Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Your Comments are Whack!

Yo haters! (Yeah?) Haters! (Yeah?)
You think I should get a life? (Hell Yeah!)
Well, what about you? You're spending your time
Reading my supposedly lame posts and commenting on it and stuff
Yo comments are whack!*

(*I Hate Canton has altered a couple words from Yo Comments are Whack to suit the situation.)

The pretty little hate machine spews along. There is so much to write about the current online lunacy at the Rep and so little time--unless you're Octopuppet or a little bully in need of a lithium fix. In that case, there's way too much time. For somebody.

We feel an I Hate Canton marathon coming on, but in the meantime here's I Hate Canton's cover reply to all the haters, crackpots, nutters and narcissistic whack jobs who visit the Rep from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn in search of companionship and dysfunction.

You know who you are!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 23, 2009: ProChoiceLiberal

Yesterday, was pretty quiet. Either, our locals are resting up for their big annual Hall of Fame whine and cheese party or the usual suspects are starting to look normal. There were a few maybes in the running, but nothing struck us as so obvious as ProChoice Liberal.

We believe ProChoiceLiberal means well. We avidly followed her back in the the days of the old Rep regime when she posted under her real name. Then, as now, we are fascinated by her vapid enthusiasm for liberal causes, especially abortion rights and gun control. Never has so little been said with so much so often.

ProChoiceLiberal made our winner's circle earlier this year for her May 14 comment that gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. We assume she is not a Constitutional scholar by training or trade. Although unable to make an in-person diagnosis, after a thorough reading of her numerous posts, we believe Ms PCL suffers from Compulsive Liberal Kneejerk Reaction Disorder, a disorder that afflicts many liberals. (NOTE: equally devastating is Compulsive Conservative Kneejerk Reaction Disorder of which a good number of Reppies suffer.)

Here's our winning entry:

Local Couple Shares Tender Transition Story on TV Tonight
How sad to see such narrow-minded views. Being a transsexual is no big deal, like being gay or straight is no big deal, get over it. The courage they had to share their story is wonderful to try to educate people as to why this change came about. Go Transgender, you rock!

While we agree that being straight is "no big deal" for those who are straight since they're in charge, being gay or transsexual or intersexed IS indeed a big deal to those who are, since they aren't.

If it were no big deal, there would be no Stonewall riots, Act-Up, Queer Nation, Bisexual and Radical Feminist Resistance Front, Radical Fairies, (and going back farther, Mattachine Society, Daughters of Bilitis), Queer Studies, gay bars, gay bowling leagues, Pride, gay newspapers, Gay-Straight Alliance, and same sex marriage campaigns--to name a few.

It it were no big deal, thousands of gays and lesbians and trannies wouldn't be harassed, beaten, and killed by individual strangers, roving bands of neighborhood thugs, and cops.

If it were no big deal, cops would not still be raiding gay bars all over the county and assaulting and arresting patrons.

If it were no big deal, everybody from Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, and Operation Save America on a national level (among hundreds) to Minutemen United, Citizens for Community Values, and Mission America in Ohio (among dozens) wouldn't be obsessed with controlling by law, culture, and bullying what consensual adults do in their own bedrooms.

If it were no big deal, Chloe Prince wouldn't have been on Primetime.

If it were no big deal, the current article and thread in the Rep wouldn't be there.

For claiming being gay or transsexual is "no big deal" we award ProChoiceLiberal the Village Idiot of the Day award, July 23, 2009.

Postscript: it's a shame Ms. PLC didn't post her you-go-girl reaction earlier. She could have shared yesterday's award with her separated-at-birth twin, HeresJohnny. I Hate Canton would be happy to facilitate a reunion so they could tagteam each other and make award-giving easier.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 22, 2009: HeresJohnny

I Hate Canton has been watching "HeresJohnny" the last few days. We suspect "Johnny" stands for John Birch (or should). We also suspect he/she may be "Anti-Bilderberger" under a less idenifying name. After all, you never know when Henry Kissinger or Nat Rothchild is reading the Rep, and it's best to protect yourself from their One World agents. We realize there are more deserving Reppies, but Johnny brings a unique perspective to the news without assassinating the character of his readers.

Here's two HeresJohnny observations from yesterday:

Help Clean Up Canton Before Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival
Maybe the buses that they are not using now we can be taken to the Fema camps for extermination.I hope all the poor win the lotto so we can leave the city and get our pride back thats lost because of greed.

Local Couple Shares Gender Transition Story on TV Tonight
Thank Margaret Sanger and the Eugenics movement and also the feminization of men through the Womens movement and the Sodium flouride and drugs in our water supplies.They want the breakup of families and make people have no more children. The only reason dude looks like a lady is because sex is distorted through mind altering. And most people do they really know what is in vaccines and pills and shots they have taken. I doubt it.

Until recently I Hate Canton enjoyed conspiracy theory. We all know who really killed Kennedy. But between the Birthers and the Truthers and a sort of forced but temporary in-house relationship with a visiting conspiracy nut (did you know the Federal Reserve invented the Hells Angels, LaRaza, eugenics, "womens liberation" AND, patriarchy --and probably the Canton Repository?), we've had it.

So today we are proud to present HeresJohnny with the coveted Village Idiot of the Day award, July 22, 2009. Now would you like to discuss the 9/11 partnership of the "Italian Mafia," Osama bin Laden, and the Fed? We got the lowdown from our visitor and it's still fresh in our mind.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canton Idiots Salute Boston Cousins

If you think Canton is the exclusive home of the village idiot, then check out Boston.

The Boston Phoenix has collected and published a group of idiotic comments (and some not) by mostly anonymous posters on the Boston Herald website about the arrest of prominent African American scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Gates, the director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge (later dropped) for giving Cambridge cops a bad time after they caught him breaking into his own home when his front door stuck. He had just returned from China where he is making his newest documentary.

Here's two comments from Local Bigots Speak Out About Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr: Greatest Hits from the Boston Herald Comment Boards:

johnny_moore: “And if you think the good reverand and the nutty professor are done... your crazy. They'll be demanding this cops job momentarily... stay tuned!”

zapperz: “I say they should have maced him, beat him till he calmed down, then explain to the moron, what a racist is, since the cry baby cant tell the difference from the police doing what the tax payers pay the to do. Protect people and property. If so many blacks were not criminals, white people and cops would change their tune? when was the last time you heard anyone from India, Mexico or China, call people racists?”

Our Canton Village Idiots salute their Bay State cousins for a job well done! You are truly an inspiration!

Village Idiot of the Day, July 20, 2009: Bummy

SARTA Wars continue. For now we're letting the buses go, but you can quote us: if our ancestors were as negative as our Reppies, we'd still be living in caves.

In the meantime, we have Bummy.

We've missed Bummy and welcome his/her return to the pages of the Rep and I Hate Canton. It's not everyone who can unite Don Cirelli and Wilda in a collective sigh.

Yesterday, Bummy informed us that the Apollo 11 moon landing never happened. He/she knows this because God would never permit the Terestial World to be invaded by wannabes from the Telestial World.

Russia Still Blue Over Moon Landing 40 Years Later
Russia has got NOTHING to be blue about. We NEVER landed on the moon & never will. God is the One Who decides who will go to another one of His planets, not man & He NEVER has ,except for a very few people. Enoch was one that was permitted to & he went to a planet like unto or to the moon. The moon is a Terestial World while ours is a Telestial World, but will one day be a Celestial World. It is all in the scriptures 'IF' any one REALLY wants to know. :) Do you?

The key in this story is,' it was a first for Russia'. That is exactly why the US pulled this farce, to make Russia think we did it before they did. Did the Russians believe it? Only those that were as dumb as those who believed it in this country. I was not one of you dummies that believed it then, nor do I believe it now. GOT IT? IT NEVER HAPPENED!

It is not I that needs the protection. I KNOW the REAL TRUTH! Truth is soooooo hard for `1/2 wits to accept, but who cares as long as I KNOW? :):):) By 1/2 wits.

alterego is a 1/4 wit 'cause he/she can not even understand english. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha:):):):):):):):):)

We've heard this claim before, that the moonwalk was a fraud, but it's usually tied to some deep conspiracy developed by the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and the Rothchilds to bring the US to its knees through One World Government. Bummy's explanation, however, zooms us from the political mundane into spiritual enlightenment. An a-ha moment!

I Hate Canton encourages new contestants, but we cannot let this old player fade into the cosmos.Bummy is already the recipient of 3 Village Idiot Awards, including a May 14, 2009 citation for the astute observation that political moderates are simply "traitors" by another name. A rose is a rose is a rose. But...

...for setting us straight on
the Terestial and Telestial Worlds and the Apollo 11 phonies, we are pleased to award Bummy another Village Idiot of the Day Award, July 20, 2009.

Keep up the good work!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 15-19, 2009: dsteelman1, past7971, CJ74U2NV, zedsdeadbaybee, rincanton, Clarence Beeks,lvmypets, et al...

I Hate Canton planned to post from Ohio's Heart of Darkness, but between fighting off thugs and developing cultural critique, there was just no time. We have returned from our brief sojourn to the jungle and expect to catch up, or at least pick up where we left off.

Village Idiots v SARTA riders
SARTA Forced to Raise Fares, Lay-off Drivers, Cut Service

I Hate Canton is surprised (if that is the correct word) at the hatred SARTA riders engender in the anti-tax crowd. Having spent 25 years using the old Canton City Lines/RTA, we feel your pain to an extent. Buses back then were full of noisy high school students (including ourself) and wrinkly old babbas dressed in black dresses and witch shoes, pounding their canes and babbling away in Greek, Italian and Yiddish. These undoubtedly illegal alien grannies of an earlier generation should have been thrown into camps for not learning to speak the Queens's English and refusing to shop the Hattie Carnegie line at Stern & Mann's. Instead, these sleeper socialists were allowed to ride the bus on the cheap and formulate SARTA socialism for a future generation of layabouts.

And don't remind us of the bus drivers. I Hate Canton had one RTA driver on the South Market route who whiled away his boredom starring in his mirror and up the dresses of female passengers. (He bragged his hobby to us, though we already suspected it). Around 1974 we had a cute blond early- morning Country Fair-area driver who informed us he liked to drop acid before starting his day's sojourn through the streets of Can-town. We liked to believe that wasn't true, but his driving, while adequate, didn't lie. To this day, when we take a bus, we fortify ourselves with a couple quick hits of Wild Irish Rose before heading out the door, and hope for the best.

Nothing has prepared us, however, for comments posted the last few days after SARTA announced major layoffs and route cutbacks. Not only did Reppies exhibit jumpin' joy over tax leeches (union bus drivers, mechanics) losing their jobs, but took particular enjoyment that SARTA riders might now be forced to live like car-driving, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, instead of the entitlement tax cheats they are.

Until we read these comments we had no idea that public transportation is welfare. We had no idea that we personally are tax chislers, welfare queens, and entitlement whores. We had no idea that bus riders were spendthrifts and that the old and feeble who need to get someplace were poor money managers, bad social planners, and a drain on taxpaying society. We had no idea that buses aren't a normal mode of travel. Having spent an inordinate amount of time in large American and European cities with buses, and trams, and subways, and trains that the majority of people--even the "rich"--use to get around, we can only guess that none of our Reppies have ever left the confines of Canton, Ohio.

"Unfortunately," some of the worst Reppie comments have been removed, including our favorite, the one that referred to SARTA riders as "shoplifters." That lack, however, will not stop us from dedicating today's Village Idiot Award to those anonymous Reppies who rank public transportation up there with Lenin's First 5-Year Plan. Current comments appear below in general "subject" order rather than chronologically.

Sorry public-transit fans, but SARTA has been a financial waste of tax dollars since it began. As for checking any national public transportation website for facts--Please be serious. I really get a kick out of these 'cost-savings' they promote. What do they base their cost to drive personal cars on--a brand new Lexus or Escalade??? I have a very dependable S10 pickup that gets 30 mpg i paid $500 for years ago. It costs tax-payers millions so people can ride this wasteful 'service' for $1.50 !!! How about this, raise the fare to $5.00 to help cover these expenses. As I've heard the levy supporters say---thats just the cost of a pack of cigarettes, a Starbucks coffee or a McDonalds lunch. If you cant afford that, you obviously cant afford to go to the mall anyways."

To the poster that said it only costs $1.50 to ride the bus....YOU ARE WRONG. You might only put $1.50 in the fare box, but my tax dollars are putting in the rest it costs to shuttle your rear end around the county. If I could get MY fare money back that I don't even use, I could reduce my auto costs significantly.

For what it's worth, I ride my bike to work. It costs you AND me nothing.

Why in the world would you take a job that is driving distance when you don't have a car to drive? This is Stark County, not Fulton County Georgia (that's Atlanta for the geographically challenged here) where buses and trains are full during rush hours and on weekends. I've never seen a SARTA bus half full let alone completely full. If it were run like a private business it would close, but since it's government, they just keep wasting money so some politicians can say they have a nice public transportation system like the big cities do."If Stark County actually had a real need for this service then it would be self sufficient. The problem is the people that believe in the 'entitlement state'.

Justiav: We are ALREADY 'helping' by giving SARTA MILLIONS in our tax dollars.

If its not enough, I'm sorry, but they need to LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS LIKE THE REST OF US!

Shut it down. If SARTA can't stand on its own 4 wheels, it must be because they burn a whole lot of fuel driving empty buses around. Government waste at its best.

Wonder how many of those employees are union.

Clarence Beeks
More government subsidized WASTE. Ironically, the majority of SARTA riders don't pay taxes so of course they want to keep the service around at all costs.

I am simply amazed the people at Sarta arent protesting in the streets rioting that we havent passed an emergency 10% sales tax for them.

I mean really, cuts to a program??

Perish the thought yea of little job and less future , we the tax payer will be burdened very soon so you dont have to be.

Bummer, what are all those invisible people going to do? Nearly every bus I see is 95% empty and that is that......NO MORE TAXES !!!

Get rid of Sarta's Director of Finance! She was one of the thieves using SARTA's credit cards for personal purchases!!!

Another Gov't program that is a failure. Add it to the long list: the Post Office, SS, Fannie and Freddie, Medicare, Medicaid, AFDC, and Conrail. future failures will include: Cap & Trade and Healthcare reform. Socialism doesn't work folks. Nowhere has it been tried and succeeded. You are trading a small bit of security for a large chuck of your freedom.

Well I didn't read the comments until after I posted mine. It is a shame that you think most riders dont pay taxes and are scum. I am 24 working at wal-mart. Been there for two years. Work my but off and pay my taxes. Trust me it does make me sick the people that do ride and collect government moneys. I see those people to lazy to get a job and now rely on a food card. When I barely make a good wage and pay every dime out of my pocket for my family's food. If all these people would try (key word) to get a job and pay taxes they could have more money without these cuts.

This comment deserves a special note. It is dsteelman1's response to Donna Whelan, retired school teacher, Repubican, and neighborhood activist and crime chaser--and a personal acquaintance of I Hate Canton-- who rides the bus due to personal health concerns. Ms Whelan's post appears followed by dsteelman1's response

Donna Whelan
EXCUSE ME! I actually only made it through the first 15-20 comments when I decided to make a comment. IF your health is fine, IF you think that things won't happen to you...guess again. People who ride the bus aren't beggers. I pay my $43. full fare per month. I've had a series of mini-strokes. I've CHOSEN not to drive [and not kill you all stepping on the gas rather than the break]

What dont some of you all get? Not everybody should or can drive...elderly, handicapped, ME!~ I could drive, chose not to...what art of that don't you morons don't understand?

Well Donna Ill tell ya what part.

The part where paying for your ride to work takes money out of my kids mouths.

The part where some of MY money could be used to by myself a newer more reliable vehicle to get to work. For the record( 97 Suburban , 170,000 miles, no heat ,only 4th gear.)

The part where todays 'people' insist that there need of my money is so overwhelming as to describe people like me as hatemongers, wingnuts, uncaring , etc, etc.

These are a few of the 'parts' I dont understand.

What part of, we the people are having just as hard a time with paycuts , layoffs , paying bills in this economy as you or anyone else. And to top that off , we hear from people who DEMAND our money for themselves and their own needs, do you not understand

We hope that you agree that dsteelman1, who has previously argued that welfare recipients be "spayed and neutered," their "urchins" starved in the street, and that "large population centers of America aren't any safer than Iraq" deserves first prize of the day. Mr. ds1's neighbors should march on his house, confiscate his smelly SUV and pull it to the nearest junkyard leaving him desperate and carless and eventually jobless. We congratulate Ms. Whelan for not obliging ds by sticking her head in the oven. We trust she will continue her nightly raids into his kitchen to feed her greedy SARTA habit. We wonder, though, if she ought not bring a dentist with her to help extract dsteelman1's money from his children's mouths.

Second place goes to CJ74U2NV. As a bonus, he or she will be dropped off on the outskirts of Limaville for one week and expected to walk to The Strip from there. The walk will be monitored. No bike. No cheating allowed.

Tied for second place, csdunson is also dropped off in Limaville; only he or she will be flogged through a guantlet of red banners swung by the Peoples Congress of the Stark County Communist Party aka, the SARTA Board.

Third place goes to Clarence Beeks. He also gets an IRS audit.

For her psychic ability to sort out food card holders from the worthy low incomed (such as herself) we give our first I'm Not With Stupid Award to jessic_2001.

The rest of our winners receive honorable mention.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 14, 2009: darnlevy, kdn447

I Hate Canton is once more preparing for a trip deep into Ohioana; aka The Wilderness. We will continue to post (we assume) from remote spots where only the most courageous or fool hearty fear to tread, at least without a Glock. We are leaving in a few hours so we have only quickly perused yesterday's Repository for signs of village idiocy. Some days the prohibition on crime story comments makes ferreting out Village Idiots difficult, but like the poor, VIs are always with us.

Take darnlevy.

For some time now, darnlevy has shown Village Idiot potential. Last month he/she won standing for calling Hitler a leftist, a theme continued yesterday on the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings.

I Hate Canton, of course, is not unfamiliar with objections to the candidate. We have a friend, for instance, who claims that Ms. Sotomayor in her off- hours, howls at the moon. He knows this for certain because "lines of evil" are engraved around her mouth--a sign of her obsessive and debilitating nightlife. He says he wouldn't mind it so much if she'd just admit it, but she in the thrall of the Federal Reserve. My friend also believes Sotomayor is involved in a nefarious conspiracy, designed by feminists, to keep women in "their place" by forcing them to wear high heeled shoes (invented in the 1930s by the Rothchilds). And no, I Hate Canton is not making this up. How could we?

Anyway, darnlevy sounds like an astute political observer compared to my friend. Here's what he/she had to say yesterday about Sotomayor or at least Sotomayor's belief that Roe settled law.

Sotomayor Calls Abortion Rights Settled Law
let us take a look from now back to the past with just a few names.....John Holdren, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Margaret Sanger, Adolf HITLER.... man oh man, if it wasn't for that Holocaust thing the Left would have thousands of statues of him positioned around the nation.


Don't smoke, stay thin, eat this, organic this, a healthy earth is a healthy human, eugenics(abortion and 'grandparent you don't need that surgery!')... thinking there trying to create the Master race..

Without a doubt, darnlevy is the winner of the July 15, 2009 Village Idiot Award. Alex Jones and Prison Planet should be proud.

We cannot, however, ignore the efforts of kdn447. Not up to darnlevy, but not to be ignored either. We therefore are happy to give kdn447 a second place for his/her comments on Alaska's Xena on steroids, Sarah Palin. We also like the wolf tie-in. Sotomayor howls at the moon. Palin shoots her from an airplane. And, as we can all agree, we certainly need more sexy women to protect and serve No, wait, we already had that in Perry.

What is it About Sarah Palin
Im tired of her but I respect her.

None of this would still be on the screen if she were homely, fat, frumpy and pear-shaped with massive hips, nor if she were gutless and afraid to speak out against powerful men like Obama, etc.

Women are jealous of her looks and figure/fitness, and men are intimidated by her sheer guts (they know they are gutless and wouldn't have the nerve Palin had to buck the Old Boys' Club that keeps men as outsiders, too).

I think it also eats away at many career politicians that she proved several elected jobs could be done by almost ANYONE having basic smarts and common sense.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Hate Canton's Name Taken in Vain!

I Hate Canton's name was taken in vain earlier today.

Report: LaToya Jackson says Michael was Murdered
What other drug addicted, pedophile freak could get this much attention and be held in such high esteem in death?

This country truly is screwed up!!

Oh and BTW, if you think you are brilliant for your work on ihatecanton blog, in linking multiple poster ID's...well I have many and freely admit it. Some are boot legged by the children of the rep comments buddy bunch and fake posts are made. Then they are banned. Hence, more created.

BUT one thing is for sure about me.... I truly hate self righteous hypocrites, which a lot are, and WITH OUT A DOUBT....I HATE CANTON!!

Thanks for the net notoriety :-)

We do not understand what I Hate Canton has to do with Michael or LaToya Jackson. Moreover, we are not sure what bushman is trying to say. It appears that bushman has admitted to suffering from Multiple Personality Posting Disorder (MPPD). This is a huge step to recovery and we feel his/her pain and distress--and courage to step forward. But did bushman claim that others have used those names for their own nefarious purposes? If so, this is quite distressing and suggests that MPPD may be communicable.

Bushman has not yet been issued the coveted Village Idiot of the Day award, though was once mentioned in a blog. We, herewith, urge Bushman to apply for Village Idiot status post haste. There is much competition, and only few can comment for the gold! We believe bushman has much potential.

Naturally, I Hate Canton thanks bushman for mentioning us in the Repository, especially in such reverential terms. I Hate Canton is grateful for all the net notoriety :-) we can get.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rep Down!

Just as we were culling yesterday's dross for the daily award, the Repository site went down. Emails are also bouncing. Perhaps the return of Octopup over the last few days, and the personal attack on Don Cirelli (below) made Editor Jeff pack up his newspaper and go home. We wouldn't blame him. It sounds like the Rep is having serious problems, and we wish its techies well.

We are not sure which thread the offending comment was posted under as it was sent to us privately without a reference. It may be the "Tea Party" story. We have paragraphed it for reading ease.

Don, I guess the childish homosexual reference leads me to believe you are not really comfortable with your sexuality! Anyhow, I do not know what you people wish to call yourselves-democrats, liberals, progressives, prolitariat? Remember the last 8 years? The protests? The rage? The indignation? Well, hold onto your hat but we are not willing to let our freedoms be taken away by your regime without OUR voices being heard!

By the way, I just wondered-if you B.O. followers want handouts, and everything down to your lightbulb choice decided for you,,,,,why don't you go to Cuba or Venezuela? The woman from the Democratic black caucus decided that Communism was not so bad because in her words 'they have ice cream!' So, instead of ruining the lives of 300 million people and dooming my child to a life of utter servitude, why don't you just hurry on down there. OK? bye bye now!

Just remember--no one has ever died on a boat trying to escape the US for Cuba!

We don't know if our gal Sal is an OP entity. Except for the first sentence (typical OP juvenela) he/she/it sounds too "intelligent," but a seeming lack of intelligence is an OC trick to throw us off the track. No matter! We are glad that Sal, who was given the June 22, 2009 Village Idiot award for declaring Hitler a leftie, is back splatting herself in the muck.

If Sal is reading this, be assured your child is welcome to serve his or her servitude under the strong hand of I Hate Canton. We'll give our little dishwasher every other Wednesday afternoon off to visit you in the crazy people's home.

Update: The Rep is up and running. We can't believe, however, that Sourdough Sal's disgraceful comment still stands. Where are the Rep moderators who are oh-so quick to remove inoffensive comments or comments from those who seek to defend themselves from vicious posters ? The comment is under Let's Get Specific About Lost Freedoms

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 8, 2009: dlarson, catangel, nini1, missamym, mjfan62509, Windsor


We all knew it would follow the Escola/England story. Next to blacks, "liberals" and (in political season) the mentally retarded, no class of uppities deserve comeuppance more than women. Why, only a few weeks ago, Marcia Mammone got exactly what she deserved when her ex-husband murdered her two small children and her mother. Just ask "Braxton." Well, to be fair Braxton"posited that Mammone should have just killed his ex and let her family sort it out later.

To celebrate the removal of evil temptress Janine England from the Perry police we find the following comments posted under Trustees Fire Janine England During Special Meeting


Yuck!!! Not even resembling anything worth risking your job for!! What is he--100? She must be a real hum-dinger!!! How'd she even get that job?? Pull her app from sluts r us or 'kiss up' for it too?? She that hard up? or just a gold-digger? Glad she wasn't responsible for my area's safety!! Bye-bye-bye kiddo!

Thank God! Now the male officers working for Perry can go to work, do their jobs and not worry about her causing more problems... wives/girlfriends of the Perry cops can relax now!

Why are women doing police work anyway? The women are doing mens jobs, Working on the street department, why can't they get a job doing what women are suppose to do? They look like they are working caring that little flag around directing traffice . Its sickening! Who hires these women? Here we are , men out of work and the women are doing our job, Nothing against women, but they should be home with there kids and taking care of the house etc. If they have to work, well, maybe they need to cut back and stop living beyond their means. Thank God someone at Perry came to their right mind. Good thing she is off of that department, I wouldn't want her stopping my son.

She looks like trouble

A women cannot perform as well as a man in many know it's true.

We guess we mean, Tim Escola...just couldn't help himself. We know if we were an upright law enforcement patriarch as Escola was, even we would find it impossible to escape the web of Ms. Hot Cop's charms. Of course, we have our own suspicions. It would appear from the picture at the right that Deputy England has actually removed Chief Escola's revolver from its holster and is pointing it at his...well, you know... in order to safely force her kisses on him, unmolested. Whatever. Think of it this way: Tim Escola played so we won't have to.

In celebration of Stark County Misogyny, we award "nothing against women" dlarson the grand prize Village Idiot of the Day Award, July 8, 2009. Moreoever, we share his or hers relief that Deputy England never pulled dlarson fils over. God knows what horrors he may have been forced to endure at the depraved lips of Delilah.

Our second place award is shared by nini1, windsor, and catangel.

We believe that catangel articulates the rightful anger of MRS. Escola at the moment, but since the poster made no suggestion that other women pay for the sins of Ms England we have granted catangel secondary status. If catangel wishes to be considered for a Grand Prize in the future on the subject of Janine England we recommend that an amended comment be posted condemning all women everywhere for Deputy England's actions. It's what women deserve.

Honorable mentions go to missamyn and mjfan62509.

In addition to receiving Wednesday's award, all of our winners receive a complementary viewing of "The Trouble with Women," in the hope that they will change their attitudes toward women, especially women in the workforce. At the end of the film our winners are expected to write a 500 word essay, submitted to I Hate Canton: "What's the Trouble with Me." The essays will be posted here.

The Trouble with Women:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exclusive! I Hate Canton Catches Carnal Cops on Video

I Hate Canton is proud to present this exclusive video of Perry's most famous law enforcement power couple: Tim Escola and Janine England. The couple was caught on I Hate Canton's hidden CopCam an hour after Officer England was dismissed from the Perry Police Department on the grounds of “inexcusable” actions unbecoming an officer.

Remember! You saw it here first!

Repository: watch it and weep. Journalism at it's finest!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 7,2009" ohiodude

I Hate Canton needed a butterfly net to catch all the idiots scampering through the Rep yesterday. Obama. Taxes. Tea Parties, Republicans. Democrats. Socialists. Liberals. Sarah Palin. Perry Heights. Gangbangers.

Nothing though, tops the comments about Michael Jackson, specifically the comments posted by ohiodude about MJ. It takes a special kind of person to write these things.

Read for yourself

Television Networks Planning Jackson Coverage (comment removed)
ohiodude is another great idea. put a hidden camera in his casket so we can watch worms and maggots craw thru his skull and bones while wiggling to the thriller soundtrack. what a beautiful service? are you nuts? this guy was a sick, kidchasing pervert who deserve's to be in prison as someone's bitch. rot in hell, jackson. too bad the family gets to fight for the money ignorant fans will be paying. he was a no good scumbag, bleached to be white yet looked like a mummy from some third rate horror movie. for you who try and twist his sickness into something non-freaky, you need mental illness help. rot in hell, jackson!


..lots of black people have adopted white's? i have never, never seen any of that. white taking in blacks, yes, but never, never blacks adopting whites!


jackson was a democrat. one down in hollywood.


yeah, that was a beautiful service. who sold all the blue-ray $10.00 sunglasses? why were there no rhinestones around the rims? all the tears really tore me up. my heart crys with pain of the loss. oh, i was talking about the indians. they lost again. bad season. can't wait for the browns to beat the steelers. heard some pervert died?

Motorcade Leaves Michael Jackson's Parents' Home (all comments removed)
rot in hell you pervert. may the worms crawling in your eyesockets enjoy the yummy treat. sick sick and sick are your supporters like the postings saying ' not a dry eye'? burn, baby, burn!

Kinda makes ya proud to be a Cantonian, huh?

We are thrilled to name ohiodude Village Idiot of the Day, July 7, 2009. May the worms turn in your skull. Oh, that's right. They already have.

PS: You'll find ohiodude here also, where he ridiculed the mentally retarded. What a winner!

Update: Something Had to Give: Village Idiot Janine England Fired by Village Idiot Perry Trustees

Our Village Idiot was hardly off the press when word came down that Janine England has been fired by the Perry Township trustees. According to the Rep, Perry trustees refused to accept her resignation turned in shortly before their meeting today, and booted her instead. Deputy England's letter of resignation read in part:

It is with great regret that I announce my resignation effective today the 7th of July 2009. Even though my work history with the police department was exemplary, due to the recent media attention to this matter I firmly believe this would be in the best interest of the Perry Police Department. I sincerely hope this matter can be put to rest from now on and all parties can move forward.


England started working for the Perry police on April 13 and commenced her relationship with Escola on May 18 which lasted "officially" until June 25 the day they were clandestinely popped. Dates apparently determined by emails confiscated by the trustees. Who knows what they're doing now. I Hate Canton did not run into them on our summer expedition into the wilds of Ohio, but that doesn't mean that they weren't nesting in some comfy car wash or a cozy cove near Sippo Lake.

We sympathize with England and Escola. As Frank Sinatra sang Somethin's Gotta Give (and he should know!). What were they to do? Go home to their respective spouses?

When an irresistible force such as you
Meets an old immovable object like me
You can bet just as sure as you live
Somethin's gotta give
Somethin's gotta give
Somethin's gotta give

England's firing does not invalidate anyone's recent award. Village Idiots all!

Village Idiot of the Week, July 2-July 7, 2009: Tim Escola, Janine England, Charles Hall, Perry Township Trustees

For most of the time I Hate Canton was summering on the edges of Ohio's frontier and was hence, offline, hell bubbled over in Perry Heights. To whit: the romantic antics of (now former) Perry Police Chief Tim Escola and his probationary Deputy Dawg, Janine England:

She tugs at his shirt sleeve with her teeth. He caresses her right cheek.

They smile.

Officer Janine England rests her head on the shoulder of her boss, then-Police Chief Tim Escola, as they travel together in the front seat of a police cruiser June 2. They went to the Cincinnati area to bring a burglary suspect back to Stark County.

Due to the time that's gone by since this story broke, I Hate Canton will not reiterate the unappetizing and salacious details. You know them anyway. Just go to the Rep's search engine and type in "Escola." Here, though, is the video of the frontseat event that was released to the Rep. (so far, it has over 75,000 hits!) It's only 2 minutes long. Being salacious ourselves, I Hate Canton would love to see the rest of the 7 hour tape to confirm our feeling that Chief Escola is indeed THAT boring at the wheel or anyplace else.

Back in the old days this tryst wouldn't have been news except around election time. Canton and Stark County cops hung out in brothels, blind pigs, gin joints, and gambling dens. If you needed a cop, you went to Cherry Street or Rex Avenue, not the doughnut shop.

Back in the old days, a reprobate cop would have been busted by a reformist do-gooder with a Bible or a Guide to Good Government in hand.

Today our constabulary is forced to take vice where it can...from its own ranks... in the front seat of a police cruiser...on a road trip... with Ms Hottie Cop.

Today, the reprobate busts himself by technology gone awry.

I Hate Canton loves the idea of the "on" button being pushed inadvertently by the passionate bump of a stray knee, hand, or forehead during that ride up from Cinci. We expect, though, it's not that clumsy or fun.

There has been much speculation that Escola was straight up set up by Perry Heights professional Escola haters, though how this might be accomplished is a bit fantastical. Last night's Stark County Political Report, gives a more plausible explanation of how the smoochies were caught on CopCam. Martin Olson, summarizing one of his unnamed sources,writes of what he has dubbed Perrygate:

As a parenthetical, an area law official tells the SCPR that this is an unusual arrangement. First, chief very rarely go pick up prisoners, and, second rookie officers are not normally chosen for the task either.

Obviously, with the publication of a video on line showing Escola and England kissing, someone had turned on the camera recording inside the police car activities. The Report's source believes that the person was Ms. England. However, the turn-on is not thought to be purposeful, but inadvertently (she did not understand exactly how to operate the camera).

From there the tape, upon routine review, made its murky way to Perry Township Trustee Anna Capaldi, who had a "problem" with the chief. As quick as you can say Marion Berry, Escola proffered his resignation.

This makes a lot more sense to us than a merceneary Deputy Dawg England surreptitiously taping herself and her boss making whoopee driving down the road in a police cruiser with a prisoner snug in the backseat. A confusing career move to the top of the cop heap in Perry, especially after her sexual harassment and racial discrimination suit against the Montville Township (Medina County) police where she was employed previously.

We cannot let this go without commendation. We were first tempted to award Officer Escola the Blue Ribbon he so justly deserves, but the prize really needs to be shared with Deputy Janine England, Perry Law Director Charles Hall, and the Perry Township Board of Trustees, who for their own eccentric reasons haven't removed England from her job:

Law Director Charles Hall said Wednesday afternoon that England was “under direct command” of her boss. And, he said, both officers were engaged in similar behavior.. “I don’t think I can reprimand her for a department violation when he’s there and engaging in the same activity,” Hall said....Unless new and compelling information surfaces, Hall said he sees “no reason to continue” with the investigation...Hall said England remains an officer in “good standing” despite her actions, and continues to serve her one-year probationary period that is standard for new Perry officers.

In other words:
  • It's OK to monkey around on the taxpayer dime if the other monkey is your boss.
  • It's OK to monkey around on the tax payer dime if both monkeys are agreeable
  • It's OK to monkey around on the taxpayer dime if one of the monkeys resigns
  • It's OK to monkey around om the taxpayer dime if we say it's OK
We, therefore, grant Officer Timothy Escola, Deputy Janine England, Charles Hall, and the entire Perry Township Board of Trustees the Village Idiot of the WEEK award, July 2-7, 2009

We also issue our warmest congratulations to now former prisoner Matthew Ruble (he was released upon return to Stark County and all charges dropped) for remaining calm during what must have been a cruel and unusual punishment experience.

July 5th Canton Tea Party 2

It's taking longer to get caught up than we anticipated, so I Hate Canton will make a couple sweeping observations (in separate blogs) and then get back to the day-to-day humdrum that is Canton.

Sunday, July 5 marked Canton's second "Tea Party" Depending on who's talking, it was a resounding success (1000 people crowded in and around the downtown "Kresge lot") or a resounding failure (a few hundred crowded in and around the downtown "Kresge lot"). The Beacon Journal has better coverage, btw.

What actually happened at the "Kresge lot" was not exactly "revolutionary." A bunch of people carrying signs and dim-witted wannabe politicos pimping themselves out as tax cutters, something that is (small c)onstitutionally impossible for them, as members of the professional lying class, to be. Innocent-minded Canton teabaggers apparently didn't boo their speakers as they did in Texas and South Carolina. When's the next tea party?

Judging from pictures we've seen, innocence carried over to signbytes: "Socialism Kills Creativity, Productivity, and Freedom." The over 200-year- old American individualist socialist tradition was anti-government, mutuialist, and self-reliant. It posited that socialism would separate "man" from state through voluntary association; thus, giving time and energy for creativity, productivity, and freedom for those who refused to bow to flag and boss; their labor and fruits thereof, shared amongst them.

These historical socialists were a frightfully unmaterial lot. Think Brook Farm, Oneida (below right) New Harmony, the Rappites, the Shakers, the Moravians, The Christian Commonwealth of Georgia, Amana, Ephrata, Nashoba. Ohio was home to dozens of religious and secular socialist experiments including Kendal (Massillon), Marlborough Association (Alliance) and nearby Zoar and Gnattenhuten, (both in Tusc. County), Teutonia and Spirit Fruit Society ( both in Columbiana County) and the early Mormon community in Kirtland.

If Marx and those damned French hadn't politicized and regimented socialism we could now be spending our time sipping lemonade on the porch, reading Nathaniel Hawthorne and Emerson, drawing pastels, and practicing civil discourse, instead of carping on the pages of the Rep.

I Hate Canton, after deep contemplation, has concluded, though, that neither capitalism nor socialism is fertile soil for creativity, productivity and freedom. Both are anomalies. In the words of that old commie, Bertholt Brecht, "The world is poor and man's a shit/And that is all there is to it!"

I Hate Canton is amused at the number of locals who still don't understand why the term "teabagging" emits guffaws from the rest of us.

Since this is a family friendly blog, go wiki to see what real teabagging is. Frankly, we prefer the Whiskey Rebellion.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Hate Canton Back Online

In case you've been wondering (and you probably haven't) I Hate Canton has been summering for the past few days. Internet access was so bad that even dial-up couldn't get through. We were forced to spend our vacation reading a 600 page book and watching the interminable Wimbleton followed by an even more interminable volleyball tournament. At least it wasn't golf.

We have returned to our lair buried deep benneath the McKinley Monument and should return tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Repository Beefs Up Security

This afternoon Jeff Gauger announced a beef-up of comment security, and in so many words, de-tentacle and isolate our Octopuppet. We are astounded that a newspaper has to go to these lengths to protect the integrity of readers, advertisers, and the paper itself. You'd think people of a certain age would know how to act in public.

Several new procedures, including real-person net nannying, are stop-gap measures until the promised new registration system is in place, which may be a few months from now.

Here are some of the new procedures. Go over to Gauger's blog to read them all.

Starting today, any new registered user will automatically be set to require editor review before publication. Until now, all new users’ comments have published immediately.

We’ll move new users to “trusted” status when we’re persuaded they can be, well, trusted, and only then will their comments publish immediately. Users who register under obviously fake names (Bugs Bunny, Canton Commenter, I M Smart, etc.) and provide a free e-mail address (,, will have a higher bar to cross to persuade us they can be trusted.

We can't decide if Octopuppet and its entities are laughing or fuming. A day without posting must be like a day without arsenic for it. Has Editor Gauger reduced Octopup's days to watching reruns of Deal or No Deal or dusting its CDs? We can't imagine that its taking this assault lying down, though a good long rest, preferably in a padded cell, is warranted. More likely, it's reading Trolling 4 Dummies to figure how to subvert decency.

The I Hate Canton SWAT team will be on the lookout for escapees.

Thanks, Jeff!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 1, 2009: Anti-Bilderberg, ottetrk1

It was only a matter of time until someone calling him/herself "Anti-Bilderberger" showed up on the pages of the Rep to warn of the impending demise of American sovereignty and the establishment of One World Government at the hands of the filthy rich.

If you've never heard of the Bilderbergers don't worry. The only people who have are the John Birch Society, conspiracy theorists, Phyllis Schlafly, and I Hate Canton and its close associates who follow wingnuts (Bilderbergers have been IHC's personal favorites since 1961).

Th BilderbergGroup/Bilderberg Club was organized and promoted in 1954 by prominent American and Western European figures including well-known revolutionary Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, radical wealth re-distributor and deadbeat commie Paul Rijkens, at the time head of the multinational Unilever Corp. (For a list of Unilever's current brands go here. (It's nearly everything you've got in your kitchen and bathroom that's not nailed down); and Eisenhower psych-ops head, C D. Jackson. Steeped in Cold War politics and mythology, its purpose was to discuss how the US and Western Europe could cross the cultural divide and address their common enemy: communism. It's first meeting was funded in part by the CIA and the Ford Foundation and later by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment. Depending on where you stand on the political spectrum, the Bilderbergers are either evil rich one-worlders (right) or evil rich power brokers (left). Most people don't care.

Over the years the Bilderberg cabal of lounge lizards, rich playboys and partygirls, anarchists, communists, rioters and bomb tossers have included the Great Satans David Rockefeller, former NATO Secretary-General Lord Peter Carrington, British Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Condi Rice, World Bank President Robert Zoellick, European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso, board members from IBM, Xerox, Royal Dutch Shell, Nokia, and Daimler, and most recently Karen Sibelius. (No word if Osama bin Laden has been extended an invitation).

The Bilderbergers hold a yearly conference in fancy schmancy places like St. Simons Island, Ottawa, Athens and the Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia, where they map out their nefarious strategy to overthrow the US government (or hold on to it, depending on how you see things). After all, why do a video conference on your lunch break when you can dance the night away with Queens Sophia and Beatrix, Bill Moyers, and sexy Don Rumsfeld, and control the world while doing it?

Nobody knows exactly what the Bilderbergers do , though they seem to talk a lot about things like nuclear war and terrorism. They are so elite and arrogant they don't even have a webpage. (Don't be fooled by the tacky www. IHC hasn't gone through the Yahoo Group list to see if they're there, but somehow we bet not.

The press is barred from the Bilderberger yearly confab, and the group (double gasp!) doesn't issue any statements. Since it's all secret, they must be up to no good. Unlike the rightwing Council on National Policy here in the US that bars the press, doesn't issue any statements, and includes on its membership roster, Howard Phllips, Grover Norquist, Oliver North, Holland Coors, Richard DeVos, Sarah Palin, Heritage Foundation bigwigs...and Phyllis Schflaly.

We were thrilled yesterday, then, to learn through the superduper research of Anti-Bilderberger that the filthy rich are behind Cap and Trade.

Questions and Answers about the US Climate Bill
This money will be used to fund a world government this money will go to the new bank of the world. Remember Obama is just a puppet like the past 6 presidents were. We must look past Obama and realize who the real power structure of the planet is The Bilderberg group, trilateral commision, and the Council on Foreign Relations run the world. Which include members of the Rothchild family David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger who gave Barack Obama his first job out of college 30 years ago. And of course the Private Federal Reserve. Call congress to help the pass bill HR 1207 which will Audit the Federal Reserve who I believe causes all our problems.

Fortutiously dropped under this same thread is otterk1's call for REVOLUTION! While I Hate Canton supports revolution (and, in fact suggests we start by gobbling up some stray Bilderbergers), we are curious as to how Mr. or Ms. Otter intends to orchestrate this particular revolution from a Barcalounger in Canton, Ohio. We are also concerned that his/her one party--the AMERICAN PARTY-- government proposal sounds a bit, hmmm....communistic. What happens if one prefers coffee over tea?

The time for Tea Parties is over. It's now time for the Revolution to begin. All those people who were buying guns and stock piling ammunition were not doing it because they feared Obama would take away their guns. They were preparing for the Revolution that they knew was coming. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be restored and all these power and money hungry politicians will be out of office. We will have only one party, the AMERICAN Party.

Despite some minor misgivings, I Hate Canton is so excited about this pairing. We suggest that Anti-Bilderberger and otterk1 hook up. I Hate Canton is more than happy to facilitate this meeting of great minds, and who knows what else. We, therefore, name Anti-Bilderberger and ottertk1 co-recepients of the June 30 Village Idiot award. We hope your introduction to each other on IHC will bring forth mutual and bountiful fruit.