Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Hate Canton's Name Taken in Vain!

I Hate Canton's name was taken in vain earlier today.

Report: LaToya Jackson says Michael was Murdered
What other drug addicted, pedophile freak could get this much attention and be held in such high esteem in death?

This country truly is screwed up!!

Oh and BTW, if you think you are brilliant for your work on ihatecanton blog, in linking multiple poster ID's...well I have many and freely admit it. Some are boot legged by the children of the rep comments buddy bunch and fake posts are made. Then they are banned. Hence, more created.

BUT one thing is for sure about me.... I truly hate self righteous hypocrites, which a lot are, and WITH OUT A DOUBT....I HATE CANTON!!

Thanks for the net notoriety :-)

We do not understand what I Hate Canton has to do with Michael or LaToya Jackson. Moreover, we are not sure what bushman is trying to say. It appears that bushman has admitted to suffering from Multiple Personality Posting Disorder (MPPD). This is a huge step to recovery and we feel his/her pain and distress--and courage to step forward. But did bushman claim that others have used those names for their own nefarious purposes? If so, this is quite distressing and suggests that MPPD may be communicable.

Bushman has not yet been issued the coveted Village Idiot of the Day award, though was once mentioned in a blog. We, herewith, urge Bushman to apply for Village Idiot status post haste. There is much competition, and only few can comment for the gold! We believe bushman has much potential.

Naturally, I Hate Canton thanks bushman for mentioning us in the Repository, especially in such reverential terms. I Hate Canton is grateful for all the net notoriety :-) we can get.

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mary said...

Oh Bushman, thank you also for the mention of our beloved lunch bunch. You were right, we are children, or at least we're 'childlike'. Know what makes us 'childlike'? We love each other with the innocence of children. We don't hate. We're kind, we're there for each other, and whoever else might need us. We're not jealous of each other, or of others. We don't say hurtful, things about each other or each other's family.

We might not always agree on everything, but that's okay too. Some may have more than others, but we aren't envious of each other. We're happy for them. We don't hate just because we don't think alike. We respect each other's religion, lifestyles, politics. We don't write hateful, spiteful comments about people like some of the 'grown-up' commentors. We wouldn't dare say anything disrespectful about each other's family members. Not many have a past, I do, but guess what, none of the other 'children' in the bunch has thrown up my past, or wrote about my past in the comments. Grownups have though.

You may have 100 different names, but you're so lonely you have to talk to your other names. We don't. We have each other to talk to.

We're sorry you dislike us so. None of us has done anything to you. Anyway, why would anyone dislike children?