Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update: It's Baaacckkkk!!!!!!!!

Last week we had a couple days of relative quiet at the Rep. Our favorite multiple personality poster disorderly was momentarily silent, licking its wounds after diligent Rep staff chopped off some of its busy little fingers

By midweek, though, using a couple of unchopped tentacles ("Tom Dewey" and "Zachary") it returned, taking swipes at former council-at-large candidate and neighborhood activist Cindy Vignos in a moderate (for it) attempt to discredit her. Regrettably, the Rep removed the missives before I Hate Canton got around to archiving them. We do remember, though, that OP referred to Vignos' neighborhood as "sketchy." We were not aware until that post that the Edgefield & Washington Park area had become the arts district. We thought that was downtown. Canton is so confusing.

Other names our MPPD has posted under lately are "princessofthehoodrats" and "Mikey Goldmill." We suspect others.

Leaving no opportunity unturned, our OP has dragged LeBron James into its lunatic vendetta on Mary Parker. This appeared a few hours ago--clearly a veiled but recogizable attack on Ms Parker via her advocacy for the mentally retarded.

Mikey Goldmill
LeBron James Moving Camp for Kids from Akron to San Diego
Don't be so down on LeBron for taking a vacation. You 'people' are unbelieveable. Whats he supposed to do all summer, go down to Eastgate and make cornhole games or something?

We thought Mikey/Mickey died in 1981! We wonder how he likes sharing the bathroom with ""Nathan Jessep," "Theodore Donald Kerabatsos," and "Fawn Leibowitz." We hope he remembers to put the seat down.


hicktown gal said...

And let's not forget this little nugget that was left under the MRDD thread earlier today. Octopoop must have had her arm all the way up her ass in order to pull this one out.
> >
> > Marley Don Parker
> > 22 minutes ago
> > Report
> > Abuse
> >
> > Aren't those meetings held down
> > there in hell? If so, I prefer not to attend. Why
> don't
> > you have Darryl attend? Isn't he living nearby?
> Just a
> > thought!
> >
> > Marley Don
> > Parker
> >

BD said...

It's on the way. Unfortunately, sometimes words fail.What can even be said about this vileness?

mary said...

One thing for sure, I know my baby is in heaven, she should concern herself more with where she'll spend eternity.

She said in that very evil, dispicable comment that "Aren't those meetings held down in hell? If so, I prefer not to attend." Well sista, you AIN'T gonna have a choice in the matter! You're going where your words, deeds and even thoughts, dictate that you go. So far, I only see one direction for you. Darryl's fate was sealed 'out the gate'. Yours wasn't. So maybe you should be the one loading up on ice water. Don't you ever wonder how you know so much about hell? You know the temperature, the direction, everything. Seems to me that someone is preparing you for your journey.

Thankfully, I'm not an evil hearted person such as yourself, so I don't wish hell on you, or you in hell. I truly hope God touches that evil heart of yours. I wouldn't want my worst enemy, which is you, to spend eternity in hell.

hicktown gal said...

More verbal vomit from the putrid purse maker...

Mort U Wary
I did not see anywhere on here that anyone called anyone else retarded. If it happened, it must have been pulled quickly.

A word of advice, many of the regular posters on here are sick and tired of you always bringing up your dear innocent deceased son in at least half of the threads that you post on. I'd guess I've had to read about him 500 times in tha last year.

PLEASE GIVE IT (and him) A REST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody has close ones die and we don't go around begging or hinting for pity and sympathy on internet chat discussion boards.

Here's another hint - Your chat 'friends' are sick of it too but are too nice to tell you to lay off the constant woah's me boards you post.

So just stop and maybe the trolls who you say follow you around the message boards will stop as well.

Mort U Wary
6 minutes ago Report Abuse
Looks like your latest rant that I was commenting on got pulled already. See? Another person is sick of it as well.

Cynthia Vignos said...

As one of the "trolls" who frequent this blogsite and the CantonRep comments - allow me to speak for myself when I say that I never tire of Mary, her opinions or her fond reminiscing of her beloved son - who was clearly a treasure.