Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Octopuppet Continues Destruction of Civil Discussion: Rite Aid Comments Pulled

I Hate Canton is not surprised that the Rep pulled all comments on the Rite Aid article. After all, the destruction of comment threads is the sole purpose of Octopuppet. That is its raison de entre, poor sad creature. We guess that it took so long for the Rep to take action because yesterday was Memorial Day and the paper was low-staffed.

WARNING TO REP: Octopuppet strikes when your defenses are weak. Man the ship on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Labor Day. and the Fourth of July. No day is too sacred for it to strike!

I Hate Canton has archived most of the offensive, demeaning, insulting, and hateful comments in the blog below this, and we have saved but the latest version of the article/comments itself, although not for publication here.

By the time I Hate Canton dragged itself out of bed this morning, we didn't find any new attacks. The Rep, in fact, had already run its sweep through the thread and removed nearly anything that either offended or mentioned IHC. Later in the day, all comments were nuked.

Apparently working under the belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity, Octopuppet, itself, posted IHC's link all over the Rep yesterday in an attempt to make IHC look like a blog whore. Let us assure you, dear readers, IHC has never and will never whore itself on the pages of the Rep. We leave that dubious distinction to the attention-craving Octo and its hydra pups. We're thrilled to get new readers, but don't want attention via Octopuppet.

We must admit amusement, though that Octo complained on the Rep that it is not allowed to post here. Imagine this, OC: I Hate Canton is a safe place. A place where those whom you have cyber bullied and abused and run off for years can post and share community. You can't reach your tentacles in here and destroy reputations and stir your pot of hate. Your attack yesterday on the deceased profoundly retarded son of regular poster Mary Parker should convinced anyone outside of the entities in your head, that you are toxic and destructive.

Killing all comments is the easy, but not right way to go. Killing access to the Rep by Octopuppet, as much as possible, is.

Octo, you were banned for life under the old regime at the Repository. You are banned for life from here, too.


Jim Hardy said...

In addition, the 'Pentacle' discussion was recently removed.

BD said...

Thanks, Jim. Unfortunately, it is the goal of one person to shut down as many as can be just for the ego trip it send it on. Stupid or ill-informed, or disagreements are one thing, purpposeful viciousness is another.

Queen of Hearts said...

I dared to mention in a Rep comment that 'I Hate Canton' was a good blog. Whoops... Jeff Gauger didn't take too kindly to that and my comment disappeared. In addition, I appear to have been sent to the corner for a time out. Methinks Mr. G. has read 1984 one too many times! Removing a comment does not mean that it never existed!

Jim Hardy said...

Such a shame. I've run a community forum for years and wish I had such lively discussions as I see in the Rep.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Gauger, have never met him, but from what I have read when he replies to my emails concerning the downward spiral of the Rep's Comments, he comes across as nothing more than a spineless wimp.

Jim Hardy said...

That's not fair. It's not exactly easy to provide an open forum in an era where it's possible for a person to create multiple accounts, posts can be made 24/7 and there isn't any money (or many staff) to police the boards.

Oh, and I know nothing about Gauger. I do know what it's like to run a BBS.

BD said...

Traditinally, the Repository has had a very lively, but civil forum. No more!

BD said...

Running a paper is a 24/7 job. I Hate Canton likes Jeff and believes he's got a lot better things to do than play referee between a rightfully angry public and a multiple personality poster disorderly who's only goal in life is disruption. We wouldn't want his job. And, we can only imagine what running a forum is like.

Jim Hardy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Fat Girl is like a four-year-old who must continuously be the center of attention at every family function. It's cute for the first fifteen minutes. After half an hour, it's mildly annoying. Two hours later, it's just obnoxious as hell.

But the great thing about I Hate Canton is that Fat Girl doesn't get to control the conversation. She has to sit in the corner quietly so as not to ruin everyone else's good time.

Now be quiet, Fat Girl. Or you'll get a spanking.