Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Octopuppet: The Reign of Terror Continues

Octopuppet twanged it's evil tentacles today, posting two vile attacks on Mary Parker and her deceased son. The remarks were removed, but we have archived them. They were posted under the hijacked name: "Marley Don Parker:" Marley Greiner, Don Cerelli, and of course, Ms. Parker.

Under the ironically titled Name Calling Just Encourages Acts of Extremism we find:

Marley Don Parker
my son who was retarded was always called names. now he is gone. i hope to heaven but i am probably wrong.

Marley Don Parker

and even worse, under the thread initiated by Mary Parker's own letter to the editor, Loved Ones of MRDD Clients Didn't Dream So Many Layoffs were Coming:

Aren't those meetings held down there in hell? If so, I prefer not to attend. Why don't you have Darryl attend? Isn't he living nearby? Just a thought!

Marley Don Parker

The comments, heretofore, civil, lively, and informative, were shut down; thus, giving Octopuppet another victory.

We have struggled for a couple hours writing this blog. Our words simply fail. The words of the poster who has stalked Mary Parker for years on the Repository; however, speak for themselves. They are posted here as a public condemnation.

Unlike Mary, Octo has no friends or support. We would like to feel some sympathy for such a damaged, psychopathic soul, but we can't. We trust that "Marley Don Parker," "Levypassed Everyonegetsaraise," "Darryl and Shirley Reddling," "Darrell Parker," "MR Dede" and every other name that Octopuppet has requisioned or invented to harm Mary and her son who was incapable of hurting anyone, are consigned to a place where they will never see the light of day again.

Mary Parker has shown character and grace that few people would under similar circumstances. She wrote her thoughts on these attacks earlier, and they are worth reading again. In part:

My son suffered greatly here on earth. His entire life, from birth to death he was the object of ridicule. To now see him desecrated by ignorant writers in your newspaper is almost more than I can bear. When he died, I thought the snickering, the teasing, the crude remarks were over. Little did I know that people would be allowed to come on your comment section, almost daily, and still degrade him. I never dreamed that the Repository would be used as a vessel to taunt me about my son.

I Hate Canton stands with you, Mary.

UPDATE 1: While we were writing this blog, the following was posted to the "Name Calling" thread." It was removed:

Mort U Wary
I did not see anywhere on here that anyone called anyone else retarded. If it happened, it must have been pulled quickly.

A word of advice, many of the regular posters on here are sick and tired of you always bringing up your dear innocent deceased son in at least half of the threads that you post on. I'd guess I've had to read about him 500 times in tha last year.

PLEASE GIVE IT (and him) A REST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody has close ones die and we don't go around begging or hinting for pity and sympathy on internet chat discussion boards.

Here's another hint - Your chat 'friends' are sick of it too but are too nice to tell you to lay off the constant woah's me boards you post.

So just stop and maybe the trolls who you say follow you around the message boards will stop as well.

Mort U Wary

UPDATE 2: And this just in. Octo continues to exploit children
Mort U Wary
Nine-year old Injured When Van Rolls Over Him
Thankfully the child will be ok. I know a gal who lost her son awhile ago under different circumstances and she still is wailing about it to all who will listen

Mort U Wary

Mort U Wary
Name Calling Just Encourages Acts of Extremism
Homicides are horrible tragedies. But at least the families of these recent incidents are NOT flooding the message boards begging for sympathy and pity. They hold there heads high and move on, while grieving in private. They have class and should be respected by all.

Some of the regular posters on the rep should consider doing this themselves instead of the constant, day after day, week after week, month after month reminders of their loved ones passings.

Mort U Wary
LeBron James Moving Camp for Kids from Akron to San Diego
Leave LEBRON alone.

i know a women with a son in the EXACT same situation .

Only diference is that her son never played basketball, never had any kids, didnt have a girlfriend, and is not alive anymore either.

but besides those differences, they are exactly the same.

so that is that and a big shout out to my boyzzzzzzzzzzz at the hate website.

hugs and kisses




James Hardy said...

The use of 'Mort U Wary' as a screen name proved that this person is a sick, twisted and brain damaged individual. His/her/its comments are further proof that the Rep needs a better method of screening individuals who post comments.

Hell, if you want a letter published, they give you a phone call. Why not do the same for people that what to post comments? Works for me.

BD said...

I think a phone call may be a bit much. (IHC in our real world job reads a lot of newspapers and makes comments), but there has to be some kind of "proof of identity."

This problem did not exist under the old system where people were forced to use their real names. We understand why some people do not or cannot use their real names (snoopy bosses for instance, which we abhor), but a stable alter-identity should be required. We have counted about 60 names we believe OP uses on the Rep. Some have been permanently banned, but other IDs pop up in their place.

If nothing else, there should be a way to check most IPs--at least of the usual suspects. Obviously, though. some people have more than one computer or post from public terminals where #s would be different. We would not want to see posting problems from legitimate posters.

On the whole, there has to be some easy way to control this vermin such as requiring more poster information than is required now upon registration.

We know some people disagree with us, but we believe Jeff wants to fix this. It doesn't do the paper or its advertisers any good. It's taking too much time, though. This vicious, vile onslaught last night is enough to send readers away in droves.

Jim Hardy said...

But how do you know if a person is using their 'real name' or a stable screen name?

There are plenty of free email servers out there so that wouldn't be a good option.

Most people have ISPs that have dynamically assigned IPs and a forced renewal of an IP lease will get that reset.

I guess the point I'm making is that I see a few options - one is direct verification by phone or mail. Another is to keep going with the current system but get a several 'trusted' moderators to patrol the boards. Finally, just forget about user comments. Personally, I've opt for #2.

mary said...

Great job on this blog, as usual.

I don't know what the answer is in keeping this Mort U Wary person under control. She has led a life of bullying people, and intimidating them. This is what she's trying to do with me. She gave one former friend a nervous breakdown, and another is on the verge of one. That won't work with me, and this is what bugs her so.

I don't think the Rep is working as hard as they could in keeping her off of comments. Are they that dumbfounded by her?

I thought of of one thing they might do. I'm not sure if they could do it with the present system.

Everyone who wants to comment, should have to fill out an online application, and send it to the Rep for approval. Then, the Rep would, on approval, send each approved commenter a secret pin number or password. That pin or password would be matched up with the ISP of the computer that the application was submitted on. That way, you could only submit a comment on that PC, with the pin # assigned you. It, the pin#, wouldn't work with any other

Does this sound feasible or possible to you guys?

James Hardy said...

Mary, I kind of doubt that the idea of locking an account to a specific ISP would be accepted. People may change carriers or may post from multiple locations. The coding would also likely be a nightmare.

Phone verification would work but BD thinks that would be too much. So, how about having people still apply online but then call a specific phone number so their caller ID could be recorded.

Then again, having several trusted moderators entrusted to yank comments would be best. OP might just give up if its comments are removed within minutes.

mary said...

ok James, but what about having a pin number that you had to use to make a comment, regardless of where you made it from. At least, they could trace the pin number, and whoever it belongs to is responsible for the comment made with it. Would that work?

Jim Hardy said...

Mary, Either a pin number or verified username/account would work. The goal is the same, that the Rep has a way of removing abusive users and preventing them from showing up again under a different name. Unfortunately, I don't think that the Rep will do it.

mary said...

You might be right James about the Rep not being anxious to implement anything although J. Gauger said on his blog, that something similar to my suggestion was in the works at the Rep. Lets hope. It's more for his benefit than mine. I can go toe to toe with her anytime, if I'm given the opprotunity to do so without being sanctioned. It's his newspaper that's being disturbed, and his readers that are getting disgusted.

Sue ME, Fat Bitch! said...

Jim Hardy makes a good point. You know Fat Bitch (Octopuppet) will move heaven and earth to get her Fat Bitch comments posted on cantonrep. No matter what kind of system is imposed, Fat Bitch, like those assholes who invent new viruses, will work her fat little fingers off finding a way around it.

This bitch is so obsessed with trying to destroy other peoples' lives, she would buy a new computer in order to get around the system, or maybe go to the library and use their computers to spill her fat bile in cantonrep.

So we're probably stuck with Fat Bitch forever, sadly. One has to be a truly miserable piece of human garbage to hound and harrass the mother of a deceased person in public (or in private, for that matter). I can't imagine anything lower on the face of the earth than such a person. A piece of vile excrement, that's what this bitch is. Truly the scum of the earth.

I know you're reading this, Octopuppet. So SCREW YOU, you fat, disgusting hag. You're a bitch and a whore. I hope you develop an incurable case of excruciatingly painful hemmorhoids on that fat ass of yours. THE MALOIK ON YOU, BITCH!