Thursday, May 7, 2009

Octopuppet Never Sleeps

NOTE: As about 10 AM, Octopuppet's comments were pulled. Maybe somebody at the Rep got a clue that' it's not cool to accuse people she doesn't like of drug dealing and being gay?

It's 9:00 AM. Do you know where your Octopuppet is?

She's at her keyboard!

Not content with accusing Don Cirelli of (apparently on-the-job) sexual misconduct and ties to NAMBLA (remarks removed) she's up bright and early this morning typing her little black heart out.

It's too early in the day yet to bestow any awards on Octopuppet. Posting under at least 40 names and counting, we're sure by the end of the day OP can come up with some better ones than these.

While we wait, though, here's a sample of her early morning thoughts to sip your tea by:

Letters: Stark County Takes Great Pride in its Legal Heritage
flowerchild (posted approx 3:45 AM)
Yep--Ohio Dude--that's Mary Parker. Banging a bible in one hand and toting a gun in the other. She reminds me of old Sheriff Berans. Mary for your info I passed menopause years ago. No problems. No wonder you are so short and bald. Every time you splash that holy water on your head your hair melts off just a little more. The devils servant, Mary V. V for venom.

Mary and Don follow people around the comments just to insult them. Both have no life but They must go to the same haridresser, I think it is Baldy's beauty shop.

Isn't it amazing that all these wefare people have computers, cell phones, swimming pools. The whole nine yeards. Hey man working is overrated. Selll dugs and live off the dole. That is the true key to success. Be a big fish in a very small bowl. lol

Gay Couples at Prom is Old News Thanks to '89 Lawsuit
Hey Don Cirelli--don't you wish this would have been allowed when you were in High School?

I Hate Canton offers our congrats to Scapegoat for a rousing retort to flowerchild's hizzy fit:

flowerchild .....if you don't like the opions that people have about you why don't you do something to improve yourself.

Have you considered suing your brains for nonsupport? Perhaps Judge James could introduce you to one of his fine lawyers.

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John E said...

Scapegoat is my new hero!