Thursday, May 7, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: May 6, 2009: Frank Manello, Tom Dewey

The Village Idiot is back!

I Hate Canton has been trying to get back on track and reading older comments. To pick up some slack we are belatedly bestowing our Daily Village Idiot Award on Frank Manello and Tom Dewey for their lively analysis of the interaction of the Democratic Party, NAMBLA, abortion and waterboarding. Normally we would award Mr. Dewey an honorable mention, but since "he" is Octopuppet and an alleged staunch Democrat from the Team Healy Cult, we believe a higher award is warranted.

Here are the winning comments (in order of appearance):

Letter: Which is Really Torture: Getting Enemy to Talk or Extinguishing Baby's Life?
Frank Manello
Let's see, according to some it is okay to kill a baby but not okay to inconvenience someone who wants to kill you. If anyone needed proof that the liberal 'brain' is in fact defective, the proof can be found in the comments above.

I also ask these staunch defenders of infanticide if they have in fact had or been party to an abortion, or do they just talk the talk? While we're at it, how many of you are members of NAMBLA? What do you people have against children?

Frank Manello
AC thanks to the tax system I am supporting many children who are not mine. I'm probably even paying for your food stamps.

As usual your 'logic' is non-existent, The Dems welcome NAMBLA and all other perverts. Since love of abortion is at the heart of the Dem party, NAMBLA must love abortion.

Talk about showing up unarmed to a battle of wits.

Tom Dewey
Frank Manello:

I bet you are right. Most of these clowns probably are members of NAMBLA. I'll guarantee half of these respondents are in their 40's, pasty white, and still sponging off mommy & daddy.

They cry whenever anyone disagrees with them. They support the 1st Amendment as long as it agrees with them. They are the first ones to complain when some cop takes their dope away because the law only applies to everyone else.

Their motto is: If it feels good, do it, don't let anyone get in the way of your good time!

I'm sure all of them would be for torturing if terrorists nuked their pot farms or their Toyota Prius'.

Frank Manello
Tom Dewey, Yes, and I'll bet none of them would have a problem with waterboarding President Bush. The liberal 'mind'; anything that feels good at the moment or advances their cause.

Frank Manello
Why are liberals so over the edge unhappy? I believe winning the election has made psycho's out of some of them. Or maybe just exposed them for the psycho's they already were. Perhaps it is that they just have to hate someone. Perhaps it is the weight of responsibilty in having to put their money where there mouths are now that they can't blame the Republicans? Perhaps they don't like what they see when they look in the mirror?

What more proof than the hysterical comments above is needed to confirm that liberalism is indeed a mental defect?

Oh yes, NAMBLA is a collection of perverts who are defended by the ACLU who is loved by the Democratic Party and funded by liberals.

Frank Manello
Don, you are who your friends are. Look at the groups who make up the Democrat Party.Do they make you proud?

TAC, I will agree that I loathe any and all child molestors. I certainly could never belong to any party or club that they belong to.

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