Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 13, 2009: "Bob Matthews"

"Bob Matthews" is such a pig!

Not happy with 2 firsts and 1 honorable mention in the last five days, our resident cultural critic roots and snorts his way to the top of the heap again. Monday, Bob introduced his breakthrough research on the Jewish "creation of Christian and Muslim adjuncts" who for centuries have enabled Jews to "gain near dictatorial control of the West."Probably due to time constraints involving downtown sniper duty, Bob has failed to explain Russian pograms, the Shoah. and the current Palestinian "situation." Probably illusions created by crafty Jews and their biological Ayran white flunkies contaminated by JewThinking to fool the West into submission. We breathlesslly await his next chapter.

Pig that he is, I Hate Canton, can't resist, presenting "Bob Matthews" with another Daily Village Idiot Award. May he wear it well!

Bob Matthews I do not hate the Jews! What I do hate is Jew think!!!!!! Jews are not a biological race! Jews are found in all Races, from blond Aryan to black Falashan Can you quit being a Catholic or Baptist? Of course you can. But you cannot quit your Race! You can breed it out of existence by race mixing, but there is only one such Race if its purity is maintained. You must distinguish between biological race, religion and mindset. You can be a perfect Aryan specimen, yet be contaminated by an Jew Mindset. Millions of biological Aryan Whites are afflicted by non-Aryan Mindsets.
I consider Judaism, the Jewish Talmud, to be the ultimate source of the evil Jew Mindset. One aspect of this Jew-Think is the conspiracy to control the rest of us. The creation of their related Christian and Muslim adjuncts has enabled them to gain near dictatorial control of the West, and powerful influence over the East.
These days, it is hard to see a big difference between the JewThinking Jew and the JewThinking Aryan White. Actions based upon the evil Jew Mindset are EVIL -- no matter the Race! If you think like an evil Jew and act like an evil Jew, it matters little what your Race is. You have contracted JewThink.
Imagine the allegorical 1956 film 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' where the Mind is increasingly consumed with JewThink (rather than the body morphing into an alien). Another allegorical, the 1988 'They Live', touches some of the same chords.

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