Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Your Comments are Whack!

Yo haters! (Yeah?) Haters! (Yeah?)
You think I should get a life? (Hell Yeah!)
Well, what about you? You're spending your time
Reading my supposedly lame posts and commenting on it and stuff
Yo comments are whack!*

(*I Hate Canton has altered a couple words from Yo Comments are Whack to suit the situation.)

The pretty little hate machine spews along. There is so much to write about the current online lunacy at the Rep and so little time--unless you're Octopuppet or a little bully in need of a lithium fix. In that case, there's way too much time. For somebody.

We feel an I Hate Canton marathon coming on, but in the meantime here's I Hate Canton's cover reply to all the haters, crackpots, nutters and narcissistic whack jobs who visit the Rep from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn in search of companionship and dysfunction.

You know who you are!

1 comment:

Jim Hardy said...

Great video. Even my kid like it. Thanks.