Friday, June 19, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 18, 2009: Braxton, dsteelman1

The Reppie misogynist romp continues.

First we have dssteelman1 whose misogyny appears to be economic-based. (Since we are not Mrs. desteelman1, we can't say for sure, though). Our amateur eugenicist wants to "spay and neuter" welfare moms after 1 year on the books--or is it 2 weeks? Whatever... their wombs belongs to him.

Strickland Proposes 2 Billion in Cuts to Social Services
No lam you didnt ask me how to solve the problem . I was just pointing out what I wouldnt mind seeing rather thatn others living off of me.

A solution?

Spay and neuter the people on welfare for more than a year. If youre on welfare for 2 weeks and have a kid, youre done having kids. You want me to pay for you then I get to say what you can and cant do. If I dont have money I sure dont have MORE kids .

I dont really think welfare moms are having abortions, to much money to be made from that little cash cow in there .

Exactly where does it state I have to feed people to darn lazy to work??

Then there's Braxton, returned from well-deserved obscurity. Braxton hates women on general principle. According to him, his wife left him with three kids to trip the light fantastic solo. If Braxton's comments here are anything like their marriage, we congratulate the former Mrs. B for her prudent career move.

Braxton's latest diatribe started when he innocently posted a defense of bad manners at the McKinley High School graduation, as described by Davida Carter-Burns' letter to the editor. Carter-Burns complained about the loud, obnoxious behavior of adults--presumably parents and relatives of graduating seniors-- during the ceremony: seat crawling, walking on the main floor, cellphone chit-chatting, shouting, and other uncouth activities, aided and abetted by a lousy sound system. Pleas from the announcer to shut up and sit down went unheeded by the party-heartys. Having attended some of these "celebrations, myself, we feel Ms. Carter-Burns pain.

While many posters recounted their bad experience at the McKinley graduation and other public events, or at least commiserated, Braxton celebrated it with, among other things, an "interesting" use of the word "kahunnas."

Letter: Many in Audience at McKinley Graduation Acted Badly.
Graduation is a time for celebration. I say stand up an yell, dance in the aisles if you so choose. People these days are to worried about what their neighbors might say about them to really enjoy the moment. Enjoy the moment, and to heck with what the stiff upper collars might say. After all, they're just jealous that they don't have the kahunnas to truly support the ones they love.

Braxton was appropriately dumped on for promoting uncivil behavior in public space. One dumper, "speakmymind," made the mistake of identifying herself as a "single mother of three" triggering Braxton's personal issue bomb.

A single mother of three, wow, what a great example for our kids.

to which Ms. speakmyind replied:

Yes braxton, a single mother of three, all fathered by my ex-HUSBAND. As I said, I now make it on my own with no help from welfare or any other agency. A strong independent woman. An EXCELLENT example for our kids.

sending Braxton nuclear:

Sorry speakmymind, but that is not an excellent example. Didn't you take a vow of for better or worse? Kids need a mother and father, not just an independent woman. You put your selfish wants above your childrens needs. Sorry to say, but your children will more than likely go on to repeat your misgivings. They will think a one parent home is the norm. The normal family is a mom, a dad, two and a half kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. Your kids are doomed.


Greiner, if I had three kids and got divorced , and ended up with custody of the kids, I wouldn't consider that being 'stuck' with the kids. To me, that would be a blessing. What's the matter with you, you strong independent woman? Like I said, you put your wants ahead of the needs of others. That's what so called independent people do.

To date, Braxton continues to be dumped on.

So here we have a fellow that thinks it's perfectly OK to hoot and holler unabated at a public event who turns around and takes a single mother to task for "dooming" her children to a civilized lifestyle. Guess whose kids I Hate Canton would prefer to share food court space with.

I Hate Canton was perfectly content to name dssteelman1 our first place winner today. As we reviewed Braxton, however, we realized that he deserves the honor. We thereby name Braxton, the June 18, 2009 Village Idiot of the day.

In addition, if Braxton would be so kind as to forward us a mailing address, we will send him an air horn which will enable him to show his appreciation at Canton Symphony Orchestra concerts. In addition, he will also receive a $100 gift certificate for a introductory session of stress relief at Mistress Melanie's House of Pleasure and Pain located in a discreet cul de sac just moments from McKinley High School.

dssteelman1, though is not forgotten. He places a close second. Better luck next time, ds!


Anonymous said...

dsteelman shouldn't worry about "paying for other peoples' kids". He probably doesn't make enough income to pay taxes in the first place. And how does he know for sure that some of those kids aren't his?

Anonymous said...

Fathering children may be anatomically impossible for dsteelman, who likes you use the term "kahunnas"...but clearly doesn't possess any of his own (or he wouldn't feel so threatened by strong women).

hicktown gal said...

I am on my feet, cheering Clapping and dancing in the aisles. At this pace Braxton will soon be in the Village Idiot HOF. Truly a legend in the making.

mary said...

When you go into a Hall of Fame, doesn't your head go somewhere? I have a suggestion on where to put both of those jerk's heads.

Don't worry guys, it won't be anywhere your heads haven't been before.

Can't make babies like that, so you can just sit back and laugh at the men, and criticize the women that do.