Thursday, June 11, 2009

otterk1 Reveals Truth About I Hate Canton Agenda: Clowns Without a Full Deck; Only Our Opinion Counts

What does I Hate Canton have to do with calling for the resignation of Canton Mayor William Healy? We don't know. But ottertk1 seems to.

Below is a full comment, posted this morning, by former Village Idiot ottertk1 under a Letter to the Editor: It's Time for Mayor to Go. After making a perfectly sound and agreeable observation about the Canton police and its handling of the two recent multiple murder cases, otter drags IHC into a cameo appearance, with no context. We don't mind making personal appearances, and we certainly can improvise, but we do like to be paid.

'Zero tolerance' from the mayor means that he will work with the police to ensure that officers are present in high crime areas. After that, it's up to the police and court system. It's my opinion that the police did an outstanding job in the last couple of multiple murder cases here in Canton. Now it's up to the justice system.

The mayor of Akron is having a recall election later this month. If the writer thinks that the mayor should step down, then he should start a recall petition. He'll then find out just how many other people agree with him.

As far as the I Hate Canton websites go, they are managed by one person who believes that only their opinion counts and anyone who differs is a clown. Pay no attention to these. These managers have a severe personality problem and need to seek professional help. When visiting these blogs, please keep in mind that the blogger isn't playing with a full deck of cards. Take pity on them. Don't believe them.

We suppose there are worse things to be called than "clown." Like "satirically challenged."

Nonetheless, Otterk1 has brought us to our knees. We confess! I Hate Canton believes that only OUR opinion counts. DO NOT DISPUTE IHC!

Here is a documentary of an earlier attempt by I Hate Canton to control the world. Since that overly ambitious episode we have downscaled our mission and want only to control Canton, Ohio and environs.

PS Later this morning, in response to otter, Mary Parker posted a defense of IHC and Martin Olson's Stark County Political Report as sources of information and interaction not afforded by the Rep. Her post has been banished to the ether. Yet otter's remains. We understand that the Rep doesn't want to advertise its competition. For the Rep's welfare, we demand equal treatment for otterk1!

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