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Village Idiot of the Day, June 12, 2009: Concerned Father, Canton Bachelorette, mustangman, ella1rose,

After a few days hiatus, our beloved village idiots were back on track yesterday. It is with great pleasure then, that we present them to you in descending order of idiocy:

Honorable Mention: Concerned Father for suggesting under Stark County MRDD Eliminates Jobs to Cut Costs that long time volunteer MRRD and mental disabilities advocate Mary Parker needs to find her "better half" and shut up. We think this translates into "you need to get laid." Since Concerned Father has been carping and kvetching about MRRD and its levy since before Carter invented his Little Liver Pills, we suggest that it's he who needs relief. Unfortunately, readers will just have to take our word for the comment. Just now we went back to cut and paste the exact quote and found the comments disabled and disappeared. Hey, Rep, no fair!

Our second place award today goes to Canton Bachelorette for putting 911 in it's place. In a discussion on the alleged slow 911 response time in the Eakins/Mammone murders, Ms Bachelorette wonders if the same lazy dispatcher who refused to send a squad car out immediately over her son's stolen bike, is the same dispatcher who who took the Eakins/Mammone call. That someone would call 911 over a stolen bike is alarming enough, but to prioritize the theft of a bike with the brutal murder of two children and their grandmother is well...just plain village idiocy.

Canton Bachelorette
Comunity Shows Support for Slaming Grandmother, Children
Actually the 911 call IS on another site. Either fox news 8 or ABJ. I DID listen to it. I have to wonder if that dispatcher is the same one that told me that I should follow the thug home that stole my son's bike and then rode it past my house the next 3 nights. She pretty much told me that the police had better things to do. The dispatcher from the first 911 call in this matter sounded to me like she was annoyed that she actually had to take the call or do some work. The neighbor begs her to send an ambulance and she tells him that they just send a police car in this type of thing. I could hear the annoyance in her voice. I am not saying that this could have saved a life, but it is frustrating to hear.

Finally. our First Place winner for June 12, 2009 is mustangman. MM has been bucking for a Grand Prize for some time now, and he certainly deserves it for putting the buck-stops-here blame on bank robberies right smack where it belongs: on Barack Obama. (For some reason all these comments have been disabled, too. Did the Secret Service step in?)

Two Stark County Banks Robbed Withint an Hour
As long as hussein is president bank robberies will be the norm for this country. ella1rose, that comment you made sounds like something president hussein would say and try to put into law. I got the picture.

The ella14rose, Mr. Mustangman references, though, deserves a special sub-honorable mention herself for making this comment earlier:

I could never understand why banks don't have a sign at the front door

What about baggy pants?

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Blanket Party Fun said...

I have to agree with ella1rose on the issue of banks not allowing hats or sunglasses to be worn on their premises. This seems like a no-brainer, to me, and makes me wonder why someone hasn't thought of it years ago. I read an article about this very subject in the Beacon. Some banks are posting signs at the front door stating, "Absolutely no hats, sunglasses, or bandannas permitted". This leaves the robber with the choice of removing his little disguises before he enters the bank (making him vulnerable to identification on the bank's camera system) or leaving those items on his head, which immediately pegs him as a perp. This gives the tellers a "heads up" and time to push the silent alarm button.

The banks that have adopted the new signs are reporting a big drop in robberies.