Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on Last Night's Shenanigans

First off, thanks to Jeff Gauger and the Rep staff for removing the hijacked posts and banning the identity thief (under the stolen name) from posting. As we know, though, our Octopuppet (or Octopuppets as the case may be), don't go away. They just get mad. And then in some psychopathic way, try to get even.

This morning, for instance, "nativenewyorker," who we do not remember from previous posts as being particularly malevolent, claimed that regular poster Marley Greiner obsessively hijacks MMRD threads. Hey! We thought Mary Parker did that! No wait, Isn't that what Octopuppet does? Whatever, we're looking through you, as the Beatles sang.


MRDD to Lay-Off 42, Not Fill 6 Jobs
Every time there is an article concerning MRDD the nonsense begins. What do all; these crazy posts have to do with the headline. It seems like the Marley person is always at the root of this crap. Let's keep it on subject folks. Every single thread has been hijacked by him. What is a Marley and why is he/it so hell bent on causing disruption. This person has the average Rep reader totally confused. Stop the madness. The Rep has about the worst comment site of any area newspaper. What is wrong here. I usually do not say much but this is out of control and full of disruption. Who cares is the bottom line. Don't some of these people have a job or chores to do around the house? The weather has been beuatiful. Get outside and enjoy it. Get out from behind the computer and enjoy life.

And speaking of hijacking. Later this morning these two wacky posts from "chillbilly" attacking Greiner showed up out of nowhere on WHBC-AM 1490 Changes Affiliates to Fox News, bearing no context to anything posted on the thread. In fact chillbilly had never even posted on the thread until then. The posts were removed.

Marley ,your doing a fabulous job trying to drum up business for ihc. You sure are throwing the word coward out alot lately . You obviously have nothing better to do.

AND NO, I AM NOT THE OCTOPUPPET . Anyone who tires of you relentless attacks is not octopuppet .

Gee, who said you were, chillbilly? Until now.

Should we expect a confession soon?


Stephanie Watkins said...

I just finished reading an article on the Rep regarding concerts at the Ribs Burnoff this year. I'm speechless, for once. Mary, there HAS to be something that can be done to stop this monster. I don't even know you and I can see the stalking online. I've been reading comments for many years and I have never seen it this bad. I believe legally, you have a case. This is definitely harassment. There has to be a way to compel the Rep to investigate who exactly is doing this to you. Like I said above, we've never met, but this PISSES me off! And to the person that is responsible for the comments today, you are NOTHING but a COWARD. Ooooh I wish I could cuss here.

Anonymous said...

Well I just came in from mowing and all of the comments have been removed. It looks like something must be up. What is her deal now?

Ms Curtiss

Jim Hardy said...

It looks like the Rep has eliminated ALL posting for ALL articles.

Any idea what's going on?

John E said...

Last two sentences say it all.

Anonymous said...

Comments shut down for the weekend!

The puppet loses ....

Game over!!

On Monday, press reset.

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous, comments are shut down. The Puppet won. Rather like a terrorist I think. One person can bring down an entire part of many peoples lives. The Puppet is like a car bomb in Iraq. The Puppet needs to be exposed and identified. Perhaps sent to GITMO?

I have to ask, what is with the two drunk broads dancing (and I use the term loosely)video? Is it a private joke? Is one of them the Puppet?

Frank You Know Who M. (How am I ever going to win VIOTD if there are no comments?

BD said...

We think we have to wait a few days to see who has won--just what this new system is.

As for the video, it's a stupid take-off on the Rusko recording Attention Whore. We guess it went over--or under--people's heads. Our OP is, first and foremost, an attention whore.

Frank, we am sure you can come up with something to be a VIOTD. You're a smart guy.