Saturday, May 23, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 22, 2009: Tom Dewey, levelhead

We knew it was too quiet to last! But then we know that Octopuppet never sleeps!

Read 2 Million Jury Award to Strain Canton's Budget about the 2005 death by cop taser of
the mentally disturbed Shawn Pirolozzi. $2 million is a lot of smackeroos, and we understand why some are upset about this US District Court decision, especially since the city doesn't have the money. The big story should be, of course, that the City of Canton had no liability coverage for police at the time of Pirolozzi's death. Naturally, that's not the discussion at hand. It's more of a Pirolozzi-got-what he-deserved-and-his-family-is-scum-and-so-is-anybody-who-disagrees-with-me kinda discussion.

I Hate Canton was particularly impressed with the assertion of male Octopuppet uber law abider, "Tom Dewey," (Canton could actually use a real-life Tom Dewey, but Octopuppet doesn't cut it) who has never met a person who's had a bad experience with the police--ever! But then, OP only knows well ordered, even tempered, polite, get alongs who wouldn't dream of running the speed limit in the middle of the night on a quick run to the No Tell Hotel.

Ton Dewey:
I'll bet that all of the people that are constant critics of the police have done or are currently doing something they shouldn't. These same people are genuinely ant-authority, anti-establishment, know it alls yet their personal lives are usually a mess.

I have NEVER met someone that had bad experiences with the police. The people that have these bad encounters with the police are ALWAYS doing something to draw the attention of the police. STOP committing crimes, isn't that a novel idea?

Later a new entity of unknown gender, "levelhead"--a self-identified "law abiding citizen" took a snipe, now removed, at Mary Parker.

Is it the drugs you're using or is it just stupidity that would make you say something like your first comment? Go use your drugs, and leave the comments to us law abiding citizens.

We really hate to give Octopuppet the attention it so justly doesn't deserve but we can't help ourselves today. Besides, I Hate Canton is involved in a non-Canton project that can wait no longer today. Our summary judgment today: The Village Idiot Award for May 22, goes to Tom Dewey and levelhead.

PS There were comments worthy of award on other threads, but they were removed before I Hate Canton could archive them in our vault.


John E said...

The whole concept of forging someone else's persona in order to reprimand them using another persona is beyond the logic of a sane, thinking person. What we have is an Octopuppet who has a personal vendetta and is unable (or does not want) to separate fantasy from reality. The idea of creating a fictional fight between two people in order to make someone look bad could only come from the mind of someone like Miss Havisham.

Anonymous, of course! said...

Octopuppet and Bill...


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