Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's an Octopuppet

A little while ago "whitegardenia" brought up the subject of Octopuppet. A few people asked "What's an Octopuppet."

Our Octopuppet is hardly as illustrious or as literate as Andrew Gilligan, the subject of the video below. But you'll get the idea.

Andrew Gilligan in OCTOPUPPET: a short film about sock-puppets from Tim Ireland on Vimeo.


John E said...

Once again, IHC has given its audience something thought provoking. It has completed my day and I am now one with the universe!

Anonymous said...

...Or maybe she just spends long, lonely nights in Octopuppet House, creating new personalities, fighting old enemies, and masturbating like there is no tomorrow.

Yep, that describes Octopuppet to a "tee" doesn't it?

LOL And I know you're reading this, fat woman of many names.

mary said...

I'm not on antidepressants Octopus.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic that Octopussy's main goal in life is to spread lies and try to make other people's lives miserable when in reality all she's really doing is providing a never-ending source of humorous tripe.

"flowerchild" said...

Hey Octopuppet, how about another ice cream sundae, Fattie?

Fattie, Fattie, Fattie!
Lard ass!


mary v parker said...

She has the nerve to talk about someone losing their hair, when she looks like she just got out of bed with Don Imus. Come to think of it, she looks like Don Imus.

I might not have a lot of hair, but at least I comb what I do have.

She looks like someone was mopping, set the mom on top of her head, and forgot to come back for it. She's had one perm too many. Nappy hair ho!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like debating with Octopuppet, actually. "But push comes to shove".

If you do some Googling, you will find that a certain sixty-something multiple-name-using busybody was once banned from Bear Creek Steakhouse for abusing their six-pound steak challenge. It seems she successfully devoured that extra-large side of beef, with all the trimmings, five days in a row.

After it became apparent to the steakhouse management that this would become a daily lunch for her, they put her picture in the kitchen and banned her from the premises for life.

True story. You know it's true because you read it on the internet, and is was sent anonymously. Jeff Gauger would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Shirley, Shirley, Shirley...you don't really think you're fooling anybody by posting your irrelevant, hate-filled lies under the umpteenth phony name, Mary, do you? There's a huge difference between the real Mary and your pitiful, ignorant imitation. The real Mary is exactly that...real, honest, loving, caring and full of integrity. You know nothing of these characteristics, so slither back under your rock. Perhaps there's some other slimy creature under there that would be willing to be your friend.