Thursday, May 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 19, 2009 (holdover): BCheeks, ottertk1

I Hate Canton's life conflicted with I Hate Canton's fun yesterday, so today we're doing a little backlogging. As we said in our last blog, we had a hold over: abortion.

Now, I Hate Canton is loathe to become involved in the abortion conflict. Of course, Reppies love nothing more than to whup ass each other on the subject, so it's hard to ignore no matter how hard we try.

Maybe the holdover was a good thing. We were ready to award our old friend "ottertk1" first place for sheer stupidity. But then "BCheeks" had to weigh in and the stupidity became even sheerer!

In order of appearance here is what we find in Advocates of More Gun Control Has Misplaced Concern

Maybe some sort of license or permit should be required of women wanting an abortion. The permit or license would be issued after the women pass a background check and attend a class on parenting and witness an abortion. The class could talk about the emotional effects of having an abortion. It could also teach contraceptive methods. If licensing and having a permit is required, or is going to be required, to own a firearm which is a Right, why not require the same for abortion, which is also a right?

Face it, some women just love the fact that they can kill another human and it's legal. If they can live with themselves after that, that's their problem (and of course the unborn's problem also). It's a shame it's that way, but I will admit it is legal. Don't feel GUILTY women, the supreme court say's you can do it, so it must be ok. I must admit though....I couldn't live with myself if I made that decision.

So, in the words of commenter Margaret to Mr. or Ms Cheeks: "That has to be the stupidest statement I have ever read," we are proud to present "BCheeks" Grand Prize for making the stupidest statement we have ever read. "ottertk1" comes in a close second.

By the way, we've been waiting for "ProChoice liberal" to post her usual inane commentary on the other side, but she's disappointed us. So far her inanity hasn't even come close to an honorable mention. Come on PCL We know you can do it!

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