Thursday, May 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 20, 2009: ottertk1, BCheeks

We were hooked on G-O-D (not to be confused with G-d) and abortion yesterday. ottertk1 and BCheeks running neck-and-neck make it difficult to hide, though we can try to run.

I Hate Canton commends ottertk1 for his/her refreshing insight into Christianity.

In a response to the letter to the editor, Solution to World's Problems Can Be Found in Three Letter Word: G-O-D, our Christian friend, comparing the decadence of the latter Roman Empire to the decadence of current US culture (we thought that went out with Taylor Caldwell and Pillar of Iron) points out that after the Romans stopped worshipping sun gods and took up the cross of Jesus, "wild sex parties and homosexual acts [that] became a daily occurrence." We must have missed the part of the Bible that teaches "wild sex parties" are the door to salvation. We don't remember the subject discussed by Tertullian or Clement of Alexander, either, but maybe St. "Bluto" Augustine, gets into it. It's been a long time since we read the City of God. We are grateful, though, that ottertk1 has pointed out this teaching no matter its provenance. The long weekend ahead will give I Hate Canton the perfect opportunity to take the first step on that long and winding road to salvation.

Solution to World's Problems Can Be Found in Three Letter Word: G-O-D
Our country was founded at a time when people tried to follow the teachings of the Bible. Religion was a big part of the majority of Americans. The first Amendment which denies the government the Right to create a State religion and allows each citizen the Right to practice their own religion are just a couple of examples of how important religion was at that time in history. Now look at the Roman Empire. The Empire transitioned from worshiping sun gods and other other idols to Christianity. Then they started thinking of their own pleasures with wild sex parties and homosexual acts that became a daily occurrence. In other words, they became very lax in the ways of the government and more intent on personal pleasures. What happened, the Empire fell in 410AD. Overthrown by barbarians from the north. As history always repeats itself, America should be careful not to fall into the same trap as the Romans. You may or may not believe in God, but at least try to follow the teachings of the Bible in your daily life.

Later, ottertk1 reminded us that women, don't exist, at least as part of the Judeo-Christian God's plan. This, of course, not only explains all that homosexual activity in post-Christian conversion Rome, but the writer's belief, shown elsewhere that women are natural born killers.

Replying to Randall Flag's complaint:

What's all this 'He' stuff? God is neither male nor female; the Bible is clear about this. Let's keep talking about God, but let's not reduce him to a particular human gender

Ottertk1 replied:

Randall Flagg, God created man in his own image. Therefore, God is a man.

Another important Christian insight we're reminded of thanks to ottie: God has a penis; thus women cannot be of God and definitely not in HIS image.

While G-O-D was the ranking subject yesterday, we cannot in good conscience leave out BCheeks for his/her follow-up comment in (see previous blog) Advocates of More Gun Control Has Misplaced Concern:

See Margaret: Look how many people are glad to have the right to kill another human.

We're afraid, though that ottertkr1 was a bigger idiot yesterday than BCheeks. We must, therefore, award him/her first place, with BCheeks an honorable mention. (If Mr or Ms Cheeks had expanded the comment it may have ranked higher.

Better luck next time!

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Don Cirelli said...

People who don't read history books shouldn't cite historical references. Like the fall of the Roman Empire, for instance.

A common myth among some Christian fundamentalists is that the Roman Empire fell as a result of "sin". Usually they are referring to the homosexual or pansexual behavior that was tolerated during Rome's "Golden Age".

However, most of the fall of Rome occurred after the Empire officially became Christian. By that time, having sex with slaves, one's own gender, children, etc. was out of favor with the Roman authorities. The fall of Rome took hundreds of years, and most of it was the result of the empire overstretching its own boundaries. The government could no longer afford to maintain an army big enough to defend its holdings.

Usually, whenever we hear a reference to the "fall of Rome", we're hearing an uninformed commentator who borrowed that catch-phrase from another uninformed commentator. Most of these folks have probably not cracked a book since high school.