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Village Idiot of the Day, May 30. 2009: Gwen, Wilda, hvalentine, rjlindower

Yesterday, Reppies got their flags in a bunch.

While the Pledge story still generates comments (see yesterday's Idiot Award) most patriots have moved on to the Football Hall of Fame's faux pas of placing the Canadian "flag" over the US "flag" in a display at Fawcett Stadium for the upcoming Junior World Football Championships. Former Marine Upset Over Flag Display at Fawcett Stadium. We use quotes since there is a battle of dictionaries going on over the difference between a flag and a banner.

A little background:

Former Marine (if there is such a thing) Robert Harris, popped the veins in his leatherneck when he saw the flag display, claiming US flag protocol demands that the US flag fly above any other flags. Well, he's right. It's fun, then, to read the spin coming out of the Canton City Schools, the Football Hall of Fame, the Canton Chamber of Commerce, and the tournament directors who all claim the flags are really banners and that their placement indicates ranking: the US ranks #2, below#1 Canada.

This explanation sounds reasonable. A surprising number of comments are sane and rational. Our local conspiracy fans, of course, see nothing "innocent" about what's happened at the stadium. Yes, indeed, there is a deep, dire conspiracy afoot in Canton to turn over the US people to socialists, if not the UN. And television doesn't' help any!

Gwen for instance, would make a John Bircher blush:

Begin from a family of military veterans from the Army, Navy, & Marine Corps; I understand the angst that is felt when disrespect is shown to the American flag.

-- But friends, a New World Order has been calculated and is being set before us. In this new world order, neither America nor the 'Star Spangled Banner' will hold their place of prominence as icons of BRAVERY and FREEDOM. The strong-arm of the world's power elite is swiftly 'spreading the wealth and the prominence' of America until she is subjugated and equal to the rest of the world.

-- The improper display of the American flag is the least of our coming troubles...but while we still have the FREEDOM speech...we should exercise that FREEDOM!


Wilda, follows up her bbf Gwen:

I see it comming. Look what they are teaching our little children. They have taken History out ot the History books. They remove the Flag from sight so as not to 'OFFEND',,, so what is taught. The American Flag is not important. I agree one day you will be saluting the UN Flag. This generation dosn't even know what the Flag means, how to fly it, or take it down. Just ask any senior in high school.

It's getting that you are not permitted to even fly the Flag, or display it. Just ask that poor family that had the service flag in their window. Or a community that tells you to take a flag down.

I'm glad this fellow followed through, good for you.

hvalentine, hints that the the solution to bad flag management is the draft, and puts the blame on...mainstream media anti-flag indoctrination. Unfortunately, Mr/Ms Valentine offers no examples of media malfeasance other than to complain about lazy-asses watching MTV and American Idol instead of studying proper flag management at night. No doubt it will will take much effort to bring today's youth into line. Here on the right, for example we see an out-of patience patriot lecturing a layabout youth in a baseball cap about the true meaning of Old Glory and how to show it proper respect.

Unfortunately this is what happens when barely 5% of our nations population serves in the Armed Forces. Due to our poor excuse for a Public Education System, the remaining 95% will never get to truly appreciate this country! They'll never know their civic duty, they'll never know the importance of honor, integrity, respect, and perseverance! So how can we expect the average, dumbed-down, mainstream media-indoctrinated, 'Joe The Citizen' to understand the proper US Flag etiquette/protocol? Or even care for that matter? They're all busy watching American Idol and MTV while the remaining 5% (Vets and those currently serving) are watching this county fall further into debt and closer to Socialism!

rjlindowe pours us a chaser with his brilliant precis:

Better get used to it! By the time President Hussein is done the UN flag will prevail.

I Hate Canton remembers an episode of X Files in which World War 3 (or the end of the world, same thing) was scheduled to be launched from Canton. We were fascinated by this prospect since we had been convinced for years that Canton was already the gateway to hell. We knew several locals that would be more than happy to push the button, and were held breathless wondering if we were personally acquainted with this important person. But times change, and today more peaceful means are more appropriate for mischief, especially since the US military is everywhere else but home (which, might actually be a good thing for us, though bad for everyone else).

Instead, now Canton, jammed with loyal and local Obamanics, stands poised to turn their fair city and country over to their Messiah and UN Anti-Christ, Barrak Obama while everybody else is watching American Idol.

We are forever grateful to this steadfastly loyal freshman class of Village Idiots. For vigilance in unearthing the local conspiracy to destroy America, I Hate Canton announces the following Village Idiot of the Day, May 30 Awards to :

First Place (tie): Gwen and Wilda (Please tag team more often, girls!)
Second Place: hvalentine
Honorable Mention: rjlindower

We hope to see you back soon! We hope, also, that our winners take their fight forward. Here are some targets they may want to consider:

The anti-Obama site: Obama WTF

Sexy bastards

Returning soldiers

3D movie fans


And our favorite. Can anything say it better than this?


Jim Hardy said...

I'm starting to feel left out. I've been posting to the Rep comment section for over a month, had a few comments 'vanish' and not been honored as a Village Idiot yet.

Actually, I'm in no hurry.

Love the blog. Keep it up. Your wit is sharp and gives me a chuckle with every post.

BD said...

Thanks, Jim! There is indeed time for you to change your ways and become an official Village Idiot. I suspect your biggest obstacle for gaining VI status is your lack of a handle. Writing under your own name makes your responsible for your comments. But if you changed your name to "partyhardy" or "hardnfast" you can divest yourself of all personal responsibility and tell us what you REALLY think with no fear of reprisal and the chance an award.

Jim Hardy said...

Well, one recent post referred to me as 'Foolhardy.'

Naw.... I'll keep my own name and take my chances.

Keep up the good work.