Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congratulations! Rep Takes a Bushel of AP Awards

Rumors to the contrary, I Hate Canton, does not hate the Canton Repository Just the opposite. Our mission statement is clear:

We just hate the ignorant, racist, sexist, war-mongering bullies who have taken over the "comments" of our beloved hometown newspaper, The Canton Repository.

I Hate Canton has been greatly remiss, however, in not congratulating the Rep sooner for the bushel of awards it collected recently from the Associated Press Society of Ohio. The Rep reported the awards in May 3 in Ohio AP Selects the Repository as Top Paper in its Class:

The Repository took home first place in general excellence for newspapers with daily circulations between 25,000 and 74,999 at the annual awards banquet Sunday in Columbus.

Overall, The Repository captured 16 other first-place awards, led by staff writer Kelli Young with three individual honors. Young took first place in explanatory reporting for her article on the county 911 emergency phone system, and in community service for her “Color of Stark” series on race relations. She also was named best news writer...The Repository and its staff also garnered 21 second-place, third-place and honorable mention awards in the contest.

A complete list of state-wide winners in included in the article.

We were pleased that Kelli Young picked up 3 awards including best news writer. Her “Color of Stark” series on race relations upset more local cranks than bees at a wedding.

We were especially happy to see that Charita Goshay placing first for best columnist. Goshay has given us consistently excellent commentary and stood up to local racist bullies who can't stand the idea that an uppity black woman (double whammy) has a public forum. Why after all, it's her, not them, who's the racist. We love ya, Charita. Keep on keepin on!

Our only gripe with the AP is that it didn't honor Jim Hillibish, the institutional history of the Rep and the City of Canton, though Jim may be too modest to admit it. I Hate Canton has known Jim for decades. He's a greater reporter...and a damned good cook!

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John E said...

Ms. Goshay is, and will probably always be, one of my favorite columnists. While I don't always agree with her, her style and ability to tell a story is what gives her the credibility to present a view that may be contrary to the reader without the reader feeling as though he is being 'talked down to'. It is a rare talent.