Sunday, June 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 21, 2009: dlarry, badlarry

Even Father's Day is not immune from our Reppie ranters. A Father's Day feature on McKinley High School 's much loved and respected band director Chris McFarren was vandalized.

McFarren's "crime:" being a white man married to a black woman. He and his wife Leatha have three biological sons and recently adopted a daughter from Ethiopia. Their pictures appear with the story. (If the vandalization about anything else, we'd love to know!) Thankfully, comments by "larry" were removed quickly.

McKinley Band Director Turns up the Tunes for his Family
i wouldnt want 2 know him from what i see??

followed in quick succession by

nice going canton paper just what ppl want 2see on sunday morin

unreal 2 have a pics like that on sunday morin

shame there notting better 2 put in sunday paper

Hey! We thought racism was dead in Canton! That's what our Reppies tell us.

Hats off to Larry! June 22, 2009 Village Idiot.


John E said...

Commentors like blarry make commentors like me look good. Thanks from me, blarry. With you around I have nothing about which to worry.

mary said...

John with that goofball around, NO ONE has to worry about looking bad. What an idiot. Wonder if she's still has her white sheets.