Thursday, June 25, 2009

Identity Theft: "harasxlacidar" is not "harasxicidar"

Add identity theft to our omnipresent pest's bag of tricks.

Tonight under MRDD to Lay Off 31, Not Fill 6 Jobs an insulting comment aimed at Mary Parker appeared under the name "harasxiacidar," the hijack of the name of regular poster and MRDD supporter "harasxlacidar"

One letter off.

Again (in red):
harasxlacidar (real poster)
harasxiacidar (identity thief)

Here is the following tete a tete:

harasxiacidar (identity thief)
mary, you should be ashamed of yourself. i feel you took advantage of me and all the others on here to rally our support for the levy. i think you knew full well of all the horrible cuts and job losses that were going to happen, but you didn't care as long as you were on the winning team.

you have lost a friend. i am young and will recover from this embarassment of following you.


i will everything in my power to help future levy attempts fail.

now i see why so many people hate you. i should have listened.


followed up immediately by a "cute" new entity (BTW, there is no such site)

ilovecantondotblogspotdotcom (probable OP entity)
Sarah, Don't feel bad. You are not the first one on here to fall for her stories. She has an opinion on almost every story the rep puts on here. And watch out if anyone dares disagree with her. She makes the wicked witch of the west look like Doris Day.

It's not there anymore, but if you looked up the word b*tch in the dictionary, there was a full page picture of her.

Since her family tragedy, she has absolutely nothing else to do but troll the chat boards and comment. It doesn't seem to matter if the comments are nonsensical or outright lies, she has a compulsion to comment.

My advice is to just ignore her. She hates that. Another side note, She probably doesn't know this, but many of the MRDD regular hourly workers hate her and loathe her visits with a passion. She visited today and I got a report of people making fun of her and what she was wearing.

So just ignore her and get off these boards. You should have a real life and not be stuck on here all day with the Lunatic Lunch Bunch.

followed a while later by returning old entity:

gusknows (probable OP entity)
As a person who gave NUMEROUS examples of wastes of money and questionable numbers only to basicly be told 'go to a meeting' or 'call and ask' I find it kind of amusing that some of these sme people are now acting like they didnt know that an MRDD levy would just add more money to be wasted.
Just remember Sarah you should always question anyone who yells the loudest or most.

The real harasxlacidar replied with the following:

harasxlacidar (real poster)
Thank you SO MUCH to whoever thinks that they are me!! I'm glad that someone finds me so interesting that they must impersonate me. Sorry to say, you did make a big mistake when flipping your word. You got Sarah right, but you didn't quite get lacidar. There's only one i in lacidar. Nice try.

Nothing from harasxiacidar is from me, but nice try.

To no one's surprise, our pest has responded claiming innocence.

We are supposed to look at this as a "coincidence?"

harasxiacidar (identity thief)
i did not even know of your posting id. mine is my name, Sarah Radica IX. so hopefully that eliminates the confusion here.


harasxlacidar (real poster)
I'm glad that comments defending myself are deleted while ones that are slanderous are left up for the world to see.

Thanks moderators, you're doing such a fine job at doing nothing.

Again, harasxiacidar is NOT me. Nothing that is said by that person is true to what I, harasxLacidar believe or think.

In a sea of bile, real poster harasxlacidar has always been an island of calm, writing constructive non-insulting posts, usually on the subject of MRDD. Now, suddenly, she is the object of the wrath of our multiple personality poster disorderly. Why? We dunno. Maybe her handle is easy to fake. This should put everyone on notice that they may be the object of identity theft at the hands--or should we say tentacles--of our OP. To the best of our memory, this is the third time a name hasa been hijacked. harasxlacidar doesn't deserve this, but then neither do Mary Parer's deceased son and all the others who are tramped on by this cybermonster.

We don't think there is any need of analysis here. Words and actions speak for themselves.

The Rep and Jeff Gauger has been informed and we hope to see the offending posts removed in the morning.


mary said...

I consider myself a pretty intelligent and observant person. Of course age has put a small damper on my observations. I fell for that phoney identity at first , and was in the process of writing Harasxicidar a letter asking why she would say such unkind things about me, when lo and behold others spotted the difference right away and alerted me to the identity theft. TOO LATE! Unfortunately, I had hit the send button at the same time their warnings were coming in. I then felt like a fool. I had been duped, thought my friend had betrayed me, and reacted rashly by sending her my e-mail. I was hurt and angry, which I'm sure was reflected in the unkind letter I sent her. Fortunately, she's a sweet person, and understood why I reacted in such a way, without trusting our friendship enough to know that she would never do that to me.

I owe her a big apology. I am truly sorry if I said anything to offend you 'H'. Thanks for being so understanding and kind about the whole thing. I'm old enough to be your grandmother, and I should have had the good sense and wisdom to wait and ASK if you sent that comment to the Rep.

Someone who has no friends is very jealous of us that do. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a large circle of friends, including 'H'. I am blessed to have them, and I thank God everyday for them. I wouldn't want to lose any of them. I want them all to know that I love them, and I treasure our friendships.

John E said...

I have always been tolerant but with more time I am finding the OP to be more than a nuisance. To make matters worse, this is only one of many.

I loved harasxlacidar's comment on the Rep's expedient response to an obvious shanghaied name. (Satire fully intended)

I am thankful for people like Sarah who see through idiots such as the OctoP.

BD said...

Mary, one of OP's purposes is to divide and conquer. It's carrying a public vendetta against you and a couple others,and we must always be vigilent. When we first read H's phony post yesterday we had to go back and check, too. It was conceivable that H would have said such a thing about you. We checked and doubled checked the spelling, and then took action.

John: Op ceased to be a pest and became a stalker a long time ago. Anyone and everything is up for grabs.

Sue ME Fat Bitch said...

You can always tell when Fat Bitch hijacks someone else's identity. A.) Fat Bitch is usually inebriated out of her fat skull on some cheap alcoholic concoction and her nut pills, so she inevitibly mispells words and mangles her grammer. And B.) Fat Bitch dispenses advice that she desperately should follow herself, to the effect of "getting a life" and quitting the practice of spending all day behind the keyboard. Same old crap from the same old piece of crap.