Monday, June 8, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, June 7, 2009: darby214

We're late today with our awards. I Hate Canton spent the day watching Fritz Lang films on Turner Classic while trying to fix a malfunctioning computer. We lost track of time and the computer still malfunctions.

We could not, however, ignore this malfunctional observation by local cultural critic darby214, about downtown Canton, its residents, fans, and public art. Responding to a letter by former Downtown YMCA Director William R.. Cumler, Both Children and Adults Need Y in Downtown Canton, darby informs us:

Like all of downtown, the Y became a crack den and a hangout for all the scum that frequent the area. The best solution would be to open up only for 'first Friday' so all the artsy fartsy winos dont kill someone on their way back to the richy rich sections of the county they came from after sucking down all the free wine designed to bring people to our beautiful downtown area. PLEASE some abandoned building with a bunch of art one step above finger painting and kindergarten ceramic ashtrays does not a artistic community make.

I Hate Canton is always puzzled by this kind of remark. We have spent long hours downtown and never been accosted by more than an occasional bag lady or reckless bike rider. We do however, remember sexual deviants acting out in the streets of Ridgewood and Harter Heights. Perhaps darby214 was lost and was actually watching antics at The Strip. We were much heartened, to see Ed March stumble upon the scene with this wonderful rejoinder.

Ed March
Gosh, I went to the downtown YMCA quite often and I'm not sure I would know crack if somebody threw it at me. I went there at least five times a week in the years before it closed and wasn't ever threatened with death or bodily harm. I didn't encounter one person I would call scum, and that includes several of the resident men there. I suppose that shows an experience is what you make of it.

Obviously, Mr. March hangs with the wrong crowd. Or he's mighty lucky. Whatever, the truth, he's our new hero!

We proudly name darby214 the Daily Village Idiot for June 7. 2009.

Furthermore. we believe that Ed March is a worthy winner of our first and probably rare Canton Patriot Award.


John E said...

Where do these people originate? It must be something in the water. If Canton were all that bad I would not return each year.

Good for Mr. March for telling what he sees and not what he perceives.

Jim Hardy said...

What was lost in the shuffle was the benefit that a YMCA adds to any community. This is a strong, community based organization that offers a wide range of services at very modest costs. When one closes, we all lose.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, "darby214" does not live in Canton, and has rarely stepped foot Downtown. Just some social-climbing wannabe who thinks his (or her) suburban ranch home is a Hollywood mansion.

hicktown gal said...

What in the sam hill is wrong with some of the folks in your town? Us country bumpkins would pee our Carhartts if we had an indoor pool. The best we got is the pond way down in Miss Shirley Crab's pasture. When the weather gets hot it's got scum coverin' the whole surface. That there Darby214 has got some nerve complainin' about a little scum and a crack. Try dealin' with snappin' turtles, mosquitoes, leaches, and water snakes, not to mention scum so thick it sticks to your hair when you swim through it. I declare, some folks just don't know how good they have it!

Cynthia Vignos said...

Did I miss the part where darby214 offered their innovative strategy for improving downtown Canton? Have they put any time, effort or creative energy into this or are they simply offering disparaging criticism?