Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blast from Canton's Past: Arnold Gets a (Naughty Word Bot)!

I Hate Canton is in one of those large population centers of America than are more dangerous that Baghdad-- as we discussed this morning. It's so dangerous we spent about 2 hours walking around in the twilight and dark daring crooks, muggers, rapists and killers to approach. Unfortunately, the only danger was a teenage female panhandler who sort of mumbled something and kept on walking. Too bad I didn't have my AK 47 to blow her away. Canton made me do it! We had so much fun, we may go out again tonight.

Anyway, I'm going to be tied up a good part of tomorrow, so instead of worrying about idiots, I thought I'd post this Canton video the California Governator getting a very special gift in Canton.

Posted on YouTube:

his video is from about 1992. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Canton, OH encouraging exercise, and other healthy lifestyles for a program, and at the end of the week there was an award ceremony where he was given a "clock" ...except that's not what was on this poor lady's mind when she gave him the award.

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