Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Parker, a Response: "I hope you never experience the pangs, the heartbreak of losing a child."

Here is Mary Parker's response to the recent attacks on her and her deceased son Darryl Currence that were posted on Rep comments (see previous blog) by a vicious anonymous commenter(s). It is published here with Mary's permission. Reppies of goodwill, no matter their differences need to stand up and say the exploitation of tragedy and attacks on children to pursue personal agendas and vendettas is not acceptable behavior.


Hi Jeff, I, like so many others, am just baffled, lost for words, when I see comments like those above, being allowed over and over into your comment section. Please try to imagine the feeling of a Mom, or even a Dad that loved their child so very much

I hope you never experience the pangs, the heartbreak of losing a child. Dealing with that has been a personal thing between me and God. No one, no matter how supportive, can put the pieces back together when your heart falls apart. Only my faith and belief in God, gives me the solace that can only come with knowing that my child is in a better place. He's shed the mental retardation now that limited him to a life of being non-verbal. He couldn't say "Bye Mom" as he boarded that big yellow MRDD bus every morning for over 40 years, or "What's for supper" when he disembarked that bus at the end of the day. He doesn't walk with that limp anymore. He doesn't have to crawl up the steps on all fours any more. He's whole again. No one in heaven will have to feed him. He can get that fork to his mouth all by himself now. He's no longer an MRDD client. They did a wonderful job with him for decades, but their job is over now. My job as Darry;'S caregiver is over.He doesn't need me any more, but my job here isn't over. I have worked for MRDD as a volunteer and advocate for over 40 years I can't desert them because Darryl has moved on. They still need me. The clients, like my children still need me to be a voice for them.

My son suffered greatly here on earth. His entire life, from birth to death he was the object of ridicule. To now see him desecrated by ignorant writers in your newspaper is almost more than I can bear. When he died, I thought the snickering, the teasing, the crude remarks were over. Little did I know that people would be allowed to come on your comment section, almost daily, and still degrade him. I never dreamed that the Repository would be used as a vessel to taunt me about my son.

To continually be hit in the face with comments talking about "how hot it is down here", or how deep he is buried in the ground. I know he's in heaven. I know he's telling me, "Don't shed anymore tears for me Mom, I'm okay." My daughter, who reads these comments daily when returning from her MRDD job, is constantly in tears these day. I try to reassure her about death, but one of your idiots comes along, and makes a stupid remark, which is all they're capable of, and it scares her. I don't want her to be afraid of dying.

You say you can't do anything about it, except remove it hours later, ONLY after one of my friends brings it to your attention. I can't believe it. How can you allow these same people to come on and make those ignorant remarks? YOU know who they are. You put your good writers, such as Denise, Linda, Leslie and Don, or a delayed 'thingamagig' that prevents them from making instant comments, you've had some on that system for months, which isn't fair, while you allow these stupid,ignorant people to rant and rave, and say things about my son, over and over again. Why aren't they on a delay. Why aren't they kicked off. How many chances do you give them, and WHY do you put up with it. If it was your son, I bet you'd do something. Why not go on the Legacy. Com. And pull up Darryl Currence. He has a lifetime book and picture on there. Look at that picture of that sweet little boy, and ask yourself if he deserves what he's getting from your newspaper.

Thank you for allowing me to get this off of my chest. Unfortunately, I don't feel any better because I know it's just a matter of time before I see something that will again break my heart.


Cynthia Vignos said...

I don't want to condone violence or illegal activity, but one has to admit that this seems appropriate:

Blanket Party = usually a reaction to a long-term annoyance brought about by one person, a blanket party is where an unsuspecting person is taken by surprise when a blanket is thrown over them and they are wrestled to the ground, then beaten with blunt objects by other members of the group.

...although it would be a shame to ruin a perfectly good blanket on the likes of her.

Anonymous said...

These attacks on an innocent deceased person are about as low as a human being can stoop. I wouldn't even consider such a person to be human. "Subhuman" seems to be a better description of such scum.

This individual is so cowardly, she can't even pick on someone who is still alive.