Friday, May 22, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 21, 2009: First Christian Church

After a flurry of activity over the last few days, things were rather quiet Rep-side yesterday. Perhaps our Reppies are gearing up for the Memorial Day Weekend jaunt down the road to salvation. (see yesterday's Daily Village Idiot Award.)

Speaking of salvation, the Duggars are coming to town! I haven't been so excited since Cactus opened for Rod Stewart at the Canton City Auditorium. They'll appear at the First Christian Church on June 1. The show is free, but shades of PT Barnum, they're taking up a freewill collection. Congrats to the vast majority of Reppies for giving this road trip their thumbs down. Even stopped clocks are right twice a day!

Reality TV Show Family with 18 Kids to Visit Canton
Canton Resident
The Duggars sicken me. From my understanding, they are debt free, which is great but they also have a tv show and I am sure they get paid for this. Why would they need donations? Have you seen their house? Why are they driving from Arkansas to Canton. Only to get free stuff? I would be ashamed to produce that many children, and then go around the country begging for donations. You have to get a free ticket to see the woman that had 18 kids. This sounds like a freak show.

The press release cum article doesn't say what the Duggars will do, and the online church calendar doesn't list the show. From the looks of the picture, though, their family orchestra might just perform. Expect the elder Duggars to try to fill your quivers. Just don't point one at I Hate Canton!

Because I Hate Canton remembers when the First Christian Church was a respectable pillar of the community (RIP Rev. Welshimer), not Willow Creek Community - Canton, we present the First Christian Church with the May 20, Village Idiot Award.

Rev.Pearl Welshimer

Embbeding is disabled on this (no pun intended) but go here for a really irritating 2 1/2 minutes of Michelle Duggar & family.


Anonymous said...

Marley, you are a devil worshipper.

BD said...

We couldn't agree more with you, Mr. Cirelli. WHoever this Marly person is. I've been reading those satanic Rep comments for years and frankly, I've never read anything quite so horrifying. I don't know this person personally, but she (if she is a she) is certainly a danger to society And even worse, she seems to like Canton. If she likes the city so much, let her start her own blog, "I Love Canton." I'm sure her good friend Mayor Jamie Healy would be happy to contribute.

Don Cirelli said...


Listen, you fat hog... I am not the individual who called Marley a "devil worshipper" on this comment page. YOU are, gutter-mouth. Why don't you move to Florida and sponge off your son for the rest of your days. You'll be happy, we'll be happy, and Canton will be happy.