article about taxing cigarettes, the non smokers tell the smokers 'we will have a longer living healthier population.'

Drug testing for families receiving welfare is a wonderful idea. I repeat families mom, dad, brother, sister everyone list as the recipient of the welfare support. Lets also take the same steps to those receiving unemployment checks. Drug free society means everyone. While youre at it also investigate who living in the government support housing of those welfare recipient.


I don't see anything wrong with random drug testing. Unless you have something to hide, what does it really matter? This isn't a matter of profiling or labeling, it just makes sense.

It's about time welfare started tightening the screws. Also, if tested positive for drugs, the kid(s) should be taken from the parent(s). That way, the kid(s) will have a fighting chance in life instead of a life with welfare loser parent(s)

How will this plan work when our government provides 'crackheads and alcoholics' with social security checks-they know these people are addicted to drugs and that's why they receive this 'assistance'.I mean, I would agree if there were loopholes, but what's good for the goose needs to be good for the gander.

-Also, what happens when these people start claiming ' I don't smoke weed, I was at a friends house that smoked and....'

In regards to the comment left about random house searches-I don't have anything to hide either, but I also choose to live in America and excuse me if I don't want strangers going through my underwear drawer. There's a reason a while CCW is in effect and so popular now that there's a waiting list to get your license- we will all see desperate times and desperate people

Didn't realize the liberal Democrats had drifted this far off the radar screen. God Help Us!

'I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER!!!! WE 'ALL' are on Government assistance unless you pave your own street, put out your own fire, call yourself when something bad is happening or defend yourself from foreign nations.' I don't see how expecting the taxes I pay to the city, state, feds be used to pave the streets, provide fire & police protection places me on gov't assistance. I have no issue with helping those that 'OCCASSIONALY'' need help, very few of us will go thru life without needing a helping hand at some point, but what galls me is having to trudge off to work everyday to provide $$$ for those unwilling to help themselves. Don't 'Bogart that joint my friend' pass it over here, I want some of whatever it is you are smoking! Maybe the thing to do is for us all to stop working and paying taxes so we can all be on equal footing.

working and paying taxes so we can all be on equal footing.

Castrate them, sterilize them, euthanize them, I don't care ....just get their hands out of my pocket!

Considering??? There are very few private-sector and NO government jobs that do not REQUIRE pre-application and random drug testing of ALL employees. Any group that feels this singling them out or an act of profiling or prejudice--please notice I said ALL employees. If this is enforced on the working-class, why does it even have to be 'considered' for any government aid that you are willingly signing up for?

"Well, a little reality check, my friends. The vast majority of TANF money (and that's what we're talking about) goes to feed, house children. Children can't control the drug habits of their parent(s). So, be prepared.' *** Nancy, 'my friend,' that's when someone steps in and finds a better home for those kids then. The fact remains, the parent gets the check. If they are on drugs - how much of that money do you think is actually feeding the children? Whether we refuse the check to a drug-using parent, or give it to them anyways - I highly doubt a dime makes it into their mouths.

get some sleep so I can go to work in the morning. Take care.

Any one with a serious job get's drug tested .I mean people who make more than 20k a year. It's not selling your body. It's a safety issues with some jobs. As for the foster system, I know a little something about that. Remove the children as early in life as possible and they will be easier to place with loving families. If you can't keep yourself off drugs you don't deserve to set an example for future generations.

mean the it is about time I have been saying this for years! To get a job and work for your pay most places require a drug test. So I totally agree with drug testing how about alcohol testing too. If you cant afford to provide for your family and our taxes once again paying for welfare, ssi (and i donteldery people that had worked and obtained their social security legally) i mean the people that are just plain LAZY and then complain because they dont have enough 'FREE MONIES to get through the month, and all the other agencies then make sure that the monies sent out to these families are truely in need.

WHILE THEIR AT IT, THEY SHOULD RANDOM DRUG TEST PEOPLE/FAMILIES WHO LIVE IN SUBSIDIZED HOUSING...UNLESS the alleged father signs paternity to have his name listed on the birth certificate in Ohio.

Its the System that needs change!!!!! Test them ? YES Lifetime loss of benifits if possitive? YES Loss of medical license for doctors who sign false disability claims? YES Manditory sterilization for welfare moms after 2nd child ?YES Chemically induced castration for all felons ? YES No life sentences, only execution for murderers, rapists, molesters, assult ? YES The Judges need to think about the children when placing then in the hands of a Mother that does not have a job...But the Father goes to work everyday! And Yes has to be tested before he gets the job!!!! Also in my life time I've seen so many fathers paying for the children & keeping them all the time & feeding them...But still paying their child support..Did you know That our system Takes away the fathers driving liscense if he misses a payment..HOW IS HE GOING TO WORK!! IF HE DRIVES WITH NO LISCENSE THEN HE GETS HIS CAR INPOUNDED 350.00 A 250.00 BAR PUT ON HIS CAR! 250.00 COURT COST!! AND HOPE HE STILL HAS A JOB SO HE CAN FEED THE CHILDREN AT HOME THAT HIS WIFE HAS COUSDY (SP) OF. ALSO how about our system and the adoption laws & fees! One moment made to me not to long ago. A couple went to our Social Services and ask about what they had to do to adopt a child...You know what she said to them.....YOU DON'T WANT ANY OF THESE CHILDREN IN OUR SYSTEM THEY ARE ALL BAD!!! WOW!! I ABOUT CRAPPED! Why do we have to go to other countries to adopt??? Why is so expensive here in USA??? ITS ALL ABOUT THE SYSTEM!! IS THE SYSTEM RIGHT???? Where do I vote on this issue at? We the People is who pays for the system...We the people should have some say on the changes...........................................................................

Bob Matthews
I think thats the best idea since sliced bread!!!!!!! Test them all.......If they are positive, cut them off all assistance. Then we will see there true colors.there are two ways they get anything,They beg it or take it.

Bob Matthews
Just go out tonight and drive through skyline terrace, (highland park) robin court,chips townhouses(lol) and you will see why they are proposing this idea.I think it's great! Hey,why not make it a urban adventure? Tomorrow take a drive down to the welfare office and take a look around,then go to wic office and take a look around.For the grand finally go to the courthouse and take a look around,take your seat in the courtroom(It's your right as a taxpayer) and listen.I think the light will go on for you.If you take that drive tonight make sure you keep your window rolled up because the smell is wretched.

It seems that the back half of these comments are more geared to us crazies and the poor poor kids of the drug addicts on welfare.

So why exactly can we not end welfare? Duh, cause then the welfare class wouldnt vote for democrats. That may be the truth but it doesnt mean the idea of not paying for others laziness is without merit.

On to the other bleeding hearts on here whining about the poor pooooooor chlidren.

Exactly how great is it for them now being raised by drug addicts? You are the real reason the poor children grow up to be the maniacs that many of them end up. Because you sentence them to a life with a druggie .

You are the one who shows no compassion for the kids. You take every penny of the welfare money and spend it taking care of those kids the way they need to be taken care of , raise them with love and morals and discipline.


If youre damm dumb enough to starve to death before youll work for your own food then you deserve to die.

Bob Matthews
When I was 17, I saw the mushrooming african population all over the world and read the growth statistics, and I knew that if the world's leaders didn't force those individuals to put a cork in it, we'd be overrun with hungry african people by the time I was thirty. And sure as heck, we are. I watched part of one of those 'Feed the Children' ads they're constantly putting on the tube, begging for always more money to feed the starving africans that are being born faster than they can find diapers to put on them. They panned across a scene that made me sick, literally. It was hundreds of small african children, all sitting at long benches side-by-side, shoveling down huge mouthfuls of food from hundreds of bowls just as fast as they could cramm it down. And who was serving them but an army of very pregnant african females, all about to add to the problem while lazy african males laid up just outside the range of the cameras, stuffing their faces and keeping the women fat and pregnant. All they know how to do is eat and make more children. It's literally like sweeping the desert with a toothbrush. An exercise in total futility. For no matter how many starving children they feed, tomorrow there's twice as many clambering at the door, wanting white people to feed them. More and more and more and more children as fast as they can pop out. And those idiot Christian organizations are dumping vast amounts of money down a bottomless pit that's serving no purpose and solving no problems...

Bob Matthews
I do not think they are talking about prescription meds, What they are trying to stop is the crack smoking and weed smoking, you know the drugs of the dregs, the prefered drug of the lowest class of people in our sociaty.You must understand that it is the welfare class that has kept the drug cartels in $$$ for decades.So if we want to stop the cartels then first we must stop the welfare and project residing lower class of people who smoke crack and weed in front of there children.

1. Anyone receiving a government paycheck funded by tax payers should be drug tested, including politicians, all government employees (fed, state, county) as well as welfare recipients. 2. Test for all illegal drugs, including marijuana, or make it legal if you don't want to test for it. 3. One positive test - funds/salary cut 25%. Two positive tests - funds/salary cut in half and mandatory treatment. Public officials lose their job. Third strike - no funds for five years.

Bob Matthews
saturn6 Another saying I love is 'opinions vary' you have yours and I have mine.I feel great that my tax dollars are there to help the working class when they fall on hard times,But I will always fight to stop the funds going to the project and ghetto people.For example I knew a guy who worked for park farms and drove a taxi for a second job.He told me a story about going to the projects and picking up a young african american girl and her mother.When they got into the car,He smelled the faint scent of weed,The young girl just had a baby and was already pregnant again.There destination was the welfare office (of coarse), He told me that on the way there the mother was in the backseat the entire time coaching her daughter on what to say and what to tell the people at the welfare office to get the most out of the deal.She even had the paperwork information of the girls boyfriend and was telling her to say that he lives with her so they could recieve more money in foodstamps,He said after that the mother looked at him in the rearview mirror and giggled.So now do you understand the types of people I am referring to? By the way,The guy I knew,The taxi driver that told me the story, was african american working two jobs to support his wife and children.

Bob Matthews
lol what is this grammer school?Everytime you ask questions or post something people don't like the others send out the teacher squad lol the reason people spell incorrect or do not use or miss punctuation is because we are on a comment board JACK@## everyone does enough spell check and punctuation at work so I sure as heck am not worried about it on the lol/ So back to the subject at hand anyone who advocates use of drugs or abuse of alcohal is a loser and anything they post should have no merit anyway.some of you keep saying this would cause our country to become worse then the time of the great depression.Good flush it down the toilet and lets start over.Get rid of the undesirables and rebuild this country with some real reform.In one post urjoking said this 'Someone taking $20 of their 'free' money and buying some marijuana with it does not affect you directly no matter how much you try to act like it does. Maybe you should stop stereotyping and live and let live. God bless you, Robert.' CAN YOU BELIVE THIS GUY? THESE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE I AM TALKING ABOUT,FLUSH IT ALL DOWN THE TOILET...................I will continue to stand up for the working class and I say LIVE AND LET DIE......

What do we have to do to ensure that this comes to stark county soon? I am all for this. if i have to take a drug test to keep my job which pays for the welfare system then those who take this money should have to take a drug test to receive the money. But lets not stop there, if you owe child support you should not be allowed to buy extras in life like tobacco, alcohol, sport tickets, ect.