Thursday, April 23, 2009

The I Hate Canton Film Festival: Giving Canton What It Wants!

Welcome to the I Hate Canton Film Festival!

We all know how Reppies love nothing more than an execution. Anything from pot smoking and keying to higher crimes and misdemeanors can only be assuaged by execution--preferably public and preferably outside the Stark County Courthouse. (But with all those muggers, won't everybody be afraid to come down and watch?)

Here is a reenactment of the execution of Leon Czolgosz, assassin of Canton's own William McKinley. Produced by Edison on November 9, 1901, 11 days after Czolgosz's real execution, it's still creepy. The version below, though, is snappied up by a nice Stephen Sondheim tune, Ode to Czolgocz from Assassins.

After his death, Czolgosz's brain was autopsied by learned medical men to see if there was anything wrong with it that would caused him to kill the president. It was found to be normal, unlike the brains of some of our current locals.

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John E said...

My next question is if someone with MPPD has to go to the chair does that individual needs voltage applied for each poster? (That could take a lot of time, not to mention electricity.)