Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lower Than Low: The Mammone Murders as Personal Agenda

This is not about village idiocy. It is about hate.

In the last couple days, some very ugly comments have appeared in the Rep. They appear to be posted by the same person using different names, though we lack the ability to prove it. Most comments have been removed. I Hate Canton plans to post some more of them later, but due to our minor, but annoying computer problems are still sorting through them.

For the moment, we publish this low-as-can-go comment. It appeared under Mayor Healy Urges Officials to Find Ways to Slash Budget written by the fittingly-named cowardbehindascreenname.

The comment has nothing to do with the article it is attached to, but since most comments on the Mammone triple murder were disabled, it "had" to go somewhere, under the rules of Let No Tragedy Go Unexploited.

Hey Cirelli--how many different names a day are you going to use. BTY aren't you related to James Mammone? When are you scheduled to go off the hook?

Using the brutal murders of two small children and their grandmother by the children's father to pursue a bizarre personal vendetta with a longtime poster and member of a respected Canton political family is vile and despicable--if not crazy. What anonymous cowardbehindascreenname hoped to gain, outside of some mental masturbatory satisfaction is a mystery. It can't be sympathy.

We know the the Repository is attempting to dig up the stink weeds that infest the paper, and trust that this specific weed will never sprout again. Of course, it will pop up again like the noxious weed it is, under a different name.


harasxlacidar said...

I'd like to nominate the next Village Idiot of the Day because of the following comment stemming from the article about MRDD cutting jobs. This comment may not be around be around because it's pretty mean.

Levypassed Everyonegetsaraise
1 hour ago
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hey mary v. aint ya glad ya got the levy passed now. your credibility is buried deeper than you know who


BD said...

Very good, harasxlacidar! I hadn't seen this one yet. Tune in tomorrow!

mary said...

Thank you Harasxlacidar for bringing the obnoxious comment from Levypasseded. What a sick person that is. I prayed for that person last night.

Apparently IT doesn't believe that there is a God that we all, including 'it' will have to answer to one day. 'IT' too will alson one day be buried deep in the ground, perhaps even deeper. 'IT' cam't hurt my son. He's now enjoying all of the things that his disabilities kept him from doing while here on earth. He couldn't care less what folks think of him or his Mother.

Thank you Harasxlacider for caring, not only for me and Darryl, but for all the people with disabilities that you worked for, during the levy campaign, and are on your way to devoting your life to educating. I wish I had a hundred of you.

Love and Hugs