Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Hate Canton Accused of "Violence and Terrorism"

We can only surmise that cowardbehindascreenname is the same person who emailed a regular IHC reader saying she was going to report I Hate Canton to the police for "profanity and harassment."

As for Mr. Jetson: post on!

Bar Violence is Symptom of Something Bigger More Dangerous
george-jetson--you said it all and hit the nail on the head. For that you may be named Village Idiot of the Day . If you are, wear it with honor and consider the source of the person saying it. There is many different types of violence and terrorism. That blog you refer to is one example of both. Keep on posting. I really like what you have to say.


mary v parker said...

Mr. Jetson is probably Mrs. Jetson. Her tirades sound awfully familiar. Especially the ones where she comes after me. She'll sure be happy to get on here. Maybe she'll settle down after that. God knows she sure tried hard enough to ge on here.

Elroy Jetson said...

That dumb broad must have grown ten more arms so she could pat all her phony names on the back in cantonrep.

When you have run all your friends off for life, it's probably better to have imaginary friends than no friends at all.

Spacely Sprocket said...

Octopuppet must have some awefully big chiropractor bills. You know her back hurts after kissing her own ass so many times in cantonrep.

mary v parker said...

She had one of her arms in a sling for awhile, that's probably what happened.