Monday, June 15, 2009

John Gunther Rises from the Dead; Posts on Rep!

It's a miracle, we tell ya! A miracle!

Journalist John Gunther, best known for his "Inside" series and Death Be Not Proud, rose from the dead about 10 this morning to post on the Rep, specifically to point people to I Hate Canton. We are as tickled as a pickle in a plum tree that we're on his radar in the Great Beyond.

Sad to say, though, that his near 40-year absence from this clime of woe has dulled Gunther's reportorial skills. We thank, John, however, for reminding us of the "N Word." We have added "nitwit" to our vocabulary.

To clear up any confusion, IHC has indeed invited Charita, Tim Botos, and editor Gauger to jump ship and join the Lollipop Brigade at I Hate Canton, but they they haven't yet accepted our offer. Something to do with a living wage and the Newspaper Guild. Our radical liberal legal team is working on it as we write.

John Gunther
There's never justification for Repository's Using N Word
I was recently directed to an anti-Canton hate website where I saw the 'N' word used in relation to Rep writer Charita Goshay. I was stunned by this. The site also prominently featured the Reps editors phone number.

Prior to writing this, I checked back there and I can find no longer any reference to the N word so they must have been pressured to remove it. I hope the Rep is not a part of this website in any way but the Rep references and contact phone numbers still exist.

UPDATE: Octo strikes again. Comments shut down before 2PM today.

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harasxlacidar said...

Did you see that Robb Hankins mentioned IHC on his new blog "Cheap Date"?