Monday, May 25, 2009

Meltdown! Is There No Shame?

I Hate Canton was getting ready determine yesterday's Village Idiot when we opened up the paper and found the late night-early morning exchange in under Rite Aid's Closing is a Blow to Canton Neighborhood posted below. We are posting it before the Rep shuts it down, which is surely will. And quite honestly, we won't blame them. This abuse of Repository space and its readers simply cannot continue

I Hate Canton has always maintained that Octopuppet cannot be effectively controlled. This person posts under dozens of names. We understand that some entities have been banned and we congratulate Jeff Gauger for taking this action. Of course, as soon as "LeVar Burton" gets booted, "FYMP" shows up only to be replaced by "meridithb48." But now Octopuppet has pulled respected Rep reporter Gary Brown into its insane vendetta. We hope that Jeff Gauger and Kevin Kampman take a serious look at what's going on, and not continue to wash their hands of this muck.

Comments are a service to readers. We don't know for sure about the Rep, but for most newspapers they are the most popular feature. Comments are a grand marketplace of ideas. We love comments, and I Hate Canton believes there should be broad leaway in what is allowable. Gatehouse and the Repository have a set of pool rules that are reasonable and easy to abide for nearly everyone. With the exception of one person, no one to our knowledge objects to civility. The Rep, though has fallen down on the job.

I Hate Canton and plenty of others are sick and sickened by the spurious attacks on other commenters. These attacks aren't based on ideology or a simple difference of opinion that gets out of hand. That would be understandable. Unfortunately, one person, with a personal vendetta against certain commenters--one going back decades--has taken control of what seems to be the most popular Rep section.

Octopuppet's behavior is unacceptable, but so is the Rep's laizee faire treatment of its loyal readers who want nothing more than to be able to post their opinions without fear of lies, libel, character smears, and threats. It's bad journalism and its bad ethics.
We will continue to archive this through the day. We have also archived the entire thread.

BTW, thanks OP for posting the link here. Traffic has doubled and it's not even noon yet.

NOTE: Octopuppet has embraced itself and has begun to post under "octopuppet" making nice to Editor Gauger. BTW, OP, you've been real busy checking into IHC this morning, haven't you? 11hit so far!

All of you that use pen names go to I HATE That weirdo lunch bunch thinks we are all the same person. Only a true sickie would create a website to put down posters on Canton Rep. If one does not care to eat lunch with the collective group of weirdos then they are an octopuppet, Now this group is dangerous.

You leave my comment off, but you leave Shirleys. That is a sick way to run a newspaper!

Al of you that use pen names go to I HATE That weirdo lunch bunch thinks we are all the same person. Only a true sickie would create a website to put down posters on Canton Rep. If one does not care to eat lunch with the collective group of weirdos then they are an octopuppet, Now this group is dangerous.

I have to ask you a question since you seem to always want us to go to this website but never post the seem to be an agent plugging for viewers. Are You the person who created this website?

I could not find a website with that name. why don't you post a link?

Donna , whats up with the wide assed margin / neverland thingy?

Was you trying to give Mary Speer some extra room for her long assed thingy?

To all of yous that don't know any better....Canton is a product of it's self.

And nothing you all can do going to change that.

And to you racist back y'onder......white folks are not the only ones that seen the
eventual demise of Can Town and broke camp. A lot of black folk did too.

So basically, what you seee in Canton is the worst of the worst. Like our Pro teams for instants ;)

You reap what you sow.

I want the best for my home town, but yet I relish in it's times. For the way.......


Well, the only thing I can say is that basically your right. I can't make any comments about the person you refered to since I really don't know what was going on.

But, your comments now about canton is correct and right to the point. I used to come here back in 75 and Canton was a vibrant city in every way I could imagine. Most of the major industry moved out. i blame the city itself for that for not fostering a better business climate here. I don't know exactly what 'a better business climate is' to be honest either. You can only do so much!

I hate like hell to put this in racial terms. But, as far as breaking camp goes, well, whites are real good at that. I'm white and I hate with a passion what my race does. True, all races will do this, but white people can afford it a lot better than anyone else it seems.

As far as crime, drugs and things on that level, I consider it a form of survival. You got to do what you got to do to feed your family and in some cases your habit. This is how I look at it. And, this is the nitty gritty, no way to avoid it. Survival come before anything else.

There are people who think they can conqurer anything that comes there way. This is absoulute pure illusion. And anyone who thinks like that should see a shrink because this is not reality. There are way too many ways of hitting rock bottom. And, it don't take much either. Personally, I believe this is all in the draw of he cards, luck if you will. Most of this is contrived, manipulated and if your the unlucky sob that gets screwed your butt is out.

This is what this country is about, pure and simple!

mary v parker
Stop the madness 'Meridith40 names' You get almost every thread shut down because of your vile, vicious lies and nasty comments. Your cover has been blown for months You can change names every 15 minutes, but we'll still know it's you, You don't let any of us have any peace. Leave the lunch bunch alone. None of us bothers you. Please, just leave us alone. .You aren't going to turn people against us, just yourself

I think alot of Stark Counties problems are now happening because of the MRDD levy passing. We are giving alot of money so the retarded and handicapped kids can get a good education.

Maybe one of these kids will graduate from MRDD and open up some drugstores in Cantons bad areas.

At least we are getting lucky and Fehlman and Miller are quitting soon. Too bad Miller couldnt have gotten sick earlier. Maybe then he wouldnt have put that crazy levy on the ballot. Well at least he's sick so at least I know God is on the job and punishing the sinners who caused our taxes to go up.


There is the link. Go to it and see how all of you are being talked about on the web just because you dare post a commen. Ms. Parker for your information none of us know each other. What cover are you talking about? My question is why does the Rep keep allowing you to post comments? You never stay on the subject but concern yourself more with who is who. You must have the editor over a barrell.

MMoses--maybe your comment was removed because you were lying as usual.

MMOSES--stop the craziness. No one is after you. I remember a party at you house and you said Gary Brown's ex-wife was after you. I remember you saying to a large group of us your sister-in-law was trying to steal your paintings. I remember you telling us you were car-jacked and kidnapped. I remember lies for 50 years. When will you stop. Van Gogh was mad also.

Thank you for the link......I enjoyed it very much. the website
M Parker and MMoses--quit threatening people. How dare you. Every poster has the same right as you to post comments. I thought threats were against the Repository rules?

Donna, great comment! You are one great lady and pretty darn brave. You are always welcome in my corner. I haven't posted for a long time due to the abuser on this forum, although now I have some REAL protection and will not give in to this nut case that has tried to ruin many lives with their jealousy, hate, and outright obnoxious postings. I really wish these multible personalities would reailize what the heck they are doing and get some help . There is another life out there for the very ,very sick. See a professional! The police even know this is a multi-personality disorder. Why doesn't the rep?

Black Dahlia Avenger
The only people 'being talked about' on I Hate Canton are the LOONIES like Octopuppet. Oh, and by the way meridithb48, you're not Meridith Baxter Birney or some other movie star. So don't flatter yourself by thinking that people would want to spend all their time 'talking about' you.

Black Dahlia Avenger
To answer your question about the comments with racial overtones, theme19: you asked for it, here you go. Here's a few racist ditties for you from this thread:

'genie--the scum are their own kids. That is why it will never end..'

'You notice they are not stealing a lot of condoms from there.Hair straightener and lotion , so they can be successful in their reproduction efforts.'

'What they need is mothers and fathers to raise children ( married ) not grand mothers !'

'I don't feel sorry for people who sit around all day and collect welfare checks.'

The only thing they need to complete this ensemble is the 'N-word'.

mary v parker
Boy MERIDITH, you're really trying hard to get the comments on this shut down aren't you? Do you ever sleep?

mary v parker


Black Dalia Avenger aka Don Cirelli--you take your name from a murder novel. How charming.

Marley Greiner
Stop getting threads shut down on the Rep, 'meridithb48' or whatever you want to call yourself today.

90% of the problems on Comments are started by one person full of racist spleen and a vendetta against other posters. And we know who that person is. One person has turned Rep Comments into a zoo. 'This is simply a forum for opinion and discussion.--a customer service of the Rep. This service does not give carte blanche for abuse. The vast majority of people here get along with each other, even when angry words are spoken. Why wouldn't they get along? . Even in politics, most of the time when the office closes for the day, 'enemies' can go out and have a drink. I do it all the time. The pages of a newspaper should not be the playground of the dysfunctional and angry. Too many good people are hurt here by one person. I have no idea how to control or stop this abuse short of a total revamping of comments or total shutdown. Your recent attack on MMoses is inexcusable. I hope other readers here see you for what you are. Have you no shame?

mary v parker
Meridith, where and when did Marcia or myself threaten you or anyone else for that matter? That's a serious accusation, and you know what the rep does to people who threaten other's. Please point out a threat.

Getting onto the ihatecantons website is my new mission.
Thanks for the link meredith.

Heaven frobid anyone speak the truth. Its the only reason people 'hate' on others , they dont like the truth.

Maybe it hits too close to home??

If anyone gets threads shut down it is Mrs. Parker and gang. They ALWAYS go off topic and get personal and that is why the treads get shut down. Stay on topic and there will be no problem. I think Moses was very threatening in her remarks against whoever. She has protection. Does that mean a gun? Mrley--keep up--Moses was the first to start accusing. Quit defening your little clones. AHA the rep can read these comments in the exact order they are written and she who the troblemakers are.

Black Dahlia Avenger--With the possible execption of the hair straightener comment, I think YOU are the one trying to turn this into a race issue. As far as the word scum, on welfare checks or kids not be properly raised by their parents---I have a news flash for you, that can describe any nationality, race, creed or gender. If it makes you feel better, i known plenty of 'white-trash' that fit those descriptions. Can you honestly deny that this area is in trouble and needs something done about it??? I believe that is what is being talked about. here.

I went to the was all rather Deja Vu. Like I had already read the comments before.
I rather enjoyed the pictures.



dsteelman1--the prob with them is they think only their little group should be allowed to post comments under their rules not the newspapers. They have gotten away with this crap for years. The rep needs to get rid of them. Parker, Marley. Black Dalia aka Don Cirelli, Moses. All troublemakers.

mary v parker
Oh come on Meridith, aka................ You know what she meant by protection. You want all your business out here? I don't think so. I stayed off of comments for a week, two weeks ago. I read, but didn't write. Stories were being shut down left and right, who was at fault then? DUH? Why do you keep flagging our comments and leaving your irrational ones on? That's why we're trying not to flag yours.

mary v parker
I get threads shut down for not staying on topic? Why were you talking about Gary Brown and things that Marcia supposedly told you? Me thinks that was way off topic, as are most of your comments on here. This story is not about me or Marcia, yet that's what you're writing about. Why not just let others enjoy the story and post their comments. Stop the dribble, Stop the Madness. Let it go. Please stay on topic. We see what you're trying to do. It's not nice, nor is it amusing. It's Memorial Day. Think about the deceased, and get off the backs of the living. Have a cookout with your family or something.

Mrs Parker--everyone was posting on the subject until that Moses person came on sounding like a thug and talking crazy stuff and telling people she had protection. Sounds like threats to the rest of us. Also, you are not the boss of the comment section. You have no business telling people when they post and when they cannot. Maybe you need to kneel inparayer and ask God to forgive you for telling lies and starting problems with your friends.

fawn leibowitz
my neice worked at this store and boy could I tell you some stories. she said some old hag used to come in all the time with her ugly daughter and would keep pointing to stuff and saying my dead son used to use this , my dead son used to use that. my neice said this would go on for hours until they had to have security remove her from the building.

the old hag would come up to people and butt into their conversations and get everyone off-topic. sometimes she was so nasty with her points she got everyone kicked out and the conversations were permanently halted.

if anybody there tried to talk sense to her, she would threaten to call the Repository and tell JG on them. Like he really gives two ships what she thinks. i used to think maybe he pretended to care but maybe now with her vile and vicious mouthpiece of an anti-canton talkbox in place, he will finally tell her to hit the road and block her chat access.

iI'll bet his call screener has a field day with her and the looney patrol. she always said she hated canton and would someday tell the world of her side of the story. i guess she has.

if i recall the old hags name is something like Vanessa del Rio or something like that.

mary v parker
Again Sh.. Meridith, Where and when have I ever told people when or when not to post? Point it out for me and the readers. You're the one trying to be a rep bully. Give it a break please. Let the people who just want to read and comment do it without having to read all of this PERSONAL DISLIKE GARBAGE. Don't ruin this for everyone. They are not interested in your personal vendettas.

Take a break and enjoy the day.

I believe in the Repository and what they are doing. Times are tough right now and you can't just take your local newspaper for granted. Jeff Gauger is a great steward and is doing what he feels is necessary to keep the Rep in business.

Instead of bashing him and constantly telling people to call him whenever the mood strikes, you all might want to consider thanking him for keeping Cantons' best source of news afloat.

Jeff, I thank you for allowing people with all sorts of viewpoints to comment on the message boards.

Frank Manello
I checked out the I hate Canton site. I'm curious why it says they long for the days when people posted under their real names. I didn't see any real names on the site, and I don't see many real names in this thread. Am I missing something or is octopuppet a real name?

Black Dahlia Avenger

I got news for ya, Mrs. Twinkie, or 'meredith' or whoever else you want to be this week: I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I'm here to stay, sweet cheeks, whether you like it or not. And if you don't like it, that's even better. If you somehow feel 'threatened' by the presence of rational people on cantonrep, there's a simple solution to your quandry: GO AWAY.

We know you won't do that, though. You actually love to stir up crap with people. Then you play the 'poor little victim'. Everybody's picking on the big fat woman with the big fat mouth. Too bad for you. Have another cigarette and another pint of Old Grandad. You'll feel better.

Thank you Fawn for your oh so enjoyable comment. No thread is ever complete without some silly story that no one in 100 years will ever believe.
This thread has gotten so out of control, I can't even comment on it.
Happy Memorial Day everyone! Give thanks to those who've served this country instead of arguing online!!

I think the Rep should be doing something about all this mutual society hate bashing going on around here.

The Rep should totally close this blog down and make everyone, I mean everyone, re-register and make them use their real names, maybe include phone numbers and addresses with their screen name. Maybe this would stop all the trash that is getting thrown around here.

At least with this method, if someone did call and harass you, you can easily file a harassement charge with the police and trace their phones and have them taken to court on hassment changes. True, most people have their phone numbers blocked, but once you get the police involved, the phone companies must by law have these phone records and times they called in their database. The courts don't take lightly to phone harassement and cyber bullying too well at all.

But, knowing the Rep, since they keep publishing all this real radical trashy articles that people comment on anyway, they probabaly won't stop a 'good thing'. Nothing like a lot of contrversay to boost subscribers and keep everyone at each others throats!.

We ought to rename the Rep to The Enquirer or the Star. Its gotten that bad, especially in this Blog!

I totally agree with octopuppet !!
I totally agree with octopuppet !!

I totally agree with swordfishavenger! I don't agree with that dirty mouth Black Dalia or that MMoses who threatens people with HER protection. Mr. Gauger sure should stop that type of stuff.

Being a new commentor here. i must admit i am some what appalled at the comments of the black dahlia avenger , i hope those kind of attacks are not common place here . I don't have the heart to report the abuse though.


Anonymous said...

" Sounds like threats to the rest of us." Would the rest of us be you and your multiple personalities, Shirley? I thought so. Get some help before you go off the deep end. You're teetering on the edge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank...

I don't know what "meredith" was referring to when she claims that we're "calling you names", but if you check in here and read this, I hear she wants your big Italian sausich.

mary v parker said...

I can't understand Frank saying he didn't see any real names. What the hell does mary v parker sound like, the Gettysburg Address??

Saturn, Believe me, and I have no reason to lie to you, there really isn't a lot of arguing back and forth on comments. It's just Shirley pitching a fit under 5 or 6names a day. She even made a nasty comment concerning the drug store about my dead son, under the Rite Aid thread. Do you have any idea how it feels to read s*** like that about your dead son? Probably not, you probably don't have a dead son. Well I do, and I don't appreciate a lunatic like Campolieto talking about him in a derogatory way. Yes, she's Fawn Leibowitz (?) and 30 other people. I too think that they need to shut down the entire comment section and start over. No one enjoys comments more than I do, but I wouldn't even miss it if it stayed down. Shirley Campolieto has made comments miserable for most. I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but Mike Hanke, the last head editor kicked her off comments for LIFE, because she threatened another commentor. I know that for a fact, because she told me a different story, and I tried to convince Mike to give her another chance. He told me she made a very serious threat to a another commentor. That's when you had to have your e-mail address on your comments. Anyway, just want you to know, most of us don't like the arguing, but some things you can't ignore. Like her calling someone a fag and pedophile, and the Rep let's it in.

fred said...

My name is Fred Cameron I live downtown Canton. I have never called anyone a name. I have made statements about what happens to me and what goes on around my block, I have said how I feel about J.W. Creighton, Mayor Healy and Chief McKimm and what I've said was very mild. About Jeff Gauger this is the first time I have used his name. Under my Pen name I was flagged; I thought it was just some people that could not understand, however now the Repository will not let anything with my name get posted. for the last twenty years I have been looking at this N.W. area,from my front porch.