Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rep Wreckers Continue to Exploit Dead Children

The abuse of dead children continues to be a Rep Wrecker theme. We hesitate to classify these cheap shots as village idiocy. After all "idiocy" is generally a sign of abject cluelessness or purposeful ignorance. Using or attacking dead children to hurt posters, is simply evil.

I Hate Canton believes that psychic pedophiles should be held up to public ridicule and scorn. It would be even better, of course, if these deviants posted under their real names, so their neighbors and friends could know them for what they are and treat them appropriately. The vampires, of course, know this and would as soon ascribe their name to their demented comments as they would move to North Korea.

After deliberation, we have decided to forgo our Daily Village Idiot Award today, and once more focus on the continuing abuse of dead children.

We Want Justice Not Revenge.
Instead of discussing the horrible tragedy of the Eakin/Mammone murders and respecting the dead, Levypassed Everyonegetsaraise takes up space lobbing a hatchet into Mary Parker's heart, mocking the death of her profoundly retarded son, while at the same time trivializing the Eakin/Mamonne murders.

All of these these remarks have been removed by the Rep:

Levypassed Everyonegetsaraise
This is a terrible tragedy but I still think the MRDD levy passing was much, much worse.

Levypassed Everyonegetsaraise
hey mary v. aint ya glad ya got the levy passed now. your credibility is buried deeper than you know who


Collaterial Damage:
Levy's comment on harasxlacidar's remark that she knew James Mammone from taking a class with him at Kent -Stark, and found him creepy. Under normal circumstances this post would qualify for a Village Idiot citation:

Levypassed Everyonegetsaraise

I think you and the other girls were pretty safe. Generally guys like Mammone are only interested in the attractive girls. So you and the other moo cows were probably never in any danger, in my opinion.

MRDD Eliminates Jobs to Cut Costs
Let's not forget Ohio Dude. Mr. Dude has turned verbal assault on the mentally and physically disabled and their families into an art worthy of a Brown Shirt on a drunk. This remark has been removed by the Rep.

Ohio Dude
keep cuting the fat until we can take off the constant tax increases........for the blind fools that voted for this, for the mooches that live off our limited income, for the 'for the disabled' patrons, enjoy. never, never vote for a levy !! how about a revote??? how about a redo? this is bull !! Hey Mary Parker, where is your bleeding heart talk now? you mrdd whinning folks are not qualified to vote !!

Then there's the non-existent "Darryl and Shirley Reddling," who posted the following awhile ago under the "We Want Justice" thread. Regular readers will recognize this comment as a direct reference to Mary Parker's regular visits to her son's grave. The post is now gone.

Darryl and Shirley Reddling
Well one day sooner or later, this fellow will be buried six feet under and then his mother and sister will be the only ones to visit his gravesite.

Never let it be said, though, that simply removing a post will remove an harasser. This showed up around 3:00 PM in the same thread. We reported it to Jeff Gauger directly and it was removed within minutes. Thanks, Jeff!

M R Dede
If you want to doublepunish this clown, after his death sentence and lethal injection, bury him next to that cantankerous old bats' offspring. Then for all eternity, (or at least until Satan calls her home), he will have to listen to her b*tch and moan about every topic under the sun on her weekly visits. That would serve him right.

I Hate Canton cannot even begin to comprehend the cruelty of the person or persons (and we bet dollars to doughnuts who is making these remarks) who post this vileness. And we cannot comprehend what Mary Parker has done to deserve this vile treatment. Words really fail.

Earlier today, Mary posted her response to this cruelty on Jeff Gauger's blog. If I get Mary's permission I will post it here too.


John E said...

You are much kinder than me on this topic. The first tragedy being the untimely murders of the children and their grandmother. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can do this to his own children. Secondly is the travesty, or gall if you will, of using this tragedy to cause pain to another.

The net has given us so much more in how we express ourselves. That being said, I have an expression for our non-feeling, self-serving hypocrite - - Troll.

BD said...

You are absolutely correct, John. We've been bending over backwards to not sound like the anti-octopuppet in this whole sad episode. Take the "higher ground" of some kind of crap. That someone would use a horrible tragedy to inflict pain on another person is reprehensible and make no sense outside of evil.

mary said...

I can't understand how family members can be around such an obviously deeply disturbed person, such as one who would write the rantings I saw today, not only aimed at me and my deceased son, but other non-deserving good people, and not try to get help for her. What does it take for someone to see that there's a screw loose somewhere.

And what makes it so sick, these degrading comments about my son are coming from the same person who went on Legacy.Com when Darryl died, and signed this phony message of condolences:

"January 17, 2008
Mary and Andrea,

Nothing could be more painful then to lose a child. Andrea, I lost my brother when he was 29 and feel for you. God Bless your family at this time."

This shows how evil she is. She acknowledges the fact that "nothing could be more painful........" Yet she writes comments like something out of a horror movie, implying that my son is crying out in agony from his grave."OH, it's so hot down here"
I don't believe that for a minute.

She's even low enough to drag my daughter into her imbecilic comments.

Why??? What sick pleasure is she deriving from these sick comments?? What a pervert.

On that note..... I'll call it a day. What a long day it's been.

Thank God for friends. They've been so wonderful, so concerned, so caring.
Thank you.


surely u jestolieto said...

The comments that this anonymous pig posted were vicious and sick. When several of us pointed out how deranged this pig was, the Rep was quick to pull our comments and punish us for daring to speak out against these kind of attacks. Yet the pig continues harass with few obstacles put in her path. I guess the Rep does not like us putting their buddy in her place.