Thursday, June 18, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 17, 2009: dssteelman1, JohnH, Frank Manello

Class envy hit the pages of the Rep yesterday.

We expect class envy from the have nots. But from the haves? Well, why not? This is Canton, and our outspoken haves increasingly are exhibiting envy towards the have nots and the government entitlements that permit them to live in Canton's northeastside lap of luxury unlike the haves, trapped in their Belden Village and Lake Cable ghettos.

Frank Manello suggests that the government "whack" food stamps to the poor:

Frank Manello
Strickland Proposes 2 Billion in Cuts to Social Services
Democrats: the 'party of the little guy'. At least Strickland is smelling the roses. Now if he'd only whack food stamps maybe some people wouldn't have the energy to breed like rabbits and keep producing welfare moochers.

dssteelman1 carries Frank's suggestion a bit further, suggesting that the children of the welfare "breed for money" poor be starved to death in abstentia by the government.

Tom, youve got to be kidding me right???!!! What kids do you think are covered by the FREE HEALTHCARE??????????? The same ones the moochers are popping out to increase their food stamp amounts.

I applaud the guv, I hope this happens.

Personally , I would like to see the free loaders starving in the streets along with their urchins they breed for money.

I earned my money , therefore it is mine. Not theirs.

On the flip side we have JohnH, undoubtedly an ardent wild-eyed radical liberal, socialist, wealth- redistributor anarchist Obamamaniac who blames all the country's woes graduates, of which we assume he is not.

Survey: Most College Students Plan to Leave Ohio
-From what I have seen of most recent college graduates, we are probably better off without them.

followed by

Let's see..... Lawyer - college education; Banker - college education; politician - most are lawyers, so again, college education; Wall Street - college education; the so called 'shakers and doers of our society - yep, college education; And look what they have done for us, destroyed this country and it's economy. So tell me again about the great college graduates and how important they are to our society. I have often wondered when it was this country started it's downward spiral. Now I realize, it started when people started getting those college educations and being told repeatedly how much more they were worth (than what they really are) and how much smarter they are (which they really are not). Now, crucify me because I am just a plain old dumb American who works for a living, lives the old fashioned way and am at the mercy of those most precious college grads who decide how this country and world runs. God help us all.

followed by:

CV: The way things are going now that college graduates are responsible for doing to this country, we will live in a third world country and mud huts before long. Your post wreaks of condescension towards those that built this country in it's early beginnings without the aid of a college degree and to those who have come since. That without the aid of those with college degrees, the human population would cease to exist. Get off your high horse and your brainwashed attitude that without your college degrees there could be no world. Don't demand respect, for that only instills malevolence. Earn respect, it will be a much sweeter reward. Stop trying to be the elite of society while opressing others and expect entitlements that you have not earned nor deserve.

This is a real toss-up. I Hate Canton knows too many elitist college grads holding down jobs as waiters, janitors, data inputters and temps. That is, college educations are highly overrated. We thoroughly expect JohnH, following the policy of the late Cambodian dictator Pol Pot, to soon propose the hunting down and execution of anyone wearing eye glasses since they must be members of the elitist educated class.

But I Hate Canton also knows women who have collected government assistance ( and let's face it, that's who Frank and ds are mad at). Since assistance is time-limited and measly, we find it difficult to believe that very many women of reproductive age would play Michelle Duggar to avoid getting a job and/or an employed husband.

We'd be more impressed if Frank and ds demanded the government facilitated starvation of John H's bankers, politicians and Wall Streeters.

Moreover, Mr. Manello opposes abortion, especially government subsidized, which might actually alleviate some of his stress over deadbeats and their progeny. We do not remember ds making any remarks about abortion, but we are sure he has and that he is also opposed. Not sure where either of them stand on birth control, but probably they support the "keep your knees together" method.

To be fair then, we must announce a tie for June 17's Village Idiot award. dsteelman1 and John H: two sides of the same coin, equally bankrupt, take a shared first place. Frank Manello, a stand-up guy who has the guts to use his own name, gets an Honorable Mention.

We also thank Stephanie Watkins, who nominated Frank Manello. I Hate Canton needs more civic minded activists like Ms. Watkins!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the award. Bummer I only got an Honorable Mention. I'll try harder in the future.
As for my stance on abortion, while I think it is wrong, I do approve of it for all liberals up until the child is twenty one years old.
Frank Manello

BD said...

You quite welcome Frank. We aim to please.

BD said...

BTW, Frank, have you ever performed at Oscar's Cafe?

Cynthia Vignos said...

No argument from me (B.F.A. University of Akron, 1987).

Anonymous said...

Who wants to know?
Frank Manello

BD said...

I Hate Canton wants to know. A little bird told us you have a nicer kinder side. We'd love to publicize your next performance. We would even do it gratis. We really like you Frank,and want to support local talent.

hicktown gal said...

Yee haw!!! I love music. Does Frank play the fiddle or the banjo?

Anonymous said...

Who is "I Hate Canton". Who is "A Little Bird"? For a site that purports to long for the days when people posted under their own names.......
No I do not play the banjo or fiddle but I have been known to carry a kazoo.

BD said...

Who IHC?

I Hate Canton is everyone and no one. We are the voice on the breeze, the smile on a child's face, the fragrance of a spring rose, the cat's purr, the dill in a pickle. Look in the mirror and you'll see IHC looking back at you. Well maybe not.

It was a little Google Bird that told us about your artistic nicer kinder side No, we were not snooping on you. We only wanted to verify that you are the real person others have purported you to be, not the figment of a MPP disorderly mind.

mary said...

Hey, you guys quit bashing Frank. He's a good guy. Lot of screwed up notions about life, like wanting to keep all his earned income and not "SHARE THE WEALTH". What's so wrong Frank, about helping the poor? Jesus said you'd get blessed for helpimg the poor. So, whenever you feel like you need a blessing, give to the poor. Just drop a check in the mail. My address is in the phone book.

Oh yea, what you got against breeders? Jesus said "go an multiply", People like you make me ashamed to be on welfare. I bet you stand in the supermarkes everyday, watching what those girls on welfare, buy with their food stamp cards. Heaven forbid they buy a pork chop or a steak. You ever seen the prices on those dog bones at Fishers? hell, they cost more than the steaks. Lighten up Frank. You folks picken on him, wanting to know if he plays a uke or not, you all lighten up too. Franks a nice guy. At least he was before Obama suggested spreading the wealth. Don't worry about these people Frank. They're just a bunch of Canton Rep rejects. lol. Me included.