Monday, May 4, 2009

"MF:" Yes! "Babcock:" No! Curious Censorship at the Rep

The Rep's naughty word bot, which automatically censors any reference to former mayor Charlie Babcock or his family to Bab****, must have overslept this morning. How else explain that "MF" and "bitch" showed up to greet readers as they drank their morning coffee and perused online comments.

The comment, filed under a letter to the editor about the DiPietros, may go away soon, though we won't count on it, the way things go at the Rep. Here it is:

Prison Time in Order for Three Defendants
Hopefully the feds find lots wrong with the city of Massillon I have never seen such a group of malicious lying MF's
Ex..Vicki Davis ...see you soon bitch

As of this posting, this comment has been up for over two hours. I Hate Canton Knows for a fact that it's been flagged by several readers, including I Hate Canton.

Yet, curiously, 9 times out of 10, when a commenter defends him or herself from spurious, sometimes actionable, comments made by the ubiquitous Octopuppet, the defense is removed almost immediately, while the offending remark usually remains.

We have no idea who Wdkteam101 is. Personally, we don't believe it's Octopuppet. Our multi-personality posting disorderly has no dog--or should we say bitch--in Massillon. That we know of.

NOTE: We've been out of town for several days and are just now catching up. I Hate Canton should return to it's regular schedule shortly.

Addenda: "Bitch" Vicki Davis is Massillon's Animal Control Officer.

It's 10:38 AM and the comment is still up.

We checked at 11:18 AM and the comment was gone.

Addenda: Wkdteam101 posted another comment around the same time that sleepybot did catch. The **** can stand for only one word:

Nothing in Law Requires County Treasurer to Qu
wkdteam101They feds need to check out Massillon next im sure Elum, Ferrero's and all the other crooked ****ers in the city have there hand out

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John E said...

In the "old days" a civil discourse was possible. The Rep's word bot is deplorable, at best. What is more deplorable is the attitude that Octopuppet, et al. can post indiscriminately with no regard to the subject at hand or to the appearance of being a complete moron. What ever became of the idea that more than one point of view could be correct? This all or nothing attitude will not only get no one anywhere, it will cause a self-destruction of what was once a fun site to visit.

Rep commenters are becoming more like a Jerry Springer show than they realize. All they lack is the pregnant woman with an extra-terrestrial's child.