Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Hate Canton Back Online

In case you've been wondering (and you probably haven't) I Hate Canton has been summering for the past few days. Internet access was so bad that even dial-up couldn't get through. We were forced to spend our vacation reading a 600 page book and watching the interminable Wimbleton followed by an even more interminable volleyball tournament. At least it wasn't golf.

We have returned to our lair buried deep benneath the McKinley Monument and should return tomorrow.


harasxlacidar said...

I missed IHC, it was like the Rep without comments, it just felt weird without an update. :)

BD said...

I Hate Canton agrees. Unfortunately, Morse Code seemed to be the only alternative.

We just returned from reading todays' Rep and Comments and don't even know where to begin. The real Canton Haters (as opposed to I Hate Canton) are working overtime.

Jim Hardy said...

So don't leave us hanging. I also miss the commentary and want to see what's up.

mary said...

I thought the 4hour and 42 minute tennis match at Wimbledon was awesome, as was Federer, who looked as freh at the end of the match as he did at the beginning. I can't believe that neither player, Sampras or Federer, seemed the least bit winded after such a grueling match. Well done guys. You sure kept my attention throughout the match. There was no loser there.

Oh yea, I missed I Hate Canton, I was anxioux to read about Canton's police chief. Perry's has gotten dull. Maybe it'll pick up after Tuesday's trustee meeting.