Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canton Idiots Salute Boston Cousins

If you think Canton is the exclusive home of the village idiot, then check out Boston.

The Boston Phoenix has collected and published a group of idiotic comments (and some not) by mostly anonymous posters on the Boston Herald website about the arrest of prominent African American scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Gates, the director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge (later dropped) for giving Cambridge cops a bad time after they caught him breaking into his own home when his front door stuck. He had just returned from China where he is making his newest documentary.

Here's two comments from Local Bigots Speak Out About Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr: Greatest Hits from the Boston Herald Comment Boards:

johnny_moore: “And if you think the good reverand and the nutty professor are done... your crazy. They'll be demanding this cops job momentarily... stay tuned!”

zapperz: “I say they should have maced him, beat him till he calmed down, then explain to the moron, what a racist is, since the cry baby cant tell the difference from the police doing what the tax payers pay the to do. Protect people and property. If so many blacks were not criminals, white people and cops would change their tune? when was the last time you heard anyone from India, Mexico or China, call people racists?”

Our Canton Village Idiots salute their Bay State cousins for a job well done! You are truly an inspiration!


Jim Hardy said...

Things at the Rep must be improving if comments are being imported from Boston. BTW. Like the picture

John E said...

Well, my theory about the water is pretty much moot. I guess I will have to check into fluoridation of the water. There has to be some kind of connection.