Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exclusive! I Hate Canton Catches Carnal Cops on Video

I Hate Canton is proud to present this exclusive video of Perry's most famous law enforcement power couple: Tim Escola and Janine England. The couple was caught on I Hate Canton's hidden CopCam an hour after Officer England was dismissed from the Perry Police Department on the grounds of “inexcusable” actions unbecoming an officer.

Remember! You saw it here first!

Repository: watch it and weep. Journalism at it's finest!


mary said...

I loved it. I wish it were long enough for popcorn.

BD said...

We do, too, Mary. Unfortunately, it was a little cramped hiding under the dash of their car. We needed to tape and run. Otherwise, we might have been forced to seek emergency first aid from Tim and his lil bear.

Cynthia Vignos said...

This really happened! My dad "quit" my mom from her job at Dave Towell Cadillac just before their wedding. For years she thought that she had been fired because she wasn't doing the job well, when all along it had been my dad telling them that her new job was being his wife...unbelievable.

BD said...

So, Cindy, will your mom get a pension from you dad?