Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 3, 2009: MichaelD, jimmycrackcorn

Perusing yesterday's Rep, I Hate Canton was surprised to find nearly all comments falling into a general category of "civility." That is, there were no ethnic or racial slurs, no family member attacks, and multiple personality posting disorderlies were held at bay. The Disagreeables and their cousins, The Cranks continue to post, but that's OK, since disagreeable is one thing; evil another. I Hate Canton even admits we enjoy The Disagreeables and The Cranks, and they are one of the reasons we are here. They are the measure which "normal" people measure themselves, and if anything I Hate Canton is "normal."

We find it difficult, however, to believe that Repppies have suddenly turned kind-hearted, compassionate and beneficent. Was Tuesday a slow news day, or could this mean that the Rep is clamping down on its herd of presa canaros and MMPD attention seekers? Back under the old system, editor Jeff Gauger once told us "you won't believe what we don't let through." It was probably enough to boggle a Todd Bosley bobblehead (RIP).

Despite the sunny disposition, I Hate Canton admits that we are disappointed by yesterday's entries. We know our Reppies, even with their fingers clamped, can do better than compare two of the Big Three automakers to quiche, though the comparison is rather retro and cute. For those who missed GM Bankruptcy Pain Already Felt Here:

REAL Americans don't drive GM or Chrysler.

And for those of you who voted for him -- How's that Obama thing working out for you?

Which begs the question, then, just what do "real men" drive? Smart cars?

We are also struck by the comments of "jimmycrackcorn" who also signed his real name (we assume), "Jim Bates." Responding to comments made by DVIA award winner "Cal" on the Bosley fire, Jimmy wrote:

$1.1 Million Fire Destroy's Stark County Commissioner's Barn, Business
Cal, use your real name so everyone will know! I know who you are and what you've done! You are a sick person who should be in jail.

Jim Bates

followed by

Cal, I'd post your real name, but my post would just get removed. You know why you should be in jail! You and I both know what you've done! It will come to light very soon and I'll be there when you go down

We can't wait for the light to fall on Cal and his disreputable activities, and hope the Rep follows through on this tip.

Normally, neither of these posters would qualify for an Honorable Mention, but we like to award a First Prize every day. Relatively speaking, we give the June 2, 2009 First Prize to Mr. Manly Man MichaelD. Jimmyjcrackcorn qualifies as Honorable Mention for posting titillating intel about a former winner, and a hint of things to come.

We know Reppies can do better, though. Let's give it the old bulldog try!

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