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Village Idiot of the Day, June 22, 2009" Sourdough Sal, darnlevy

I Hate Canton doesn't even know where to begin with this one: Hitler was a liberal!

Yes, you heard that right! And if you don't believe us, ask "Sourdough Sal" and "darnlevy" who have been reading way too much Jonah Goldberg. In fact, our duo spews out Goldberg's Liberal Fascism nearly verbatim. What next? Lyndon LaRouche?

From comments to Letter: Name Calling Just Encourages Acts of Extremism

Excuse me but the Holocaust Museum killer was NOT right wing. He was a christian hater, jew hater and socialist. His next target was a conservative organization! He belongs to you left wingers!

Guys, you did not notice the hate the past eight years? Movies and books about killing Bush? What about now? The article in Playboy that was about Conservative women they would love to hate F---! The class war that has been started by the Left? Give me a small break- you leftists are not only the biggest hate mongers, you are so hypersensitive!

Sourdough Sal
Yes, Hitler was called right wing, but he was not right wing in this country's views. I am currently reading up on Mussolini, Hitler, and Lenin, etc. I see the cult of personality (Obama) and the way they changed their countries (Obama). So gentlemen, I do not have time to go into this now, Fascism, Nazi-ism, and all the other idealologies are more aligned with the Liberal or Progressive parties. The point that I was making is that the holocaust museum killer and nazi's etc are a group that hates Jewish people. Conservatives and republicans are overall Christian and closely aligned with the Jewish people and Israel. We do not hate them, we align with them. Liberal or Progressives align with the terrorists trying to end Israel and the Jewish people.

Here is an excerpt from darnlevy's analysis of Mein Kampf and Hitler. Apparently, darnlevy believes that every "revolutionary" is "leftwing."

About Hitler:

Nazi themes, such as emphasis on the organic (including environmentalism, health food, and exercise), the rejection of rationalism, and most of all the transcending of class can all be placed firmly on the Left that you see and hear about today

Hitler firmly believed he was a revolutionary. Hitlers followers agreed that he was a revolutionary, yet for decades now the Left refuses to see him that way. Todays Left is ever changing (the living constitution, revolutionary in idea and thought) and the Right is said to be the party that holds firm and refutes change. The Left will reject Hitler was a revolutionary because either he was a force for good or revolutions are seriously bad. And yet all the evidence is there. Hitler rejected bourgeoisie, traditionalists, aristocrats, and monarchist.

Further proof to put Hitler in the realm of a revolutionist (left) is that his favorite play was Hanns Johsts Der Konig. In this play a heroic revolutionary meets a tragic end because he is betrayed by reactionaries and the bourgeoisie. Hitler saw this play 17 times. A non-surprising fact, the heroic revolutionary in the play takes his own life.

In Mein Kampf Hitler declares he is a Nationalist (socially for the better of the entire nation, Left) not a Patriot and he believed modern German culture was politically and spiritually corrupt. The country needed to return to its pre-Christian times. (far-Left)(side note: atheist don't go along with the Right)

Looking at one of Hitlers heroes, Dr. Karl Lueger, you will see that Hitler loved a man that led a Social Party. This party was a mix of socialism, populism, and anti-Semitism. This is important to note that Hitler, an anti-Semitist, was learning from a man that was clearly Left...

Let me say that I dont care if Hitler was Left or not. What I do care about is how history gets taught to us in this country. Hitler was evil and he was not Right. Hitler does not make the Left horrible. But, it sure would be nice if the Left would own up to the political spectrum and quit spreading the fallacies of Right wing terrorism. Peace.

Sal and darnlevy are part of the growing army of nincompoops who turn language on its head. African Americans are racists; feminists hate women; liberals hate Jews (conservatives love them they spent decades keeping them out of Ivy League schools, private clubs and exclusive neighborhoods and kept them from marrying their daughters.) Why darnlevy believes that revolutionaries are required to be "leftwing" is a mystery.

We could post more, but frankly, does this deserve any further treatment? At least this morning. Wouldn't you rather just sip your coffee and munch your bagels without this stress?

Without further adieu, I Hate Canton names Sourdough Sal and darnlevy the co-Village Idiots of the Day, June 22, 2008.


hicktown gal said...

And I thought folks down here in Whistle Pig Holler was stupid. Y'all got yerselves some real, genuine, bona fide cretins up your way. Maybe even dumber than ol' Miss Shirley Crabs who just yesterday tried to keep her mean ol' mutt, Big Al from makin' whoopee with her neighbor's dog by puttin' one of them prophylactic thingys on Big Al's thingy and tyin' it with a piece of twine. Well, poor Al's most important appendage turned blue from lack of circulation. Luckily daddy caught that poor mongrel before it was too late and untied the twine. Big Al, was one mighty greatful dog!

John E said...

Hicktown Gal, I really need to visit Whistle Pig Holler and meet the intellectual giants there. The Rep seems to be running short lately.

hicktown gal said...

Come on down, John! The folks around here belong in the Mensa Hall of Fame compared to the knuckleheads workin' at the CantonRep. Daddy and me could put you up in the root cellar and we'd surely show you a real good time. Bring yer own tic spray cuz we is all out.