Friday, April 10, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 9, 2009: FYMP, Bob Matthews

Things were a little quiet yesterday. Our lead Multiple Personality Posting Disorderly announced earlier that she was honoring Holy Week and would be gone. Of course, she isn't. On Maundy Thursday she fired a respectable number of missives, but she must have been busy most of the day washing the feet of the poor. We guess though, that the feet of of Mr and Mrs. Hammen (see below), the new class of welfare queens sucking the country dry, weren't four of them. I Hate Canton can only guess how our MPPD queen will treat Good Friday.

With great pleasure, I Hate Canton presents "FYMP" with the Maundy Thursday Daily Village Idiot Award. (FYPM followed-up the winning comment with others, but there is only one award per day per entrant name.) An honorable mention goes to fashionista "Bob Matthews" hysterical over rap wear. We know "Bob" can do better than this, though. Perhaps he was about town all day washing feet, too.

Couple step clower to losing home
How come all the sudden this is a problem? The old people before us never had this problem. These old people are just like the irresponsible young peoplejumping on the bad economy train looking for a handout!!!

Bob Matthews:
Cover up Flo Rida
As if the sagging pants was not disgusting enough! Now they are sagging so bad that they have to use one hand (holding there crotch) to hold there pants up.What kind of sociaty have we become to allow the youth to conform to this type of disgusting behavior?Why are such disgusting people like flo rider portrayed in our media?This type of behavior only contributes to the degeneration of our sons and the perversion of our daughters.We are truly a sick sociaty to allow this!

Bob Matthews nightmare comes true.


John E said...

While I don't like the look, what is it hurting? I let my hair grow, much to the chagrin of my mother and grandparents. When these young people realize they have to present themselves differently in the real world, they will adapt to an acceptable dress code. Been going on for decades. Makes me wonder when the next fad will be. Perhaps dressing like CEO's!!??

I Hate Canton said...

Dressing like CEO's Oh, I hope not!

There's a funny absurdist play by the Polish playwright Sławomir Mrożek called Tango: A Play in Three Acts that came out in the 1960s. It's a satirical family saga of what happens when the children of Polish commie hippie-types grow up to be suit-wearing apparatchiks. Sort of like a seriously subversive Family Ties. I'm surprised it didn't get Mrożek sent to a camp, but he was a ballsy guy who stood up to Stalin, too. Besides commie censors weren't that all hip to satire, having no sense of humor themselves.

Of course, "Bob Matthews" has another agenda, which is quite clear in other posts. We've seen him before.