Friday, July 24, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 23, 2009: ProChoiceLiberal

Yesterday, was pretty quiet. Either, our locals are resting up for their big annual Hall of Fame whine and cheese party or the usual suspects are starting to look normal. There were a few maybes in the running, but nothing struck us as so obvious as ProChoice Liberal.

We believe ProChoiceLiberal means well. We avidly followed her back in the the days of the old Rep regime when she posted under her real name. Then, as now, we are fascinated by her vapid enthusiasm for liberal causes, especially abortion rights and gun control. Never has so little been said with so much so often.

ProChoiceLiberal made our winner's circle earlier this year for her May 14 comment that gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. We assume she is not a Constitutional scholar by training or trade. Although unable to make an in-person diagnosis, after a thorough reading of her numerous posts, we believe Ms PCL suffers from Compulsive Liberal Kneejerk Reaction Disorder, a disorder that afflicts many liberals. (NOTE: equally devastating is Compulsive Conservative Kneejerk Reaction Disorder of which a good number of Reppies suffer.)

Here's our winning entry:

Local Couple Shares Tender Transition Story on TV Tonight
How sad to see such narrow-minded views. Being a transsexual is no big deal, like being gay or straight is no big deal, get over it. The courage they had to share their story is wonderful to try to educate people as to why this change came about. Go Transgender, you rock!

While we agree that being straight is "no big deal" for those who are straight since they're in charge, being gay or transsexual or intersexed IS indeed a big deal to those who are, since they aren't.

If it were no big deal, there would be no Stonewall riots, Act-Up, Queer Nation, Bisexual and Radical Feminist Resistance Front, Radical Fairies, (and going back farther, Mattachine Society, Daughters of Bilitis), Queer Studies, gay bars, gay bowling leagues, Pride, gay newspapers, Gay-Straight Alliance, and same sex marriage campaigns--to name a few.

It it were no big deal, thousands of gays and lesbians and trannies wouldn't be harassed, beaten, and killed by individual strangers, roving bands of neighborhood thugs, and cops.

If it were no big deal, cops would not still be raiding gay bars all over the county and assaulting and arresting patrons.

If it were no big deal, everybody from Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, and Operation Save America on a national level (among hundreds) to Minutemen United, Citizens for Community Values, and Mission America in Ohio (among dozens) wouldn't be obsessed with controlling by law, culture, and bullying what consensual adults do in their own bedrooms.

If it were no big deal, Chloe Prince wouldn't have been on Primetime.

If it were no big deal, the current article and thread in the Rep wouldn't be there.

For claiming being gay or transsexual is "no big deal" we award ProChoiceLiberal the Village Idiot of the Day award, July 23, 2009.

Postscript: it's a shame Ms. PLC didn't post her you-go-girl reaction earlier. She could have shared yesterday's award with her separated-at-birth twin, HeresJohnny. I Hate Canton would be happy to facilitate a reunion so they could tagteam each other and make award-giving easier.


John E said...

And to that reunion I will gladly contribute the sum of $50. There is one caveat. I must be able to witness the exploding head of the individual who is out-witted be the other. I am sure it would be quite a display.

Jim Hardy said...

Glad to contribute $50 too but you need to provide each of us with a bottle of Resolve and a towel to remove the brain matter stains. A 6-Pack of Great Lakes would also be a good idea too.

John E said...

Ha ha, Jim. That's a good one but for a spatter that small I think touch-up paint will do just nicely! I think it would be like a smoke bomb, a lot of noise, causing more confusion and chaos but very little "damage".

Jim Hardy said...

John, Hey that was funny too.

Imagine the REAL fun if we could get all of us that post at the Rep got together for a dinner-dance? Better yet, one of those murder mystery things. Again, I'd be happy to pay for that. EIther could easily be the social event of the season.