Friday, June 5, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 4, 2009: Disappeared Anonymous Posters, te1995, danik69, DemocratNOTLiberal, BabyMom

Cantonians are an unhappy lot. There's an unwritten law among Reppies: complain about something until there's a remedy (or at least an attempt), then turn around and complain that something was done.

In no better place can this be better illustrated than by the subject of local crime. Things were so bad for awhile that the Rep disabled all comments on crime and courts, but recently is enabling some. Let no good deed go unpunished.

You can bet that as soon as there's murder in town our Reppies will be out in full force decrying the breakdown of law, order, and morals in the most lawless city in the US. These pronouncements will be followed predictably by anonymous fond memories of the accused killer(s) and the evisceration of the victim(s) portrayed as well-deserving of their fate. Commenters especially like to offer "proof" that the victim(s) were no better than the shooter with anecdotal accounts of the victim's bad behavior. Then, we have the criminal, convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime, who a certain group of commenters will inevitably morph from robber, rapist, thief, or killer into a martyr subjected to unfair rules. (NOTE: if the perp is rich, all bets are off. See the DiPietro case. Many Reppies suffer from wealth envy.)

A perfect example of this topsy-turveyness can be found in two articles: Hundreds Mourn Two Men Shot to Death Last Week in a Southwest Canton Neighborhood and Profanity in Court Draws Judge's Ire: Man Goes to Jail After Brother Sentenced to Prison.

Hundreds Mourn is Lori Monsewicz's account (with video) of the Wednesday funeral of cousins De’Andre Ruffin, 32, and Jonathon Pierce,22, who with Melissa Pinney, 31, were shot to death in a senseless altercation outside the White Crown Cafe on 9th and Clarendon, SW. A teenage girl with them escaped injury. Edward C. Martino III, 24, accused of the murders, escaped to New Mexico and is in the process of being sent back to Stark County.

Before we proceed, though, we must give credit where credit is due. No one has said anything even closely nice about Martino in any thread. According to posters who know his family, he was a born brat, has a long arrest record (backed up by the Stark County Clerk of Courts online records and the Rep), enjoyed beating up his mother, and once set fire to her house.

Once upon a time, there was such a thing as "good manners." People kept their mouths shut, no matter what they thought of the deceased unless the dearly departed was Adolph Hitler or John Wayne Gacey. Those days are long gone in Canton, especially under the irresponsibility fostered by the Rep's anonymous poster policy. Nestled among genuine messages of grief and condolence were half dozen anonymous comments attacking the character of Ruffin and Pierce. I Hate Canton was distracted by other duties and should have, but didn't, archive these comments, and they are now gone. The jist however ranged from "they were no angels," "what can you expect?" and specious attacks on the families of the dead, to "that's what you get when you're out late at night and not home in bed where you belong." Reportedly, Jonathan Pierce's brother was involved in a murder at least a decade ago; thus, making any genuine sympathy for his family or disgust at his murder to be without merit. Remember this is Canton.

Reppie Harpies also demanded to know why not much has been said about Melissa Pinney and her family. The snoops finally brought out Pinney's family who wrote several times. Here is part of their first response:

Please understand we are trying to think of whats best for the children they are young an don't understand any of this We want to keep them out of the papers the pictures an the camera as much as possible We are mourning the same as everyone else but we just are trying to do whats best in a situation that we never expected Melissa will always be missed.

Not content with a family statement"te1995" blasts away:

Hundreds Mourn Two Men Shot to Death Last Week in a Southwest Canton Neighborhood
I feel bad for both families but why is there a large article everyday regarding these two black guys when obviously they were 'looking for a fight' because they stepped out of the car and was ready for a brawl? What about Melissa? We haven't heard anything about her since the rep said she was shot dead in the driver seat. Can anyone tell me if Melissa is white and that's why we don't hear of her or her family?

followed today by"danik69" who wink-wink tells us that the real reason Pinney's family isn't in the paper is that they are ashamed that she was murdered in the company of two black men aka "people." (This remark may disappear soon).

Yes...that poor woman was got that right!....she made a mistake of being with these 'people' and she sure paid the ultimate price. I truly am sorry for all involved. I wouldn't want any coverage at all if she was a member of my family...good move Pinney family.

As I Hate Canton was filling in the links, we saw that DemocratNOTLiberal has chimed in:

If Melissa would have stayed at her home with her kids, she would be going to a funeal, not being in one.

I Hate Canton is waiting for somebody to pop up and remind us that Canton is not a racist town.

This brings us to Profanity in Court and the unhappy tale of Lance D. Wells, 34, sentenced by Judge Lee Sinclair to 17 years in prison for aggravated burglary and felonious assault in a Bedford Ave., SW home invasion. Taking a page from OJ, the defense claimed that Wells believed the victim owed him money. Wells denied the assault and did not testify on his own behalf.

Wells' brother Lonnie took offense to the hard time doled out by Sinclair. From the Rep:

When Wells’ brother, Lonnie Wells, reacted with profanity to the sentence, Sinclair held him in contempt, and ordered five days in jail. Lonnie Wells responded with more profanity, and the judge doubled the time.

Most commenters agree that Lonnie needs a time out. But not BabyMom who sounds as if she's Lance Wells' Baby Mom.

BabyMom wonders incredulously, that it's against the law to shout naughty word bots at a judge during court. Frankly, I Hate Canton is incredulous that BabyMom is so stupid. Perhaps BabyMom should contact one of our local legislators to introduce a bill to make cussing in the courtroom legal.

Profanity in Court Draws Judge's Ire; Man Goes to Jail After Brother Sentenced to Prison
Once again, unfair rulings. I urge those of you who are so quick to applaud Judge Sinclair to actually know the details of this case. Naturally, those facts were not reported. This judgement is unfair and biased. Especially to the family of Lance and most importantly his two babies. Now it will be left up to the family to try and explain to these innocent children (who dearly love Daddy) that their Daddy is gone because of the states mistake. As for Lonnie, that was a crime? Since when was loving your family and showing emotional reaction illegal?! Another example of our justice system at work.

I Hate Canton names all the anonymous posters who beat up on De'Andre Ruffin, Jonathon Pierce, Melissa Pinney, and their families with our Grand Prize today. If we had their names, we'd post them (and their comments). Although some of their remarks were made today, we especially honor te1995, danik69 and DemocratNOTLiberal for continuing the tradition of racism in the Repository.

We send our condolences to the Ruffin, Pierce and Pinney families and congratulate the Pinneys for keeping a level head instead of saying what they probably really want to say to our winners. Even Judge Sinclair would probably agree.

On stupidity alone, BabyMom is granted an Honorable Mention.


mary v parker said...

When I read the lates comments posted on the funeral of the two young men this afternoon on the Rep's comment section, I said to myself; "Oh oh!" I figured if I wanted to get a last comment in on this story, I'd better hurry up and write it. I sat and typed the following; "Well, I see comments on this story are on their way out. You can't use this forum to spread your racist venom, nor your attacks on those making those asinine comments, and expect the Rep to continue allowing it.
This isn't the Louisville story after all, where people were allowed to beat up on me for a month because I was asked a question on the percentage of racist makeup and gave an answer off the top of my head. They don't care about you beating up on me, or even Charita, a Black woman, who had the audacity to use the 'N' word in one of her columns. I guess we're fair game, but I bet my life on the fact that they won't allow this thread to continue much longer. I can't tell folks how to talk on here, and I'm not trying to. Everyone is grown, but trust me, if these tirades continue, there won't be any more comments on this thread. Or crime stories period. They'll allow you to RI[ into each other, give you enough rope and let you hang yourselves. You can get your point across, but watch the language, and the racist remarks. These are the things they look at in deciding whether to pull the plug on us. Then we're back to, just reading the story, and not being able to say a damn thing about it..Up to you! I'll get beat up for offering a little advice, and I don't really care, but comments are much fun or worth while, when you can only comment on what Obama is doing in the Middle East, and what GM is doing to correct itself after bankruptcy." All finished, I hit the 'Send comment' button, but nothing happened. It kept saying; "Please wait". I waited about 30 seconds, and hit the send button again. Nothing! I decided I better hit the refresh button then enter my comments which I had copied and pasted. Funny thing happened. When the story came back up, there was no place to enter my comment. Where the heck did that little box for comments go?? Duh! I then realized, that the *#**&* comments had been pulled on that thread. Just that quick! I knew when I saw that 'F-you" on the last comment, that time wasn't on my side, and that I hadn't typed quite fast enough to get my last little comment in. I'm sure it would have really been appreciated, AND, I bet you anything, my advice would have been taken. They would have stopped the madness after my warning comment. Yea right. lol

hicktown gal said...

Well, shoot! You city folks got a hot mess up there in Canton. Down here in the holler we don't have no newspaper , but we do have Ella Bean's Barbershop/Hair and Beauty Salon. That is where folks go to get spruced up and to talk about any happenins in the area. Harry Stump is usually the main reason folks git riled up in our town. Seems like Sheriff Twitch McCune has to throw Harry's drunken ass in jail every weekend. Mr. Stump is our town drunk. Harry gits real mean when he takes to drinkin' too much and then y'all just better stay out of his way. I think he's just plain dumb. Sheriff Twitch has had to pull his gun on Harry more times than anyone around here can count. Course most folks around here cain't count too far. Anyhoo, you don't want our Sheriff to pull out his gun if you can help it. Daddy says folks call him Twitch on account of Mr. McCune was in that war in Vietnam way back in the 1970's. Seems he got sprayed with some orange stuff and it affected his nervous system. Now, because of all that, his right hand gits to twitchin' when he gits upset. Well, as y'all have probably already guessed, that is the sheriff's shootin hand and that is why I think Harry Stump is so dumb. Town folk come to Ella's on Saturday mornins and discuss the problems in our town, but everybody knows everybody else and no one is hindin' behind some fancy name. Shoot, you'd think Miss Sissy Sawyerstrussel and Mr. Richard Dinkle would want to change their names for obvious reasons, but they don't. I surely do hope y'all git your problems with your newspaper figured out. Then maybe that mean ol' Mr. Jeffrey Gauger will let me talk to folks on his fancy newspaper again.

mary said...

I can't understand how family members can be around such an obviously deeply disturbed person, such as one who would write the rantings I saw today, not only aimed at me and my deceased son, but other non-deserving good people, and not try to get help for her. What does it take for someone to see that there's a screw loose somewhere.

And what makes it so sick, these degrading comments about my son are coming from the same person who went on Legacy.Com when Darryl died, and signed this phony message of condolences:

"January 17, 2008
Mary and Andrea,

Nothing could be more painful then to lose a child. Andrea, I lost my brother when he was 29 and feel for you. God Bless your family at this time."

This shows how evil she is. She acknowledges the fact that "nothing could be more painful........" Yet she writes comments like something out of a horror movie, implying that my son is crying out in agony from his grave."OH, it's so hot down here"
I don't believe that for a minute.

She's even low enough to drag my daughter into her imbecilic comments.

Why??? What sick pleasure is she deriving from these sick comments?? What a pervert.

On that note..... I'll call it a day. What a long day it's been.

Thank God for friends. They've been so wonderful, so concerned, so caring.
Thank you.