Friday, July 10, 2009

Rep Down!

Just as we were culling yesterday's dross for the daily award, the Repository site went down. Emails are also bouncing. Perhaps the return of Octopup over the last few days, and the personal attack on Don Cirelli (below) made Editor Jeff pack up his newspaper and go home. We wouldn't blame him. It sounds like the Rep is having serious problems, and we wish its techies well.

We are not sure which thread the offending comment was posted under as it was sent to us privately without a reference. It may be the "Tea Party" story. We have paragraphed it for reading ease.

Don, I guess the childish homosexual reference leads me to believe you are not really comfortable with your sexuality! Anyhow, I do not know what you people wish to call yourselves-democrats, liberals, progressives, prolitariat? Remember the last 8 years? The protests? The rage? The indignation? Well, hold onto your hat but we are not willing to let our freedoms be taken away by your regime without OUR voices being heard!

By the way, I just wondered-if you B.O. followers want handouts, and everything down to your lightbulb choice decided for you,,,,,why don't you go to Cuba or Venezuela? The woman from the Democratic black caucus decided that Communism was not so bad because in her words 'they have ice cream!' So, instead of ruining the lives of 300 million people and dooming my child to a life of utter servitude, why don't you just hurry on down there. OK? bye bye now!

Just remember--no one has ever died on a boat trying to escape the US for Cuba!

We don't know if our gal Sal is an OP entity. Except for the first sentence (typical OP juvenela) he/she/it sounds too "intelligent," but a seeming lack of intelligence is an OC trick to throw us off the track. No matter! We are glad that Sal, who was given the June 22, 2009 Village Idiot award for declaring Hitler a leftie, is back splatting herself in the muck.

If Sal is reading this, be assured your child is welcome to serve his or her servitude under the strong hand of I Hate Canton. We'll give our little dishwasher every other Wednesday afternoon off to visit you in the crazy people's home.

Update: The Rep is up and running. We can't believe, however, that Sourdough Sal's disgraceful comment still stands. Where are the Rep moderators who are oh-so quick to remove inoffensive comments or comments from those who seek to defend themselves from vicious posters ? The comment is under Let's Get Specific About Lost Freedoms


mary said...

I flagged sourdough's stupid comment 50 times. It remained. Some of mine disappeared 20 min. After being posted, and they were not in anyway derogatory, nor did they break any rules that the Repository has stipulated.

Someone at the Rep is doing a lot of lying. Jeff said that he's not the one that decides if comments go on or not. If that is so, and whoever those other people are, they must read the comments before they elect to put them on. So, if they deem them acceptable, why do they suddenly disappear 30 minutes later, even though they break no rules. If an editor, says, "Okay, this one breaks no rules, I'll post it" then 30 minutes later, along comes someone who dislikes the author of the comment, so they flag it, does the editor second guess him/herself, and says, "Oh, 'so&So' doesn't approve of that comment. Guess I better pull it. After all, that person has better judgment than I do. What do I know, I'm just an editor." BS...BS... BS is rampant on comments. I don't know who's more full of it, the commentors or the staff!

BD said...

I Hate Canton flagged Sal's comment as well--several times We seldom flag a comment, and never more than once, but this egregious comment remained long after it's "usefulness." We think in general this abuse lies with some low-level wanker at the Rep, but it's possible this particular one stayed on due to weekend low-staffing.

Don Cirelli said...

Just more proof of the favoritism that is still going on in cantonrep. Seems to me there is one or more website editors on staff who enjoy playing games and actually contributing to the rancor through selective enforcement of rules.

The other day I posted a comment that merely stated that I "couldn't believe" Bill Hardie had written a letter about Affirmative Action. That's it. No personal attacks, no vicious racial comments, no mention of Hardie's relatives, nothing that broke any rules at all. And an absolutely fair comment, since Bill Hardie was the author of the letter to the editor.

THAT got dumped. But "Sourdough Sal's" comment, which is clearly a personal attack on another commentator stays on the board. We won't get civility on cantonrep until the website staff stops playing their games.