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Village Idiot of the Day, May 16, 2009: TAC, Paul Cook, Julie S, StarkRob

The pages of the Rep were pretty quiet yesterday. Perhaps the Usual Suspects spent the day at St. Joe's on their knees, rosaries in hand, in an attitude of prayer seeking forgiveness for their obsessive wrongdoing.

This doesn't mean, however, that the day wasn't marked by awesome comments from the resident peanut gallery.

Some of the most peculiar comments were posted regarding the Canton City School's Early College Program, which lets qualifying Timken High School students earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at Stark State at the same time.

The program is partnered by Canton City Schools, Stark State, Stark Education Partnership and the Canton Professional Educators Association (CPEA) and is partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through the KnowledgeWorks Foundation, and by the Ohio Department of Education. About 200 schools nationwide participate in the program. According to the article, Canton students are outperforming the national average.

Why our local hee-haws have a problem with a program that is helping low income students get a leg up in higher education and vocational skills is a mystery. But after all, this is Canton, Ohio, where nothing is beyond the mewling.

While most of the posts under Milestone for Canton City Schools, Community; First Early College High School Class Graduates were laudatory, the discontents (in order of appearance) brayed in:

Stark Rob
Another 'feel good' story to try to help the self esteem of Canton City Schools.

Ah, C'mon. What we really want to know is if those teachers are scheduled for a raise and what percent of their healthcare they pay. Educating and making a difference for our youth? Bah! It's all about what I don't have that they do....and my bitterness towards it.

With all of the nonsense discipline problems that go on in Canton schools daily, these kids aren't getting much of any training by the time they leave, I don't care if they have a piece of paper in their hands or not.

On the other side of town, the Gano's batttle over their Blue Star Flag continues. While we agree with Paul Cook that the flag should stay, his analysis of Gladys Kravitz Nosy Neighbor Award winner (see previous Village Idiot Award) Judy Clark is enough to get him into the running for Village Idiot. According to Cook, Judy Clark is simply jealous that she has no children fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan or some other far-off outpost and wants to take all the fun of it out on the Ganos:

Paul Cook
Condo Board Tells Couple to Remove Flag Honoring Son in Army
Okay, I've heard enough! Let's get real, people! The ONLY reason people act like this is because of ENVY! You know it's true, don't you? Ms Clark may have started this because she has no one in her progeny to honor, and therefore cannot display a star in her own window. Because of this, she must deny others who do have children they can be proud of, (and who, by the way, are fighting and dying so she has the right to voice her opinion), the ability to proclaim this pride! You have to pity people like this, as denigration of others is their only outlet for this frustration. If we allow someone so petty to take away this right, or any right they don't agree with, then we have become a nation of defeated people, the majority of which is led by the minority of self-serving, narcissistic haters. To those who think the rules should be followed to the letter, think on this; 'There shall be no body of government that shall abridge the rights of freedom of speech and expression.' If the rules outlaw either, the rules MUST be changed!

Keep the star, it's your right

This is a tough call, but here's the breakdown:

First Place Village Idiot, May 16, 2009:

For bringing jealously and envy to a new level of understanding to the masses: A tie. TAC and Paul Cook

2nd Place: JulieS

Honorable Mention: StarkRob.

May you all continue to enlighten us with your daily lectures.

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