Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 14, 2009: Champ

Mercy me! I Hate Canton suffered a lapse of amnesia yesterday and forgot to post our Village Idiot Award. It happens when we get so tied up in HGTV house hunters and lose all track of space and time.

There were several potentials in Sunday's edition. For instance, the non-existent-except-in-its- head "Belinda McAllister," who whinged copiously over the persecution of white folks at the hands of pushy blacks and "jews."* "Belinda's" comments appeared on several threads and have been removed, but we retrieved this one before the hook grabbed her:

Color of Stark: Finding a Seat for Diversity
I'm so tired of all of this! When will the whites get their say? Why is it always the 'poor blacks' and 'jews'? YOU PEOPLE have had it easy for a long time! I'm tired of YOU getting all of the jobs because of your color! Yeah, I'm white and I'm standing up for my race! SUE ME!
Belinda McCallister

We're tired of one-trick ponies and comment whores, though, (even if we did just give "Belinda" a freebie) so she's out of the running.

Instead we are happy to grant the June 14, 2009 Village Idiot Award to "Champ" for his sweeping prison reform proposal: the State of Ohio execute killers within 30 days of conviction. Since only a minuscule number of accused killers are indicted, prosecuted and convicted with death penalty specs, we are waiting for Mr. Champ to elaborate on his plan to cleanse Ohio's prisons of killers without scrapping the laws of Ohio and the US Constitution.

I Hate Canton makes special note of "Champ's" mathematical skills. According to the February 9, 2009 Columbus Dispatch, Ohio had a prison population of about of 47,000 (yeah, you read that right.) Out of that number, according to the April 1, 2009 Dispatch, citing the Capital Crimes Report issued by Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, 175 were on Death Row.
Unfortunately, some gun happy Rep nanny killed all comments to this thread, so again, you'll have to take our word for it.

Quick Execution of Convicted Killers Will Benefit Taxpayers, Reduce Crime
I agree 100% Saddam Hussein was given the death penalty and had 30 days to think about what was to come. 30 days later he met his maker. He is no longer a parasite to the taxpayers. This 30 days and out would eliminate the prison overpopulation immediately. It would save countless billions of dollars that could be spent to help in other areas in the United States. I can't think of a better deterrent to murder than this 30 days and out. The countdown begins in days not years. 30-29-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21-20-19- OH BOY!-18-17-16-15-14-13-OH CRAP!-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5- Boy did I #$%k up- 4-3-2-1- Good bye!

We urge Champ and his followers to check out the 1901 reenactment of the execution of William McKinley's assassin, Leon Czolgosz published by I Hate Canton earlier. We hope it inspires Champ and his friends to stage a reenactment of Canton's very own triple execution documented in Jim Artzner's novel, The Black Minute. It's out of print, but the downtown Stark County District Library has 6 copies.

*"Belinda" and her buddies have never learned the rules of capitalization.


Jim Hardy said...

The real question (like I posted at the Rep) is why the nutty 'shoot them all' letter was printed by the Rep in the first place. It's like they're trying to attract insane comments. Odd, really odd.

Well, time to go cling to my God and handgun......

mary said...

On which do you depend the most Jim?