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Village Idiot of the Day, April 16, 2009: Dick Arnold, Angie Addertongue, Jim Jenkins

The Daily Village Idiot Award is not limited to commenters. Reporters, columnists, headline writers, letter writers, Rep editor Jeff Gauger--even the entire Rep-- is eligible. I Hate Canton may even award ourselves someday. Heaven knows we've posted enough idiot comments that would embarrass even an octopuppet.

I Hate Canton is happy to spread the wealth this morning by presenting letter writer Dick Arnold with the Daily Village Idiot Award for his April 15, 2009 letter to the editor: Double dipping isn't fault of double dippers. blame liberals, entitlement mentality. We offer a special I Hate Canton commendation to him writing under his real name. May his car never fall into a chuckhole.

Acute economist that he is, Arnold nails the real reason for our current economic miasma--not mortgages, not banks, not Bernie Madoff, not Goldman Sachs, not AIG, not the numerous wars, rhetorical, imaginary, and real that the government has launched to protect our "way of life," but-- double-dipping public employee pensioners. LIBERAL double-dipping public employee pensioners.

You know, like certain Stark County sheriffs and judges who just can't give up wearing silly costumes in public to impress us that our safety and well-being depends on them. Apparently, conservative public employees, if there is such a thing, would never dream of collecting off the pension dole, much less going back to work and double or even triple dipping. Hey, they'd never even work for the government! And even if one or two did slip up and did work for the government, say as a teacher, or city hall janitor, or (heaven forbid!) a cop, it's not their fault if they collect their pension. It's the" liberal Democrats" and unions and their "entitlements" that force these good citizens to collect these ill-gotten gains while they sit their lazy asses at home watching Maury Povich.

Mr. Arnold writes:
Double dipping is not the fault of the double dipper; it’s the fault of liberal Democrats who put into place retirement benefits that are now perceived as entitlements. Then, after convincing us that they are for the working people, they scream when an enterprising person fills a job for which he or she is the most qualified.

Unfortunately, we can't let Mr. Arnold be our sole winner today. Angie Addertongue and Jim Jenkins have hitched their star to Mr. Arnold's wagon and receive runners-up awards for their out-of-the-box observations. These superior minds are the future of Canton!

But first, an apology to Miss Addertongue. I Hate Canton hates to admit it, but it has never occurred to us that most of us will never be able to retire because we are too busy working to pay off the liberal dole to decrepit file clerks and union firefighters.We are eternally grateful to you for blowing the whistle our way.

(Note: Miss Addertongue, like many of our award winners, feels no need to capitalize, punctuate, spellcheck, or paragraph her thoughts. So profound are the thoughts of our winners, that following commonly accepted grammatical and style models would halt the flow of energy from fingers to keyboard to Canton Repository to I Hate Canton.)

Angie Addertongue:
thart: That's precisely what so many of us are faced with today. Working till we die, so public employees can have a guaranteed pension that in many cases the taxpayer has paid the entire contribution toward.
But that is not even a bone of contention here. What is, are those that come back to the trough for more while still at an age that most of us could never think of retiring and getting rehired. Public employees double and triple dipping can only be happening as the result of other public employees and elected officials (all on the same or similar employment and retirement systems) working in conjunction with each other to make this happen.
Why not let the rest of us in on this employment scam? Should that not, and would that not, qualify under Obama's efforts to 'redistribute the wealth'?


Angie Addertongue
Do you think the FBI could investigate these public retirement systems? Maybe that's the real reason for these 'bailouts' and 'stimulus' plans and all this printing of money with nothing to back it up.

Mr, Jenkins, who as far as we can tell, is one of those rare folks who posts under his real name, (may his car be safe from chuckholes, too!) brings up the real agenda of public employee pensions: "The One World Order."

Jim Jenkins
One world order. We are getting close with government employment and retirement programs. Just give it up already! Get a public sector job and don't worry about where the money comes from since you know 'you' own the press that prints the money. Life goes on, public sector has a union contract so no one can change compensation, vote NO all you want, lose your house and your earnings, doesn't matter. A public employee contract that was negotiated by public sector employees, what's not to like?

We are proud to be the first to feature Miss Adertongue and Mr Jenkins as movers and shakes in Canton We are sure we'll be hearing more from them in the future.

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